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    Squier CV Jaguar - How is it?

    I don't think you will get many responses on here, but they are very popular on I had the previous Vintage Modified Jazzmaster and it was a good guitar once I replaced the bridge, trem and pickups. I hear the CV offsets are nicer than the VMs I want to pick up a shell pink...
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    Results thread: Lollar Imperials VS $35 China PAFs

    I'm glad I got it right. I did my own blind test with these pickups years ago. I have not been a fan of humbucker guitars since my high output high school days. Then I played a humbucker guitar and was floored, I found out it had Lollar Imperials. Since then I bought an SG and dropped Imoerials...
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    How to attach emblem to speaker grill?

    I bought a 1x15 Orange bass cab from a friend. The guy he bought it from removed the grill emblems however my friend got new emblems from Orange. They dont screw in, and there is no adhesive on the emblems, what is the best way/glue to attach these things?
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    Sorry SG Purists...I Did It

    I've always found that the "long feeling" of the SG has made it the gateway guitar into Gibson for a Fender player. I typically get lost on a Les Paul but an SG feels more like playing a Fender.
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    CITES: US to Puerto Rico?

    You know Puerto Rico is the US, right?
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    G&L Doheny or Fano JM6 Standard

    I'll just leave this here:
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    G&L Doheny or Fano JM6 Standard

    Ever since PBG sold Fano, the guitars I've seen look more low quality, especially the distressing. I havent played a post-PBG Fano but I doubt they are as good as when Gene Baker was making them for PBG.
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    What's up with Tweedy SG asking prices all of a sudden?

    When this guitar came out it was a hit, lots of rave reviews, lots of surprise when it was discontinued. Rumor is a disagreement between Tweedy and Gibson
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    What's up with Tweedy SG asking prices all of a sudden?

    Mine has some sloppy sanding but plays great
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    Are Les Pauls popular with the 24 and under crowd?

    I mean the kind of guitar music that is popular with the younger crowd is indie and alternative. The Les Paul has never been that popular in this circle of music. I've seen them used, but hardly anyone is known for playing one. Plus the SG is better and cheaper.
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    Everyone here that can't shred sucks

    Yeah, that sounds like 22 year old me... Why is this 9 year old rant active again?
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    What's up with Tweedy SG asking prices all of a sudden?
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    Gibson SG neck joints
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    Gibson SG neck joints

    I'm in the market for an SG, and am bit of a noob as I've mainly owned Fender style guitars. With how Gibson has changed the specs on the SG standard over and over again, and with the fakes getting better and better, I am having a hard time figuring out what is a good guitar to buy. Also lots...
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    NCPD (New Completed Partscaster Day)

    Now with aged WD tort
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    NCPD (New Completed Partscaster Day)

    I'mnot happy with the tan colored aged plastic and am aging white plastic to look realistic, and then I'm thinking of a tort guard.
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    NCPD (New Completed Partscaster Day)

    For being a poly finish, it has sure worn nice.
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    NCPD (New Completed Partscaster Day)

    Finished this up last week. 25th anniversary body, highway one neck... it certainly looks the part
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    Pickguard for 79 Strat

    I have a 79 25th anniversary Strat body in the mail and I am looking at picking up a pickguard in the meantime. My understanding is that any modern guard would fit this body, but some sites are saying their guards only fit guitars going back to 1984. Can anyone clarify if a new Strat pickguard...
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    Lovepedal Echophonic Jr v V2

    I bought an Echophonic Jr over the summer, but now I see they have moved into the V2. I've been trying to find out what was changed other than the graphics, but I've been coming up short. Can someone fill me in? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    People with Soul Food backorders at Guitar Center

    I went into a Sam Ash yesterday or Monday and asked if they were getting any in. They said they had four so far and they sold the day of. I got a call last night that they got ONE in and they set it aside for me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What speaker to pair with an Oxford?

    It's easier to buy new.
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    What speaker to pair with an Oxford?

    I need a new 12" speaker to pair with my old Oxford. What is a good recommendation? I was thinking a Jensen c12n. Any better recommendation? Lets keep the prices reasonable.
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    What speakers are these? (Fender)

    Yes it does Cool, now I can find a lot more information on these speakers now that I have a starting point. Thanks.

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