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    "Only Selling Because This Guitar Deserves To Be Played"

    I have a guitar that I'm likely to sell. A lot of people would be thrilled. It IS the right guitar for someone. Whatever's the reason, I'm not using regularly. Not sure inanimate objects deserve much, but I get this sentiment. Space and money has value too.
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    Winter NAMM 2021 Canceled :(

    Pretty much. We have half-assed our collective handling of this crisis... and this is the responsible result. We can't have nice things.
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    What things are you REALLY picky about on a guitar?

    Stainless frets Slim neck 12"—16" radius Nearly all the guitars I've acquired in the last 15 years fit that bill, save one acoustic with nickel-silver frets.
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    Winter NAMM 2021 Canceled :(

    Sorry to hear, but no big surprise. It's a legendary germ-fest: crowds, handshakes, lots of tight socialization all day and night, and then add in air travel and sleep deprivation. The minute Covid became a thing this past winter, I knew I wouldn't be going in '21.
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    50's wiring for 4-lead Seymour Duncans

    I'm a bit stumped. Is this right? Wiring and SG, typical set up: toggle, two vol, two tone Red and white taped off Bare wire to ground Black to the pot lug 3 (2 is to the cap, 1 is to ground) Green to ground
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    You people who bought a tube amp for your CLEAN tones, what did you buy ?

    A Princeton clone. But there's lots of choices.....
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    Saw Pat Metheny Last Night

    Very cool. Their new album is really good too. Last time I saw him was duo with Larry Grenadier at the Blue Note. Excellent!
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    Rewiring a 1986 PRS

    Thanks! You google much better than I do. This worked great.
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    Rewiring a 1986 PRS

    I'm working on my old PRS. I put the stock pickups back in, but without the original wiring. Instead I wanted to use a conventional tone control and pickup selector, instead of the sweet switch and rotary knob. OK.... I suspect somethings up with the four-lead wiring that I did. Only half the...
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    Etiquette re: Lowball Offers?

    Sometimes its hard to know what might be considered lowball. I offered 50% of the asking price on a recent item, albeit one that's hard to value. A month later, we came to agreement at 47% off asking. That said, I am concerned about offending, but it doesn't change the fact that I want your...
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    The Best Solid State Guitar Amps Ever Made?

    What's SFTR? And what happens the other 10% of the time?
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    Looking for a custom S-style luthier. Wide nut a must.

    I have a friend in the market for an S style guitar with a wide nut. Something with a feel like last year's Gibsons. Offhand, I think that's 1 7/8" or something along those lines. I've checked a number of top makers but it appears most are working in standard measurements as the only options...
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    For those who have played 30+ years

    I think I did a lot right. Probably just, "practice more and be more focused when doing so."
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    I should check him out more. I was watching a live clip that was pretty impressive.
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    Thumb picks

    I like the sound and feel of the Fred Kelly speed pick. It's on the shorter side.
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    Emergency amp backup pedalboard?

    How are those Character pedals? I really wanted to like the Fly Rig and though it's close, but meh. Not enough flexibility on the reverb and the unit was noisy, even for my tastes, which is usually forgiving about that. I'd grab a clean/used POD HD. Easiest backup solution when a PA is available.
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    Wound G strings?

    I love the sound of a wound G, but for bending it's a no-go. If I'm playing a style where I don't need to bend much, I go wound G. That said, all my electrics apart from one have plain G's.
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    A $15,000 Rosewood Rip-off!!

    This is a mugging. To the tune of more than 13k.
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    Johnny Hiland slow blues

    He's a killer player. Real nice guy too.
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    Duane style slide in standard tuning...

    Warren really opened my eyes to standard-tuned slide, which is why I conceived this project. Mike Levine worked on this book also—he's a excellent slide player as well.
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    Best acoustic guitar on a budget?

    For blues and folk, that might mean a 12 fretter, maybe a 000 or 00. Lots of options nowadays. Recording King guitars are really nice. Hopefully there's a good store around. Frankly I think acoustic shopping is a breeze. The better guitars will jump out at you and comparisons are pretty easy...

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