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    Red Bear Picks!

    Hey all, With all of us being guitar players (lefties included :) ), we all know the feeling when something really makes a big difference to us. Whether it be feel, tone, aesthetics, or all of the above, it's always a really exciting experience to know you've found what really works for you as a...
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    Understanding the idea of neck pickups

    I tried searching, so if this is a tired topic, I apologize. Not really sure what to search, honestly. So, I was cruising around the Dimarzio site - can't really think of what to put in the neck of my PRS, but I noticed something that I can't figure out. Neck pickups' output is a lot lower than...
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    Best guitar polish

    I'm curious as to what you all feel is the best guitar polish for your needs. Like you guys, I actually play my guitars, and they need to be spiffed up every now and then. Any recommendations as to what the best polish is to get it all shiny and glossy again?
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    Recommend me some pickups

    I've got a 2006 PRS CE24 (Mahogany body / Maple neck & top / Rosewood fretboard), and it's definitely time to swap out the pickups. Right now it's still got the stock HFS/Vintage Bass setup. I play mostly progressive music, but I do like my guitars to be able to get into metal territory on...