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  1. soundchaser59

    Let's talk about the 80s again....

    I've heard so many people say nothing good (referring to no good music) came out of the 80s. So I googled music of the 80s. I have to admit the list of what I didn't like is much shorter. But I will take this opportunity to share my never very humble opinion that one artist that I will never...
  2. soundchaser59

    short Steely Dan question -

    I love The Dan as much as anybody but if I were stranded on an island and I have to choose, then load me up with Jeff Beck records.
  3. soundchaser59

    Have you ever thought, "Man, I'm good" but then realized the truth?

    Sums it up for me. Every time I play some one else's music I realize how good I'm not.
  4. soundchaser59

    Play for the song = proof that the guitar is on its way out

    Sounds like you need to change the station more often.
  5. soundchaser59

    My KX88 Finally Died! Suggestions?

    That was my #2 pick. But I chose the P-515 instead because the Krome doesn't have speakers. My first digital keyboard was a DX7, so I already knew I didn't want to spend more time programming than playing. The P-515 may not have quite as much synth power as the Krome, but I won't be tempted to...
  6. soundchaser59

    Tips wanted: Helping Bandmates to write songs

    The times when a small group of us got together to actually "jam" with a desire to conjure up original tunes, the people gathered around listening would always ask, "What album is that from? What band is that? Who did that song? Where have I heard that before?" The thought never occurred to them...
  7. soundchaser59

    Tips wanted: Helping Bandmates to write songs

    You can't have it both ways. Pick one. My opinion is they will never get out of the trap. Gotta have wings to fly, and they aint got wings.
  8. soundchaser59

    Tips wanted: Helping Bandmates to write songs

    Sounds to me like you are trying to ascribe songwriting talents to people who are not songwriters. Sometimes it's difficult for people who have the "songwriting gene" to accept the fact that most people are not able to create songs. It's a serious minority of musicians who can roll their own...
  9. soundchaser59

    What To Do With Broken Keyboard That Can't Be Repaired?

    Mainly it's 35 years old so no parts. I cleaned all the contacts with deoxit and it worked perfectly for 2 days, then went back to the random wind chime effect. The dealer's repair guy says the battery going dead would not cause this problem, and the other parts are proprietary from Yamaha...
  10. soundchaser59

    What To Do With Broken Keyboard That Can't Be Repaired?

    I found a nice replacement, so now what do I do with a dead Yamaha KX88 that can't be repaired?
  11. soundchaser59

    My KX88 Finally Died! Suggestions?

    And the winner is....... Yamaha P-515. But now what to do with a broken KX88?
  12. soundchaser59

    Keeping It Cool - inspired by Larry Carlton

    Love the rhythm backing track, that epiano tone is awesome. Nice soloing, nice ear catching phrases that were never predictable. Very cool. Love the bass tone, people underestimate what it takes to get a great bass sound in the mix, but this is it!
  13. soundchaser59

    Some of the better improv I’ve done

    Very cool. I had to replace my black 94 Strat pickups twice to get that kind of sound. I have a set of DiMarzio Area 58 and 61, and a set of Fralin Split Rails, both get me well into Strat territory, after the Fender Noiseless didnt' quite cut it for me. But Im not as melodic as you are!
  14. soundchaser59

    What do you like in 73 or 88 key workstations/electric pianos?

    I've been researching this for a while. You said feel is important. You'll find that only the 88 key boards have the grand piano style weighted keys. Also have to be careful about how much plastic they use to build it. The Casio px560 is impressive for the price, but every review mentions the...
  15. soundchaser59

    Toontrack EZdrummer 2 vs. Superior Drummer 3

    I seriously need to start doing this, this would be a huge benefit for me. I have spent countless late night hours auditioning patterns, hoping to stumble on something that matches my original song riffs and chord progressions. Thanks for the reminder.
  16. soundchaser59

    Toontrack EZdrummer 2 vs. Superior Drummer 3

    Then you will drag and drop patterns the same either way, you won't notice much if any difference, other than better stock sound. If you are just doing demos at home I don't think you need SD3. I came from a drum machine so for me EZD2 was already light years beyond where I came from. Besides, I...
  17. soundchaser59

    My KX88 Finally Died! Suggestions?

    Yup, I finally concluded that what I want is a "Stage" Piano. But I'm also more and more thinking I should go for something that's no more than 2 or 3 years past its release date. I think one of the main factors that has me still tossing between Roland and Yamaha is whether I want the keyboard...
  18. soundchaser59

    Ok, I'm back to pianos sounds... what is the best, most realistic ?

    Excellent plugin. I was using Pianoteq with a KX88 and it was a superb combination. But my KX just died after 35 years so now I'm snooping.
  19. soundchaser59

    My KX88 Finally Died! Suggestions?

    At this point, just based on watching entertaining demo clips on youtube and a lot of reading, the list is down to: Yamaha MX88 Yamaha P515 Roland Juno DS88 Roland RD88 Roland FP90 (would be quite a stretch price wise, but great demos) Currently looking for demos on Kawai, like the ES8...
  20. soundchaser59

    Joe Bonamassa

    There's a clip out there somewhere that shows Joe B at age 13 or 15 something like that, and it is absolutely mind boggling what he could do as a high school kid. The interviewer would mention a player and Joe would instantly play riffs just like that player. If so and so did this song it would...
  21. soundchaser59

    My KX88 Finally Died! Suggestions?

    WOW ! Thanks for the direction. The Roland Juno DS-88 and the Yamaha MX88 seem to be going head to head in a lot of the online clips and reviews. Great sounds, midi out for playing VST sounds, line outs for live to amp/pa or for recording, and supposedly very nice grand piano feel true weighted...
  22. soundchaser59

    My KX88 Finally Died! Suggestions?

    I'm now a TGP guitar rig guy who also is in need of some keyboard referrals. My KX88 has finally died, 35 years after I took it home brand new from Dietze here in Lincoln. As much as I love all of my guitar gear, I feel lost without a good piano. If I can't get new parts from Yamaha (I suspect...
  23. soundchaser59

    The best licks I have heard in a long time - Chris Buck tribute

    WOW! That is superb tone and sweet playing. I love it.
  24. soundchaser59

    My default Strat volume setting is 8.

    Yup. I've found some nice tones with the Strat knobs all on 6 and the amp cranked. One way to think of it is just pretend that 6 is 10 then set the pedals and amp accordingly.
  25. soundchaser59

    Thick single coil sounds

    Yup! And there's no substitute for power and volume. Good amps sound a lot different cranked up, especially with Strat type pickups, especially if you don't use a compressor. If you want to thicken up a Strat without using pedals you have to turn it up.

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