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    1m pot -vs- 500k potentiometer (sg/les paul)

    quite aware of that. and pu's are on the to-do list. five extra dollars is easier to come by than 150 that i at some point will be putting into new pu's. thanks for stating the obvious.
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    1m pot -vs- 500k potentiometer (sg/les paul)

    the second thing i did after straightening the neck was opening it up to see how shotty the chinese wiring job was. its all stock 500k's. and yeah, i've got the poles raised on the p.u. and its really not a very audible difference.
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    1m pot -vs- 500k potentiometer (sg/les paul)

    i'm wanting to get a little more treble out of this epi i picked up recently for super cheap. eventually i'll drop some better pick-ups in it, but as of now just don't have the extra cash to do so. so at the moment i'm just gonna change the 500k pot out for a 1m pot and test a few capacitors to...
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    Any good tubes for massive crunch?

    i forgot to post the link haha. i'm stoned.
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    Any good tubes for massive crunch?

    i dropped these in my sovtek and made a ton of difference, recommended to my band mate for his jcm2000, he's waiting for them to arrive. i like them. playing detuned sludge, but everyones ears are different.
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    Poll.. modulation choose one

    18v electric mistress. flange baby flange. second, boss ph-1
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    Big Black Albini zing fuzz sound...

    i've always wondered what was in that ****in box. the odd thing is i just played one a few weaks ago. wasted at my friends house at 9 in the morning got into an ampeg conversation with his dad and he broke out a yba, popped the top and we looked at the board for a few minutes marveling in it...
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    Big Black Albini zing fuzz sound...

    i had a friend that could almost nail it with a boss fuzz, some compressor (i can't recall the brand), a 10 band eh equalizer and a solid state mg marshall combo using an electra phoenix with a coil tap. i think it was just dumb luck. cause i put the coil tap in that guitar and it was the first...
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    can anyone recommend a great lo-fi 'indie' fuzz?

    i use a EH double muff with both overdrives engaged. and they're fairly cheap. i like it but who knows. i used it a lot playing in this lo-fi apples in stereo/microphones sorta band that never came together.
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    Any opinions on the D'Addario bulk box or 25 strings?

    thats ******* dumb on the part d'addario then.
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    Guys with just one guitar

    gibson sonex, replaced the pu's with paf copies and installed a coil tap. tons of different tones. i havn't even thought about getting another guitar for years.
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    Any opinions on the D'Addario bulk box or 25 strings?

    i'm fairly certain they are in those air tight baggies or what have you. for that reason d'addario's are probably the only strings i'd buy in bulk.
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    The "ONE" Pedal you`re never gonna sell ... is?

    big muff pi. it has to much sentimental value. it was a gift from my girlfriend of 5 years the passed away in 07'. never will that thing leave my site. sometimes i think it has some sort of spiritual being in it that takes me to some dimension far from this life. strange.
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    Which Fuzz for a Vox AC-15 Heritage

    i like the way fulltones sound on those little guys personally. had an ac15 for about a year and every thing i put in front of it sounded pretty decent. fulltone 69, fuzzface, muffs, and a sunface.
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    Pedalboards of the Stars collection part II

    thanks for something actually relative to ****in' today. god i want that mata.
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    Boss sleeper pedals

    and which behringer is a dimension-c clone??? cause i wish i still had mine, but i will never pay 200 plus for a ****ing boss pedal.
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    Your Guitar Strap, Tone, and You.

    my ace frehley style lightening bolt strap makes me want to get drunk and forget songs.
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    anyone using a biyang pedal?

    i just bought one on a whim, and am waiting for it to come in the mail. bought the tremolo. was going to get a voodoo lab, but decided to buy the biyang and dano trem both for nearly the same price together. just trying to find out what to expect. eventually i'm going to learn to not just...
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    Is it worth jumping to 11 gauge strings?

    this post made me feel strange for playing 13-56 boomers. i like my g wound. and i tune down to C standard, using a capo to make my tunning changes. strings size and brand just seems down to personal feel.
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    Boss sleeper pedals

    dimension c, ph-1r. of all the boss pedals i've had and stupidly disguarded i miss those most. but they both cost so much more than when they were in production. can't recall the exact price i sold my dimension c for, but i know it paid my rent share.
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    looking for a tremelo pedal under $100

    i've listened to demo's on youtube of each of the aforementioned pedals. they all sound pretty good, but with that sound compression on youtube you just never know. dig the VL but seems to be about 50 bucks more than i want to spend. that dano trem looks like it came off the set of star trek.
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    hey guys, need some delay help.

    i'm partial to boss dm2's and ibanez/maxon ad-9/ad-999 that mxr is a little to over the top for my taste. you can do some weird things with the dm2, self oscillation and such.
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    Who are your favorite users of effects?

    j. mascis. robert fripp. bjorn copeland (black dice) efrim menuck(god speed you black emperor, silver mt zion) sonic boom (spacemen 3) just a few of my favs.
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    Just when you were going to sell a pedal, you hear what it REALLY can do

    haha. the friend of mine i'm playing in a band with has to look at my board every practice and see two specifically i bought off him. i'm sure he hates me more.
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    Just when you were going to sell a pedal, you hear what it REALLY can do

    nope. but i have bought many pedals from people that just didn't know how to use them properly. i love their face when they see me using what they couldn't get good tones from.