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  1. wrxplayer

    Sold Beautiful vintage Tokai ST-60 Strat

    These guitars hold their own with their Fender American-made counterparts and then some. GLWTS
  2. wrxplayer

    Some of Pete Townshend's power chords are the best in the business but...

    Best concert I've ever seen. We were 20th row center at Madison Square Garden.
  3. wrxplayer

    "Anacostia Delta" *Danny Gatton documentary*

    I'm a huge Danny Gatton fan. But a discussion of Danny's band IMO should also include mention of Bill Holloman, who played tenor sax and keys. The alternating solos in this tune are particularly riveting.
  4. wrxplayer

    Some of Pete Townshend's power chords are the best in the business but...

    I think his guitar solos are perfect for the songs the Who plays. Flash not required. The songs just sound good. And the live stuff just kills. I listened to this concert last week (I was at the same show in MSG). My reaction was the Townsend was a master at this point of his career.
  5. wrxplayer

    Who would you choose as a builder for your custom guitar?

    Terry McInturff or CP Thornton. Both do spectacular work whose guitars often have original features.
  6. wrxplayer

    "Blackface" and "Hot Rod Marshall" in one amp head?

    Fargen Dual British Classic. Blackbird on one channel, Olde 800 Mk II on the other with the three way decade switch. Game. Set. Match. Super amp and hits the thread title spot on.
  7. wrxplayer

    Reverb recommendations

    I like the older version of EH's Holy Grail. Not expensive and sounds great to my ear. Like this (not mine):
  8. wrxplayer

    Jennifer Turner on Natalie Merchant's "Carnival"

    Perhaps another video's in order.
  9. wrxplayer

    Jennifer Turner on Natalie Merchant's "Carnival"

    Loved that video. Thanks for sharing. Interesting that the only current singing on it is Jen's.
  10. wrxplayer

    FS Jackson Ampworks McFly

    Love my Jackson head. IMO he's one of the few current builders to cuts his own path. GLWTS.
  11. wrxplayer

    How many watts do YOU need?

    IMO it ALL DEPENDS on whether you mic or otherwise connect your amps to a PA system. If you do, then one can get by fine with a 5e3 or Princeton style amp (12-20 watts). If not, and you want clean, I think 30-40 minimum would be required.
  12. wrxplayer

    New amp for a future new Dad

    I have a Newcastle 30 from Jackson Ampworks. Power scaling goes down to 1 watt and you can really get some excellent tones at low volumes. These are $750-900 used. Really great sounding heads.
  13. wrxplayer

    Jackson ampworks Newcastle 18 vs 30

    I can't compare 30 to 18 but I traded for a 30 not long ago and frankly I LOVE playing through it. The power scaling makes it as good at achieving natural sounding overdrive at low volume in my basement office as the original Carr Mercury, my until now favorite at home amp. Now they're tied...
  14. wrxplayer

    Brownface Princeton vs. Swart AST vs. Allen Brown Sugar

    I had and AST and have a Brown Sugar. Had lots in between. By memory, I'd say the Allen has more pristine cleans naturally than the AST and sounds bigger, likely due to the 15" speaker (vs 12" in the AST). As mentioned, the RAW knob changes things dramatically. One thing going for the Swart...
  15. wrxplayer

    Deciding on a Cabinet format for a 2X10

    I have a suggestion for you: build yourself a slanted 2x10 XF "crossfire" speaker cabinet using plans you can purchase from I didn't build mine (I got it from a fellow member here) but I do like it and can attest to the science. It works to help me hear it from a...
  16. wrxplayer

    Danocaster Not Retiring?!!

    I think this story would make a great case study for someone working towards and MBA in marketing.
  17. wrxplayer

    What Was Your First Small Builder Guitar?

    Gadow Custom Hollow. GREAT guitar.
  18. wrxplayer

    Carr, After years I have finally found my ultimate sound.

    Glad you found your sound! The Slant 6V is one of my two favorite combos of all time (the other being Fargen's Dual British Classic). Both have two killer channels and lots of wattage flexibility. I don't know of any amp that does F and M so well in one box. Enjoy.
  19. wrxplayer

    Marcus King Band, Live, Proceeds 4 charity, LAST DAY TO BUY TIX

    I'm a huge Marcus King fan and know others here are two. Here's a nice opportunity to catch a "Live" show (or four) for charity.
  20. wrxplayer

    any love for fargen amps?

    Lots of love here. Ben's Dual British Classic 25W is one of the top three amps I've ever used and the best at duplicating classic M and Blackface tones.
  21. wrxplayer

    Miles Davis - He still had "it" in 1989

    If you didn't like Bitches Brew (I didn't either), try Live at Carnegie Hall or his seminal Kind of Blue. If you're still nonplussed move on. Here's a tune on both.
  22. wrxplayer

    Miles Davis - He still had "it" in 1989

    Just saw this clip for the first time, recorded two years before his body gave out and he died. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
  23. wrxplayer

    Post a singlecut that’s not a Gibson Les Paul

    Here's another, from John Page's custom shop.
  24. wrxplayer

    George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass" double LP

    Took my dog on a long hike in the woods yesterday and listened to George Harrison's All Things Must Pass. I'm not sure if I ever listened to it "first song to last" before. The current version, remastered in 2014 (I think), includes the original tunes plus five bonus tracks, including a cool...

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