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    Ever hear of Flash Lightnin'?........Good Gawd!!

    Darren is the man. I provided that interview for Premier Guitar and he was an absolute joy to speak with -- the dude really is one of us!
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    Genesis Fans! I interviewed Steve Hackett!

    Thanks ya'll! How were the gigs? I have my own gig tonight and I'm going to miss it :-(
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    Genesis Fans! I interviewed Steve Hackett!

    I was fortunate enough to snag an audience with Mr. Steve Hackett last week as preview press for his Fort Lauderdale date performing the Genesis Revisited material. Let me just say that Steve was an absolutely wonderful interviewee. Beyond giving thoughtful responses, he presented them with...
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    NGD- Time Capsule 1996 Jeff Beck Strat-Original Lace Sensor version...

    OH MAN. Loved these. I would do such horrible things for a purple one!
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    mutron III clones?
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    Psychedelic Black Metal? Orbweaver.

    Not exactly traditional TGP fare, but for those with a taste for the extreme and some Zappa-infused adventure, this is a profile I did on an awesome local group named Orbweaver (Ex-Hate Eternal, Gigan). I'm doing a guitar series for my local Village Voice affiliate and I'm really excited about...
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    Pixies on Jimmy Fallon last night: After watching them....... Bowie can articulate for me.
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    Gretsch question 6130 vs. 6121

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    Black Sabbath 13 Tour My review from last night yooooo
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    My Interview With Ozzy

    Below is the live review of the show in Palm Beach!
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    Black Sabbath 13 Tour

    Hey! Here is the piece that resulted from a teleconference I was asked to be a part of with Ozzy last week! I'll be reviewing the show on Wed in Palm Beach and I'll post that here as well! THANKS...
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    My Interview With Ozzy

    Hell yeah! Thanks! You're not the British V-Man (Alessandro) that tours with Mastodon, are you? Because if you are, we're friends in real life!
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    My Interview With Ozzy

    Hey Ya'll! So, I occasionally post some of my music journalism work in here as it's relevant to some of our shared interests. I was fortunate enough to be selected as one of a few writers to handle a teleconference with Ozzy Osbourne last week. It was an honor for me as a writer, but as a...
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    Paul Kossoff what a player!

    Dude was the definition of restraint and dynamics. Free is so underrated, and so is his solo stuff! Backstreet Crawler was and is a nasty bit of wax!
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    Band Promo Pics: Let's see 'em!

    He was a hillybilly from Davie Florida.
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    Mark Lanegan appreciation

    Dude is a beast.
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    Help me get that BB King sound with pickup choice

    That's a big mother****in' dude, yeah?
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    My Review of Paul Rodgers in Hollywood, FL

    Hahaha, I was partial to that one myself. I'm really fortunate to have an editor that allows me to say essentially whatever I want.
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    My Review of Paul Rodgers in Hollywood, FL

    Sound is usually good, drinks are expensive, but it does the trick for sure. I would look into who is playing at the Culture Room and Revolution as well for bigger shows, and for mid-level things, we ain't got a whole lot. Check out and the New Times (my sites -- Village...
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    My Review of Paul Rodgers in Hollywood, FL

    Haha! If the post prompts people to reminisce, that's cool with me! Thanks for the kind words about the article and for taking the time to read it!
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    My Review of Paul Rodgers in Hollywood, FL

    Thank you! Def the case!
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    My Review of Paul Rodgers in Hollywood, FL

    Thanks for reading :)
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    Sunshine Blues Festival: Boca Raton, FL 2012

    Not to steal your thunder, but, I covered this for work. I enjoyed all of the performances a great deal, and I def agree with your review of the show. Please note that I was extremely gentle with my critique of Dr. John as I am a huge fan of Mac's and I feel that slagging an elderly man that has...
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    My Review of Paul Rodgers in Hollywood, FL

    No love for Paul Rodgers and Howard Leese?

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