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    El Capistan wet only out.

    Don't know if this has been covered, as there is way too much info here on the El Cap to search through it all, but discovered this today: If you have the jumper set to stereo in but only have a mono input setup, the right output is the normal guitar with echo, and the left output will send the...
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    El Cap stereo cable question

    Can I use the Hosa Y cable I got from Analogman to run from a stereo out pedal (Foxrox TZF) into the El Cap, or do I need to buy a different cable? Thanks.
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    Menatone TBIAC at 18 volts?

    So I couldn't find anything in the searches about this. I have the older 8 knob version, and need to know if it can be run safely at 18 volts. It seems to have good headroom, but one of my two fuzzes gets a bit muffled and mushy when I run into it. Wondering if 18 volts might change the way they...
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    Prescription Static!?

    Prescription Electronics Static pedal? Supposed to sound like the "sacrifice" from Monterrey Pop Fest and beyond. Anyone ever try one out?? Damn the lack of sounds samples, I find it maddening!!
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    El Capistan tap tempo issue question.

    Just recieved El Capistan today and think it is pretty boss! Not even thinking about reviewing it yet, just wanted to ask/comment about the tap tempo issues that others have mentioned; specifically it cutting out while you tap in the new tempo. I have the newest version as I...
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    How dark can the Strymon El Capistan go?

    I use a bright Tele into a very bright, slightly overdriven Vox AC30. I am gassing for this pedal, but am afraid with my setup it will be too bright. I really want a longer delay sound with lots of repeats and love the setting I have heard where the bass frequency is rolled off with each repeat...
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    So sorry, another El Capistan thread!

    I tried the search, but there is just sooooo damn much info about this pedal I couldn't find the answer to my question: Does the Strymon El Capistan convert your guitar signal to digital, or leave it analog and mix in the digital effect? Sorry if this has been covered before, I have never seen...
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    Analogman ARDX 20 headroom

    Am I the only one who finds the headroom on this thing a little low? I love this pedal, but it seems to distort pretty easy with my OD set not much higher than unity. I am using pretty low output Tele pickups as well, no Humbuckers. The harder I hit it the quieter the repeats seem, then when I...
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    D*A*M* Tonebender Professional MKII owners

    I got one of these recently, and I'm not sayin it is, just that it might be, the greatest fuzz pedal of all time. Wow.
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    Best compressor "effect"?

    I have been searching for a very pronounced compressor effect with no luck. The sound I'm looking for is all over a '60s album by the band Clear Light. It is very squashed but with a quick pump action compression, and with a great poppy attack. It is probably a studio compressor, but I was...
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    Expensive pedals and velcro

    How do you work this out? I know I read somewhere of a technique for attaching the velcro without using the adhesive, but can't find info on it. Do you folks just say screw it and put velcro on your very expensive pedals? Or do you have another technique to mount to pedalboard? I recently bought...
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    Breaking in the Blue (alnico)

    So I just purchased 1 celestion blue for my AC30cc, I figure 1 is better than none. There is much talk of "breaking in" these speakers, and I am wondering how many hours of practice and gig level playing are we talking about before it is "broken in"?
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    Vox AC30 1 Wharf, 1 Alnico Blue???

    Will this work? Will a 15w 8ohm blue work alongside a wharfdale speaker? I would love to upgrade them both but my god, $600 is a new amp, or a DAM fuzz pedal!! Anyone tried this speaker combo? I am most concerned about ohmage. Please help with any knowledge you can. Thanks in advance, JRoll
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    Just pulled the trigger.......(lovepedal!!)

    My first one ever, and I only live bout an hour away! Anyhow it is the Lovepedal Babyface tremolo. Haven't heard as much response or reaction to this pedal as I expected, so just wonderin who has spent some time with the Babyface, and how it is holdin up. Lookin forward to gettin mine Mon or...
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    Just makin sure you AC30CC2 owners know not to use your standby switch

    Wanna make sure you've all read this. I ran it by my amp tech and he agreed, I have been using only the on off switch and leaving the standby in the up position. After blowing 2 rectifiers in one amp and 3 in the other in about 3ish years, I am hoping this is the magic fix...
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    Analogman dual delay...does it oscillate?

    Well? I am sick of 2 independent delay pedals and considering this baby. Says on the site infinite repeat but no runaway volume. What does that mean. I need a delay to go crazy into spaceship theremin oscillation when I need it to. Will this do it?
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    Best sounding simple tremolo pedal?

    It's got to go fast and deep (yes, ha ha, I get it too), be true bypass, smallish....mxr sized or so, either boost volume or have a volume control, no more than three controls, cost $150 or less, analog, and sound as much like an amp as possible. Does this exist? I already own the Cusack TAW...
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    D*A*M* 1966 obviously a lame hunk a junk

    I have been reading a lot of BS hype about this pedal, and it seems patently obvious that these pedals aren't very good. Any of you who own one can attest to that I'm sure, and if you do own one of these unfortunate atrocities, you must be pretty sick of it by now! I am not really interested in...
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    GS Wyllie Fuzzstone on the way

    I went ahead and got it. I know some of you know what these are, I will post a review after it arrives, until then I will play my guitar....chew my nails....and stare out the window 'till the mail truck rolls by as I scream out the window " where's my damn pedal!" Somehow this never seems to...
  20. J will it change my Tele tone?

    I recently purchased a MIM 72 RI thinline tele with the thought of adding a Bigsby. Well I think I got one of the good ones cause unplugged she rings like a bell, and plugged in she's got the sustain of a guitar with a bit of compression. I wonder, will a Bigsby change or even ruin the feel and...
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    Tele MIM '72 Thinline pot values?

    I have seen posts saying 250k and 1meg on the made in Meheeco tele thinline pots. Can someone please tell me which it is. I consider changing them for a slightly brighter sound. All info and advice welcome. Thanks in advance.
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    Peppermint Fuzz is here at last!!!!

    I love it!!!!! But I must go now and play more. Detailed review to come. Short review.......WOW!
  23. J

    Analogman peppermint fuzz in the mail!

    I know some of you promised lengthier reviews of the pepp fuzz and some time has passed and I need them to tide me over while I wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, aaaaaaaaannnnndddd wait for it to arrive.......:drool So what is the verdict? How is it with single coils and a brighter amp???
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    I think it's high F'N time we all give Dave Barber some props

    \:dude cmon you know it's right!.........sure I don't want the year long waiting list either but let us give our propers to a worthy ally!!!!!
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    Anyone else NOT like compressors?

    I love my Barber Tone Press when I play my Ric 12 string, they just seem to go together like beer and pizza! But that's where it ends. When I play 6 string (which is most of the time) it never comes on. I guess I like lots of dynamics. This is not a criticism of compressors by any means, and the...