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    New Two Rock videos - finally!

    Really awesome videos, it is very admirable of them to take the time to make them. Id love to see one with a strat though!
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    Essential country songs to learn style

    Check out Johnny Hiland, hes a monster player
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    Post cool John Mayer vids in this thread

    my personal favorite. the opening riff just kills me
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    Watts Quits the Stones

    I'm glad to have seen him on the bigger bang tour. I was hoping for another tour with that line up but things happen. All the best charlie.
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    Best two guitar team

    jake and brendan of umphreys mcgee
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    What do you play to impress an audience?

    I don't play to impress.
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    I've given up being a Gear Whore

    i hope one day i can be set free...
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    Anyone else going the PRS Road Show at Fat Sound?

    My favorite DG clip:
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    Turn me on to some LONG solo's

    Sort of a solo, but Gravity off Where The Light Is has an awesome build up
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    Two rock with mods arrives!!!

    The amount of bloom that can be heard is just phenomenal. Sounds killer!
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    Primus sucks!

    just saw claypool last week. huge primus fan here
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    Tube amp myth...only sound good CRANKED

    I think with a good master volume, amazing sounds can be had at talking levels, but then again at those levels no air is being moved, which imo hinders the tone that can be achieved when cranking it.
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    PRS players - what else do you own?

    a 335 and a strat. lifes good
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    335 Gig Bag Suggestions

    Never go anywhere with my 335 without the hardshell case. I dont feel that the case is that big at all seeing as its pretty much the same shape as the guitar.
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    Quick TwoRock Type III demo video

    the two rocks just amaze me by the sole fact there is no buzziness what so ever, truly the most stellar amps i have ever heard.
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    Only 3 Guitars...What would they be?

    335 and a strat, you can have the other :D
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    Late '64, early '65 Strats

    this thread is not helping my itch for a new strat. did fender make black strats in 64'-65'?
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    Two-Rock Shoot Out: Type II

    Thanks Tag, love the clips that you do. What didnt you like about the CRS?
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    Two-Rock Shoot Out: Type II

    Thanks a lot phillyred I appreciate it. Im using a strat and 335 and love sparkle!
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    Two-Rock Shoot Out: Type II

    How would you describe the cleans of the CRS v2 to the Type III besides the feel? Sorry for the questions I'm debating on buying a Type III or a CRS.
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    Two-Rock Shoot Out: Type II

    The Type III cleans are the ****! Am I the only one that digs the FET with a strat? Any way a CRS can get in that ballpark? Thanks so much for doing clips.
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    Help Me Pick a High Gain Amp!

    used bad cat hot cat