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    40 years ago today - - RIP Gram Parsons

    still not in the country music hall of fame (even though i'm not sure he would want to be)
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    new tube day yesterday

    Amp: Dabeck brand clone of a Marshall 50 watt model 1987 (built by Dave Smith in Richardson, Texas) the matched pair of winged c SED EL34s came in yesterday. i started by measuring the bias and plate voltage of the existing JJ E 34 L power tubes and here is how it worked out: Tube 1...
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    Marshall 1987 (and clone) owners

    Are you setting your tone controls (Bass-Middle-Treble) wide open or all at noon? I'm wanting to dial in a Humble Pie/Faces/Zeppelin/Free/AC/DC tone...... :huh
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    our new band name and Facebook site (with clips)!/madmonksquadron?sk=app_178091127385 check us out and "like" away. :BluesBros
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    opinions on this bass amp

    Pros? Cons?
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    Anyone know the chords to this tune?

    Wouldn't mind working this one up with our band.
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    Rookie question about why a B+ fuse blew out

    I have a new CLONE of a Marshall 50 watt 1987 plexi head. NOT A MARSHALL. A CLONE. This evening I plug in my Les Paul for business as usual and I play a bit then...............silence. I shut the amp down, disconnect the power cord, remove the back panel, fire the amp up, and all tubes are...
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    Germino amps - - How to order?

    Checking out the Germino website and all I can find about ordering/purchasing is to go through certain dealers. Is that the only avenue? What if I want to add a certain feature or two to one of his models? How to I get it built to my order?
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    P-90s into a Marshall Plexi (100 or 50 watt)?

    Anyone using P-90s through a Marshall 1959 or 1987? What's a classic example of this tone?
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    P-90s into a Marshall SLP (100 or 50 watt)?

    Anyone using P-90s through a Marshall 1959 or 1987? What's a classic example of this tone?
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    why did Clark stop building the Beaufort?

    i would have assumed he was moving plenty of them.
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    Happy Birthday, Freddie King!

    The Texas Cannonball :BluesBros
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    This Friday = 20 years since SRV passed

    Break out your Strats and Tubescreamers this Friday. :BluesBros
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    Do we still like MJM Effects?

    I'm still enjoying my MJM Phantom OD pedal. :BluesBros
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    finally saw "It Might Get Loud" last night

    my thoughts: 1. why did they invite Edge? edit ALL of his face time OUT of the movie and instantly it's a better movie. he added nothing and he doesn't play guitar, he plays effects pedals. 2. Jimmy Page added barely more than Edge. Page won't talk (tell secrets) and he hasn't for 40 years...
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    Why did SRV deny knowing Johnny Winter?

    Just finished reading this book: and in it Johnny tells of he and SRV meeting many times and even comparing their versions of "Boot Hill". Johnny was upset that he later found...
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    Our band playing last Saturday

    Three videos from our band, Midnight Believers, playing a private party last Saturday, June 19th. That's Lisa on vocals and me on guitar. Our next gig is July 10th @ Obzeet in Dallas.
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    want to learn the Stones' song "Tumbling Dice"

    1. ny guitar is tuned to Open G 2. i have a capo on the 4th fret. have never attempted to play in Open G with a capo on the 4th fret so the scale patterns are new to me. 3. i'm getting the chords and tempo down 4. how do i play the solo and/or where can i find the tab for the solo???
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    hiring an agent

    what are the pros and cons (in your experience) with hiring an agent to hustle gigs for your band? what percentage did your agent charge? how does a band go about finding an agent?
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    how to make this Stones song work onstage?

    would love for us to do "Can't You Hear Me Knockin?" by the Stones. (our band: singer, guitar player, bass player, drummer. that's it.) i could tune my Strat to open G and play all Keef's parts then pick up my Gibson (in standard tuning) and finish out the song playing Mick Taylor's parts. if...
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    gig clothing question

    remember back in the 70s when jeans with conchos sewed down the side of the legs were popular? 1. what are those jeans called? 2. where can i get a pair today for a gig?
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    Was my Gibson electric made in Nashville or Memphis?

    It's a 1990 Gibson Les Paul Special (single cutaway) in heritage cherry. The last three digits in the serial number are: 388 Where was she made?
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    P-90 info please

    Should I use aftermarket 500k pots with P-90s or 250k pots?
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    Gibson - - Real or Fake?

    Based on the headstock logo, is this 1990 Gibson Les Paul Special real or fake?