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    NGD custom bass

    I finished this one last week. It's for my Daughter. Chambered maple body. Walnut top. One piece 34" scale maple neck. Gotoh tuners. Chipshot bridge. This is what I started with. Some progress pictures. IDK why, but I love clamp pictures. Out of the clamps and cleaned up...
  2. J

    NGD offset

    This fell out of my garage over the weekend. Mahogany body, maple neck, cheap hardware, and my own hand crafted pickups.
  3. J

    NBD Hand Crafted

    I made this for my Daughter recently. It's the first bass guitar I've ever built. African Mahogany body, and neck. 34" scale. Hand wound reverse P-Bass pickup.
  4. J

    NGD Homebuilt

    Here's one I just built for myself. It's a one piece African mahogany body with a 22 fret set maple neck. The pickups are my own hand built. The rest of the hardware, and electronics is largely used stuff from my junk drawer. It's got eight way switching with a master volume, and master tone. I...
  5. J

    NGD Homebuilt

    I finished my mahogany guitar over the weekend. It's not very fancy because I'm not big on embellishments, but I think it looks pretty sexy. It's the illegitimate child of a LP Special, and a McCarty. It's a poverty guitar. I put it together with mostly used parts. Thanks for the sound advice...
  6. J

    Waterborne Polyurethane

    I've never used a waterborne poly. Is anyone using this on their guitars? How do you like it? I just got going on a new guitar that I'm building for myself. It's solid mahogany. I'm trying to decide what finish to use.