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  1. conanb

    Has anyone here put a Bigsby on a Rick 330?

    Great info guys, thanks
  2. conanb

    Has anyone here put a Bigsby on a Rick 330?

    I used to own a 325 but eventually let it go. It was the V59 in my pic there and it came with the bigsby. I'm looking at picking up a 330 now but they look a lot more hollow than the 325 so I'm wondering is there a chance it could crack if I start screwing a bigsby on there...
  3. conanb

    Has anyone here put a Bigsby on a Rick 330?

    I'd love to but I'm afraid. Help me conquer my fear. Pics appreciated :)
  4. conanb

    Shin-ei Companion A-100G

    Anyone know anything about these? Theres one for sale locally. I cant find any info online. Thanks
  5. conanb

    why do you like a stratocaster?

    I don't like strats. To me, it's the most boring guitar of all time. It's the one guitar I never GAS for. I have no problem with music that features one I just find it so uninspiring as a guitar. I'm not sure I could even play one, which is a weird thing to say. But whenever I've played one, I...
  6. conanb

    Towner Down Tension Bar doesn't fit...

    Fantastic!!! :D:D
  7. conanb

    Towner Down Tension Bar doesn't fit...

    Thanks. How or where could I find such things?
  8. conanb

    Towner Down Tension Bar doesn't fit...

    My Epi SG. Does anyone have any experience of this? Is there somewhere I can get one the right size for me? Or different size parts that screw in to where it goes? The bigsby b3 fits perfectly but I definitely need more tension on the strings for it to work properly.
  9. conanb

    Getting your music heard in 2020....?

    Ok, so it took me until now to release the follow up single :) But in my defense, we did have a baby and a pandemic in between so... Anyway, very happy to share my new song Know My Name which is a psychedelic infused indie pop song with a heavy nod to my favourite 60's records. This has 3 (!!!)...
  10. conanb

    Most aesthetically pleasing pedals

    Surfadelic Soundwaves Mindfuzz large enclosure
  11. conanb

    What are the best “bang for the buck” pedals out there?

    NE Electronix pedals on Reverb. Amazing hanbuilt fuzz and treble boosters (mostly). Built into old tobacco tins. Really amazing sounding and crazy cheap (if you're in the EU.
  12. conanb

    Fuzz units capable of producing a variety of different fuzz tones

    I had a Mastotron and got rid of it due to volume loss when it was turned on. Kinda put me off Zvex pedals. Any volume issue with the fuzz factory variants?
  13. conanb

    You have to pick 4 electrics guitars for the rest of your life. What do you pick?

    1958 Korina Flying V, Rick 325 V59, Gretsch 5422, Gibson SG Robby Krieger edition
  14. conanb

    How much are you willing to pay for your favorite guitar ever? (poll)

    Most I ever did pay was €2k and that gave me vertigo. Amazing guitar tho. Rick 325 V59. Wish I could have afforded to keep it.
  15. conanb

    Tribute bands that are better than the band they pay tribute to.

    The Australian Doors were amazing back in the 90s
  16. conanb

    Colorful boosts...whatcha got?

    +1 Coloursound Power Boost. I've got a clone and it's probably my favourite pedal. It's got a subtle fuzz thing going on. Think classic Pink Floyd guitar sound
  17. conanb

    NPD: Bogner Oxford Fuzz

    Wow. Superb overdrive and fuzz in one pedal. Beautiful character to the voicing of the od and the fuzz improper spitty and mental. Haven't heard many people mention this one. I love the aesthetic too. Industrial Luxury vibes
  18. conanb

    When would i need to replace Blues Junior tubes?...

    Sound advice. Thanks
  19. conanb

    When would i need to replace Blues Junior tubes?...

    And is there any danger of anything bad happening if I dont? The EL84s are acting a bit funny (clicking and hissing noise coming from the amp and they look like they're lighting up a bit brighter than usual). I've owned the amp for around 9 years and I've never changed them. I bought the amp...
  20. conanb

    Enough is enough

    I'm done. I've actually finished. It's everything in this picture plus a Alchemy Audio Series 4/7 OD that I squeezed in above the Barber LTD. Now I look at pedals for sale and feel... nothing. I am finally satisfied :)
  21. conanb

    Anyone using a power conditioner with their set up?

    I'm set up in an external building outside the main house and I think the electrics were installed poorly (predates my ownership) as I'm getting lots of random crackling and occasional hiss from my amp. Looking into trying a power conditioner. Anybody done so and how'd you find it helped? If at all.
  22. conanb

    Joe Bonamassa - Why Does It Take So Long To Say Goodbye

    I think JB is a sad indictment of our times. People will pay good money for music that works like a security blanket. Reminds me of a song by some other band... "no alarms and no surprises please..." :)
  23. conanb

    Favorite Drive Pedal

    I'd really hate to have to choose just one but if I did, it's the Barber LTD SR. Sounds great with everything
  24. conanb

    NPD: Alchemy Audio 4/7 Series Overdrive - Wow

    I got an actual Surfy Bear Compact. One of my favourite things ever. I'm including all possessions in that statement. Maybe even kids :)
  25. conanb

    NPD: Alchemy Audio 4/7 Series Overdrive - Wow

    The pedal came with a nice branded plectrum and some kind of top trump card of the AC/DC drummer, lol. Nice touch

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