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    HSS humbucker suggestions in strat

    I like the Suhr SSV. I find that it balances really well with most single coils. A lot of the medium - hot pickups people tend to like will overpower most single coils and won't be very balanced in comparison.
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    Why do metal guys wrap a piece of Velcro on their headstock?

    Everything in this thread is only partly true. Not everyone uses it for the sake of tapping licks, etc., in fact, I'd say most of them aren't there for that reason. The foam or velcro at the headstock can also serve the same purpose as putting foam in the springs of tremolos - there is always...
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    Suhr Bridge Humbucker pickup question- SSH content...

    Do you have an S100? I put an SSV to match the two ML's (they were FLs at the time) in the middle and neck positions of my Rasmus S100. It's a perfect fit in regard to output, I can't recommend it enough.
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    sharing lead guitar duties.

    I'm lucky in that I'm very good friends with the other guitarists in both of my bands. We know what eachother are good at, and have no problem saying "You'll sound better on that one, take it". If one of us is too busy to learn a note-for-note solo or something, the other can take the solo on...
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    custom spec Suhr

    Eddie Berman at Indoor Storm/SoundPure is the guy to go to for sure.
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    Need a guitarist perspective

    I think it's a great idea. But I think you should buy something that you're confident has a good resale value. If he decides in his teen years that guitar isn't his thing, by the time he turns 18 it may be a better idea to sell it as opposed to giving it to him. Just a thought.
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    What's your favorite Suhr neck carve?

    Even C Slim is amazing. I have really enjoyed the Even C Medium as well, starting to think that may be more my speed these days.
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    Do you prefer the sound of new strings or worn in strings?

    New, for both tone and feel reasons.
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    Fat Sound Guitars?

    I'm just now finding out about all of this, but I'm a bit gutted. I still remember the first time I went to Fat Sound - it was the first guitar store I had ever set foot in. I began playing shortly after 9/11 on my Dad's acoustic that he had for years and never really touched. ~10 months...
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    Saw Symphony X Last Night

    I'll be seeing them in a week or two. Should be good times!
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    Pickups don't sound right and one don't sound at all...

    Make sure you have an appropriate chart for the color codes. A wrong chart can totally mess things up.
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    Flight Of Icarus

    Check out Icarus Witch's stuff with their older singer. It's very similar, and supremely kickass.
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    Would you rather have more guitars than amps or vice versa?

    5 guitars and two amps. I don't think I could realistically need more than 2 amps.
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    Les Paul + Tom Andersons = Tone Monster

    I recently tried an H2 on a whim. I ordered an H1- the next day. Freakin' fantastic pickups. Currently my favorite by a huge margin.
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    Can underage band members play in bars/clubs if they are in the band?

    I'm 20 and had no problems with it. I'm just straight with the bar owner, and never cause any problems with trying to drink, or getting rowdy. Just be professional about it, and check both your local laws, and with the bar owner.
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    Pics of the one and only Shawn Lane Ibanez...

    Still do! Only endorsees get access, though.
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    Do you like Death Metal??

    Quote for truth.
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    Do you like Death Metal??

    Love it. Can't say it's my favorite sub genre of metal, but I definitely dig what some of these bands are doing today.
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    Guitar Center - BlackList

    Can't say I've ever heard of them having a formal list like that. I'd find it hard to believe that they didn't know the people who came in for the free rental thing and did it often, though. The return policy is really great. I've used it for a couple of pedals, and an amp head. I upgraded to a...
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    Most underrated bands of the 90s?

    The Tea Party will always get my vote.
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    Is it okay to remove all strings when changing them?

    Don't sweat it, you should be fine. I wouldn't leave the strings off for any extended amount of time, though.
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    Which artist deserves a signature guitar but as never been issued one?

    Paul Masvidal's Steinberger from the Focus days.
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    String Height/Action As a Major Component of Tone

    Oh, definitely. It's a huge component of the overall tone, though I wouldn't necessarily say raising/lowering is for better or worse. With a lot of the more technical stuff I've been playing lately, my lower action guitars sound a lot better. When I need a certain sound in a studio setting, or...
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    Worst lead solo on rock album

    Asia's Heat of the moment solo. Love Steve Howe, but I still can't figure out what he was thinking for that one.