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    /13 LDW 17-39 re-tube question

    Does anyone know if these amps are fixed or cathode bias ? I am guessing fixed.
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    Whats it worth

    I have a 77 Super Reverb. The tolex is not torn or scratched up. The grill is perfect. The face is a little bent in some area's where a prior owner used a screwdriver to remove the grill. Has all the original preamp tubes including the 7025's. Original tranny's. 2- original speakers and 2-older...
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    Wich /13 amp am I looking for?

    I am shopping for a /13 amp. No one in my town or close is a dealer so I cant go play anything. I will be in Las Vegas in June and plan on buying one then,,,unless I can find a good used one online. I want something with a good amount of gain. I typically use a Rocker 30 ,or a plexi with dirt...
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    Paper in Oil Caps???

    Are they worth the money to upgrade my amp with them, or just "snake oil". :rimshot
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    Orange Rocker 30 trouble

    Got a rocker 30 head. Turned it on last night and had ablue flash from the back wich resulted in a power tube being fried and a fuse. Replace tubes/fuse's,now everything comes on but no sound from the amp. I took the amp apart and dont see any signs of fried parts. Is the output tranny blown?
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    Fender 77 S.R. "squeaky" Vibro Channel

    Just got a 77 Super Reverb. The Vibrato makes a "squeaky" noise when on. It works perfectly but sounds like a mouse is squeaking inside the amp. If you don't engage the vibro the channel works fine, but as soon as you turn it on,,,wham. Any thoughts?
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    Ampeg J-20 Alnico

    Does anyone know who makes, and what type of Alnico speaker is in the most current/recently discontinued Ampeg Jet? Is it British voiced? What's the deal?
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    Two Stroke Help!!

    I built a Two Stroke amp this week. The one in Dave Hunters book on guitar amps. It is the one being sold by Victoria amps as well. I have Sixtuplet checked the wiring and cant find where I went wrong. It comes on and every tube lights up. I can hear a very faint hissing sound coming from my...
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    Output Glass for Orange Rocker30

    Just got a rocker 30. Its used and has the same tubes it came with a few years ago. I don't know the history of the amp. Orange recomends a tube swap on a yearly basis. Not to sure about that time line, but anyways. I want to swap the output tubes. They are E.H. 6ca7 tubes,big bottles. I could...
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    Resistors Question???

    My schematic calls for a 16uf/475V. Can I use a 16uf/450v as a safe replacement or would this not work? :nono
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    EL-34 1987x to cathode bias?

    I hope not to sound like a idiot with this,,,,,, Can I make my plexi style circuit cathode bias to accept any octal style tube 6l6,5881,el-34 ect? Is it as simple as changing the bias section or is a tranny change needed,or am I a dumb-ski for even thinking this way :nuts. I would just like to...
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    Plexi vs. 2203 ?

    The 2203 is supposed to be based off of the Plexi. So I read (Marshall site). Whats the difference ? They are both strait forward single channel amps. Is it the pre-amp gain stage or what ? Can a Plexi rock as hard ( get a good heavy tone) with the ability to get better clean and headroom ? A...
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    Combo or Head /2x12 Cab

    Give me the pro's and con's. I use a combo now,but it barely fits in the trunk of my Mustang. I worry about damage to the combo from transportation. On the other hand. Do I want to carry more freaking gear. I got to take a head,cab,board,cables,guitar. I can now put the head in my back seat and...
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    Output Tranny AC-30

    I am considering a MM output tranny in my AC-30cc. Is this a good mod? I have read a lot of info,and talked to Mercury today,but if I'm a crap farmer and your lookin to get my point.How much difference will this really make?It will cost about $350 for the parts and install at local tech.
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    VOX ac30 Mic placement???

    I have a AC30 with a Celestion vintage 30,G12h30.Has a very unique tone,kinda an American toned vox if you will. Anyways,,I need some suggestions on how to mic it.I put it in a soundproof plywood box with sound foam lined walls,can only mic one speaker.The mix in my in-ear monitors is usually...
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    Keeley Blues Driver

    I got a Keeley modded Blues Driver today.It's pretty sweet.Works well with my rig.The phatt switch is equal to how I would use a polyphonic octave to 'fatten' up the tone.The pedal is really dynamic.Does exactly what it says it will do. You can get a sweet Hendrix-octa/fuzz tone from it.It has a...
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    Vox ac30cc Speaker upgrade

    I am new to this site so please forgive me if this question has been asked 10,000,000 x's! I have been using a ac30cc 2x12 for two months now. I am putting better tubes in it (pre-amp & power), and want to upgrade the speakers also. Tha wharfdales are'nt that bad, I dont wanna spend $600 dollars...