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    Lentz Croydon Carvetop, she's back!

    I was the original owner of the blac Croydon and was it was the first one built for a customer. I agree with you @mody on the brillance of the bridge pickup!
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    Any Steinberger players?

    Hey @eddie101 Here is a picture of the NS. There was a bass version as well that received great reviews. This isn't mine but I have the same violin colored model. You may recognize the headstock from other Steinberger instruments. It's a solidbody but weighs in 6lb range.
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    Any Steinberger players?

    I play a Bolin NS. A guitar built by John Bolin and designed by Steinberger with input from Steve Miller. It's a very easy guitar to play with a nice range of tones.
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    Moving away from Les Pauls. Options?

    A Lentz Croydon is worthy of consideration.
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    What happened to D’Pergo?

    I received a promotional email from him today.
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    I want a les paul that isn't a gibson.

    @zepled112 Try John Bolin. He's built LP's for Jimmy Page and some of us regular folks.
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    New Lentz Build - Who has done the same?

    Does a modern bridge work with a vintage middle and neck pickup?
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    Custom Build Luthiers Wanted

    Check out John Bolin at
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    New Lentz S

    No one does black like Scott. Congratulations!
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    Which Small Company Luthier makes your favorite SG-style?

    John Bolin builds them. Here is a fancy one he built for Billy Gibbons.
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    Gibson-Scale Neck on a Telecaster?

    John Bolin of Bolin Guitars builds these. You can select whatever bridge and other custom design features you like.
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    Sold FS: Collings & Lentz

    I second this!
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    Lentz Question

    I've found that there is a short break-period for new Lentz guitars as well. I'm not sure it I'm breaking the guitar in or the guitar is breaking me in.
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    Steve Miller proves he's rock and roll...

    I don't disagree with Steve Miller but I wonder if he says something similar to his Bohemian Grove buddies.
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    N.W.A. inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

    You can tell which TGP members are pissed they didn't get in this year.
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    Sold 2015 Lentz S

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    Who Makes Solid Body with 1 13/16 Neck Nut Width?

    I have a strat with those measurements from John Bolin. It's too wide for me.
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    Top Five Guitar Builders that have No Love on TGP

    John Bolin - Bolin Guitars.
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    You know what guitar is amazing? (show your Lentz TELES; no strats allowed!)

    Not a great picture but below are mine. The one on the left has a one piece neck and the one on the right (The Punk) is double bound and has the same maple on the back as the front. Note the transitional headstock on the black tele.
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    Lentz Customer Service - A Must Read

    This has been my experience as well. Thanks for sharing your great case study in customer service.
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    Stevens vs. Gustavsson for "the LP thing"

    The descriptions people use to describe these high end LPish guitars make them sound more like a 335. That's fine and maybe they do sound like a great 335 but shouldn't a LP have more of a midrange emphasis with a hint of compression?
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    Steinberger NS Design

    I enjoy my Bolin NS guitars and would love to try this.
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    Lentz Monterey Pop Strat

    Great tone and playing. Thanks for posting.
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    New Lentz Just Finished

    Very nice! I like the Lentz bursts. He gets this little wispy thing going on with the colors in the corners.