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    Does nobody like the Blues Deville RI drive channel?

    The general opinion online seems to be that the cleans are good, but the drive channel isn't great. But this demo sounds really good to me, curious about them since they are fairly affordable used both RI and '90s, around the price of an AC30. Anybody like the drive channel on the Blues...
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    is there any difference in the polytune mini

    is it the same thing, just smaller? or does the regular polytune have features the mini doesnt?
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    How's the Midtown vs ES335?

    The body is a bit smaller and it only has two controls, but what else makes the midtown so much cheaper than the ES335? How do they compare tonally? Let's assume we're talking about the Midtown with humbuckers for comparison's sake. Good thread showing the size difference...
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    What's the most rocking Springsteen album?

    I've got Born in the USA and Lucky Town, both great albums, but I don't know anything else by Springsteen besides the hits. What's the most rockin' album he's put out?
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    Introduce me to some rockin' alt country

    I have enjoyed bands like Uncle Tupelo, and of course Son Volt and some Wilco, Jayhawks, Drive-By Truckers, some Ryan Adams for a long time. But what else is out there? I really don't pay attention to that music scene, came from a more alternative rock and punk background. I generally like...
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    What's your #1 modulation or "flavor pedal" for in front of an amp?

    What's that one modulation or other flavor pedal you ALWAYS keep on hand, in even the most dry situations? I have a minimal board that has a free spot. I'm thinking it will be either the "overdrive of the week" spot, or maybe start exploring modulating effects. I really don't use much but...
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    Anybody rock players experience with the Orange AD30 and overdrives?

    How well does the AD30HTC respond to overdrives and boosts to get into a higher gain territory? I am wanting either an AD30HTC or Rockerverb. The RV50 MKII can do everything I need from country to high gain, but the AD30 works so much better for classic rock tones and having a gain knob on...
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    How do you approach using an EQ pedal?

    I currently have a GE-7 and owned an MXR 6-band too. I can't ever seem to get much from them other than using the GE-7 as a volume boost. It seems like the faders on these EQ have too much range and sound strange and artificial with dramatic settings. They don't seem to be precise enough to...
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    Tell me about Durham, NC (suggest venues, guitar techs, shops, teachers)

    I'm about to move to Durham, North Carolina in 2-3 weeks, roughing out some of the final details. I'm wondering how the original music scene is down there? I mostly surf around the alternative/indie rock scenes but I get out and see all kinds of bands. Where's the places to check out for...
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    Anybody a fan of those SansAmp Character pedals?

    I have owned an Axe FX and POD HD but both were too much for me since I mostly want some DI recording. I've used most of the popular softwares too, but none really did the trick for me. I work better with simple equipment, so a DI pedal would be a better fit. What about those Tech 21 SansAmp...
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    What boosts are popular with Tiny Terrors?

    Just wondering what are some of the more popular and proven boosts, clean or overdrive, for a Tiny Terror? I'm looking to get a little more thud and aggression out of the Tiny Terror for some songs. I usually boost with a tubescreamer when things need more 'oomph'. But this TS clone sucks...
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    Are Planet Waves straps fine on nitro? I have one of those R/Y/G straps (rasta!) and wondering if these are fine on nitro finishes?
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    White LP Jr DC?

    I am wondering where I could find something like this? I know really nothing of Gibsons but the closest thing on the Gibson website is the Billy Joe Armstrong yellow DC.
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    Anybody use Xotic boosters with Terrors?

    I don't like how this Tiny Terror sounds with tubescreamer-based pedals so I'm looking at getting a RC Booster since it gives me a little more EQ control and that extra push for rock sound. The TT has plenty of gain already, but past a certain point it's too fuzzy, and something up front seems...
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    Tidy way to power only 4-5 pedals?

    I have a one spot and no problems with it noise-wise, but would really like to something more compact and tidy. The wires are too long to really effectively bundle. I am going to get a PT Nano instead of the JR I have now and there's not much room underneath those. I only run 4-5 pedals at a...
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    How to get started on chicken pickin' and country licks for someone not into country?

    It's probably a weird question, but outside of particular artists and some 'alt country' acts, I've never been a huge fan of country music. But, I'm interested in learning some basic chicken pickin' and general licks for country and bluegrass, and maybe through learning the style I'll begin to...
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    Anybody know much about ergonomic seating/chairs?

    I have seen this trend of people sitting on exercise balls instead of regular chairs but never thought about it. I usually sit in a cheap low-slung office chair that doesn't have a back or arm rests for playing guitar. I'm a classical position sort of fella too, so having the seat down low...
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    How gainy can an AC30 get?

    I've never spent a good amount of time with one, but there's one offered in a trade and since an AC30 would be great for the more indie rock, lighter rock music I play when I'm at home, I'm considering it. But, I would really need to use it for the band for it to be viable in the trade, and all...
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    is there some magic to thick strings? tuning, sustain, volume?

    i needed to restring a tele which currently has no pickups and usually use daddario 9-46 on 25.5" guitars, but i was fresh out and slapped on a pack of daddario 11-49 which i keep on hand for tuning down. well i tuned up to standard and something happened, which might be all in my head, but the...
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    What's great about Mono cases?

    I'm not trolling, genuinely curious about what features the mono bags have over other brands? Can anybody explain how these are different than the Suhr gigbags? That's a solid point of reference for me, been my main case for a couple years. That new top loading Mono case and the dual case are...
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    General opinions on 2012 Am Special teles?

    I've read that these are almost exactly like the Highway One teles, but with a THIN poly urethane finish and Texas Special pickups. I believe the Highway Ones were all CNC'd in Mexico and assembled in the US. Are these latest American Specials doing something similar? How's the neck on these...
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    Any Knoxville players on here?

    I have recently moved not too far from this city and was wondering if there's any good hole in the wall guitar shops around? I've been to Guitar Center of course, and passed a place called Rik's Music who deal Suhr, BadCat, and Diezel according to their website. They were closed last time I...
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    Have you learned much from amp kits?

    I am interested in building an amp kit, but many of them cost as much as buying a prebuilt amp. The main reason I am curious about amp kits is for learning circuitry rather than the fun of putting it together. I am wondering if putting amps together has really taught you fellas how the...
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    What guitars have a similar style/vibe to the Framus Earl Slick P90?

    I adore the looks of this guitar, but not the $3500 price tag. I would like to see some cheaper (let's say under/around 1000) guitars with a similar aesthetic style and vibe, while not necessarily a clone or anything. P90s strongly preferred. I got a feeling Dans and Gretsch are going...
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    How are the Fender Broadcaster/Twisted Tele pickups

    Are these pickups pretty hot for telecasters? I might grab an American Standard but the place didn't have any higher gain amplifiers to play through. It sounded decent clean/light gain on amplifiers I wasn't too familiar with. I read something online those CS Broadcaster pickup are wound...