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    When people tell me that unique musical geniuses don’t exist...

    Add to everything else it was the mid to late '60s. Jimi's playing was decades beyond it's time. It was timeless.
  2. J

    Is this place legit? This may have already been addressed here. But I saw an ad and wondered if it was the real deal?
  3. J

    Gibson Standard 50's Goldtop P90

    I really like P-90s. I had a Gibson '54 LPGT with P-90s. Wish I had it back.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Jazzy blues and bluesey jazz.....Duke Robillard, Anson Funderburgh, Kenny Burrell, Barney Kessel, Ronnie Earl, Johnny Smith, George Van Eps, Charlie Baty, Kid Ramos, etc. Also really like traditional and "neo-traditional" bluegrass music.
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    Help me out with Mike Bloomfield

    Ask Robben Ford, Mike Bloomfield is one of his major influences.
  6. J

    Robben Ford & Little Walter Amps

    Hard to tell over the computer but I thought it sounded similar to some Dr. Z amps I've heard.
  7. J

    Hey, church guys … what's with the plastic drummer shield?

    There are a lot more venues than churches using them. They're nothing new by any means. They've been in use for decades in rock bands and even country bands. Drums are such an acoustically loud instrument that they often benefit from acoustic attenuation in the form of shields. I've also seen...
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    When do you realistically think we'll be able to play gigs again?

    Agree with you 100%. I think it will be alter vs sooner. Way too many people ignoring mitigation measures. Especially young people. I hope I'm wrong but I think a lot more people will have to die to get our attention. As I said, I hope I'm wrong.
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    Compressor Pedal

    What am I missing out on by not having one?
  10. J

    Was just listening to some Jethro Tull...

    Totally original. Extremely talented band, especially Ian Anderson. Back in the day they were my favorite rock band. Still in my top five. No one sounded like them. Just a great band.
  11. J

    Buddy Rich vs. Animal

    Both Buddy and Paul Anka were brutal to their bands. If you've heard recordings of their rehearsals you'll see what I mean. Can't argue about their respective talents. But I have no respect for them as men. Both were/are extremely abusive.
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    Playing out in clubs, low wattage amps?

    I remember in the bad old days, '60s, '70s, and '80s in particular, Twin Reverbs or a 1/2 or whole Marshall stack were the order of the day...regardless of the venue size. For the sake of my hearing, what's left of it, thank goodness those days are gone.
  13. J

    Brownface Amp Builder

    David Allen has been building them for decades.
  14. J

    The BEST sounding Fender amp?

    Ha! No. Just a very satisfied customer. They were quite a bit better than I thought they would be. You should try one if you haven't already. They're just a great sounding amp whether they sound exactly like an original blackface or not. They break up nicely and take pedals very well. The Deluxe...
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    Are the best strats the more expensive ones???

    Ya know, as the decades go by I've become more and more convinced that spending large amounts of money for a guitar does not necessarily = a "better" sounding guitar. I find this particularly true with solid body guitars. I've owned and/or played, several expensive ($2500 to $5500) and...
  16. J

    Boost/OD With Compression vs Boost/OD Without Compression

    How will a compression pedal ahead of a boost/OD pedal affect my tone? Will the compression pedal enhance my tone? How?
  17. J

    The best Dumble Drive pedal???

    I owned an early Mark II. Got it new around 1981 and owned it for about 10 years. I don't recall it sounding like a Dumble, if that's what you're alluding to. Although I've heard that comment before. So, maybe it's just my faulty aural memory.
  18. J

    What's a good overdrive pedal?

    How much time do you have?
  19. J

    The BEST sounding Fender amp?

    Yeah, the Zendrive and Euphoria are similar pedals. I really like the tone of the Jetter used in the Louis Electric videos.
  20. J

    The BEST sounding Fender amp?

    Right now I'm using a Wampler Euphoria (love this pedal), a TS-Mini, and an EH Soul Food. I like all of them. The Soul Food is huge bang for the buck. They all sound great through my TM Deluxe Reverb. I use them with a Fender Tele Vintera '60s Modded. I mainly use the pedals for boost and light...

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