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  1. rickenbackerkid

    Celestion Greenback G10 Speaker in FENDER Pro Junior IV

    PJ sounds good clean, but will never have that warm 'piano' bass or nice reverb or anything like that. And a greenback or other vintage-y speaker will push it away from those shimmery cleans too. For the best cleans from a PJ, I'd suggest something like the G10N-40
  2. rickenbackerkid

    Is the Boss RV3 a good reverb pedal?

    RV-3 is quite grainy, cold and digital sounding. Also the Delay+Reverb modes are like nothing else. I really like mine.
  3. rickenbackerkid

    Design an Acoustic Preamp

    To be honest the Radial PZ-Pre is pretty much it for me. That thing is fantastic. I use a reverb and tuner too, but I think it's better for those to be seperate as you can pick the stuff you like.
  4. rickenbackerkid

    What's the downside of Eleven rack and other cheap units?.. and other noob questions

    Eleven Rack is great. It was great then, and it still is. What it won't give you is endlessly tweakable nitty gritty detail, like a LOT of the modern units (AxeFX and Helix) will. But it has a great set of about 20 amps which all sound really good, and it has excellent basic stomp box FX (Ross...
  5. rickenbackerkid

    Eric Johnson's new pedalboard, no rats nest no more!

    There was one EJ rig where he ran OD's into the amps, mic'ed the amps with SM57's and ran that signal into a mixer and his wet FX, and then used the Eon's as Wet only speakers. That was a long time ago however, I don't thing he's using that rig now.
  6. rickenbackerkid

    What's on your board that you rarely see on other players' boards?

    I'm a slightly out of fashion in that I do really care about my sound, but I also can't be bothered with an expensive and heavy pedalboard. I use a multi FX, but with very carefully programmed and minimalist patches. And if I ever need a phaser, or flanger, or something weird, I've got it all there.
  7. rickenbackerkid

    My proposed all-around yet simple FX Loop board--change my mind?

    Could do a lot with this. For my taste however, it would need a second delay and a perhaps a chorus
  8. rickenbackerkid

    one guitar and one amp - an entire pop/rock gig

    I'd probably go with an HSS Strat and a Marshall 1974X, Fender Pro Junior or Fender Princeton. The HSS Strat gives you the classic 2 & 4 as well as a passable humbucker sound, not an LP or SG but will get close enough. The 1974X will get you a raunchy Marshall thing going, Pro Junior more...
  9. rickenbackerkid

    After 3 years with Axe Fx 2 I think I figured out my problem with these flagship modelers...

    While it's certainly not all you want, the Avid Eleven Rack did a really good job of being a good sounding amp sim with instantly accessible knobs that match that of a real amp. I have one for my at home guitar rig and it does a great job of getting near instant good sounds.
  10. rickenbackerkid

    What is your effects philosophy?

    mine is a few FX, subtle and always make sure the tone of the guitar makes it through. Heavy distortion, phaser, Chorus, Vibe all wreck the basic guitar sound for me and so I dial them in with a low mix. I used to use a lot of long tap temple delay but now keep it mostly to slapback. Working...
  11. rickenbackerkid

    Best single guitar for acoustic and electric sounds

    Father in law has a really nice Cort which is sort of a PRS copy kind of thing. Seymour Duncan Pickups, fairly convincing piezo. He uses a Boss Acoustic Preamp pedal on the peizo output to give it a little air. It's not amazing, but it's pretty convincing and would work just fine in a covers...
  12. rickenbackerkid

    How LOUD do you play guitar?

    At home I've really come to enjoy silent playing, AKA headphones. I have an Eleven Rack at home for that. Live I used to crank my Pro Junior as loud as I good get away with, but in the past few months, I've been playing some reggae and soul tunes and enjoying a real clean sound. I've been...
  13. rickenbackerkid

    People who flat out lie about their gear/music background?

    Except for Mike Campbell .....
  14. rickenbackerkid

    People who flat out lie about their gear/music background?

    It happens. I got hired to take over mixing sound for a Pink Floyd tribute show, and the previous guy told me he'd been on tour with the real PF. I took a bottle of red wine to his place and after we were deep into the stories he was telling were outlandish, pretty much impossible. I went from...
  15. rickenbackerkid

    Any such thing as a 1U acoustic DI??

    Pendulum SPS-1. Expensive but very good clean preamp/Parametric/DI
  16. rickenbackerkid

    Why are Taylors called the acoustic for the electric player?

    Action, Neck profile, flat-ish radias.
  17. rickenbackerkid

    What Is the 10" Celestion Version of the Vintage 30?

    I have the G10 Vintage, and I feel like it definitely has some V30 character. To my ear it has a similar bite in the top end like a V30. I found it to be completely HUGE sounding compared to the stock 10 inch speaker in my Pro Junior. But I also found that it's a speaker better suited to...
  18. rickenbackerkid

    Looking for a multi effects board, suggestions?

    TC Nova System. Great analog OD and Distortion circuits. Really good digital reverb/delay/pitch. Very solidly built, mains power, excellent switches and dead simple to program.
  19. rickenbackerkid

    Is a Variax a must-have guitar?

    Great instruments for cover band guitarists, or performing players who can't afford to tour 10 instruments but still want a 12 string Ric, a Banjo, a dobro in open G for side, etc, etc. Another famous Variax user is The Edge from U2 - he plays a couple of tunes on a Variax acoustic: Love...
  20. rickenbackerkid

    All your pedals are stolen - you get NO insurance money

    I'd probably get mostly the same stuff. TC Nova System, Hotcake. They might be basic tools but the Nova System Provides a good set of FX, and it's easy to program and operate live. The Hotcake (or Xotic AC Boost) is a great pedal for warming up a too clean amp, or getting a good sound from an...
  21. rickenbackerkid

    Modelers that react to Guitar Volume Changes?

    I have an Avid Eleven Rack as my home rig. It cleans up just fine with pick attack and/or volume knob.
  22. rickenbackerkid

    Compressor? Why?

    I like compression as a mixing tool, after the amp/speaker/mic. In front of the amp I'm less of a fan, but on a completely clean sound I like a bit.
  23. rickenbackerkid

    What's your most controversial Led Zeppelin opinion?

    This for me too. I really like Bonham's drumming. Rest of the band doesn't do any thing for me and I find most of the songs quite grating.
  24. rickenbackerkid

    The most fun I have had with modulation was with...

    Great fun to to be had with rotary sounds in the MM-4. I kept mine just for those sounds
  25. rickenbackerkid

    YOUR "always on" pedal for a BETTER tone

    I always have delay on. Usually a DMM or an analog sim of one, although I really like tape echo as well. I never turn that thing off. I think my dream pedalboard would have to have at least 2 big box DMM's

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