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  1. soulohio

    Adventures in Bargain Hunting: Vintage Edition

    71 dove columbia, SC could not come up with 950 man was that a real Gibson I felt like Ed King playing that axe
  2. soulohio

    Media powered speakers.

    yes. maybe hang them all vulture like from adjustable hangars from above the cabinet? ceiling mount?
  3. soulohio

    Pickups for Type O Negative Tone

    get a Tech 21 VT bass DI see if that dont knock it outta the park
  4. soulohio

    anybody using the weezer butler PUs?

    i got a set of these yet to install besides being just lazy and totally digging the Tech21 VT Bass DI pedal i am so digging the stock SX pickups in me pink rawknrose opines?
  5. soulohio

    AC/DC gain pedal recommendations

    MI Audio Crunchbox 3 knobber this is the shite mates
  6. soulohio

    Vintage Guild Starfire models.

    i really was interested in a Starfire III I saw one once with block inlays a cat played a music fest in west floRIDA with a SF III DeArmonds and the guitar sounded like bells bells!! in 2008 you could still find a 64 for about $650 bucks
  7. soulohio

    24 bit 96 kHz on iPhone

    wow i hope iTunes takes high def now have not tried it on my laptop
  8. soulohio

    Media powered speakers.

    are the Altecs powered? i dont think they are meant to be fixed, but maybe they are very good my stock answer is to buy JBL LSR305s
  9. soulohio

    Hey... These are flat-wound strings???

    fotos please good sire
  10. soulohio

    Matt Umanov’s is closing after 50 years

    so without reading the book what happened? why the capitalism on steroids?
  11. soulohio

    New Electric Wizard

    is that other gitar player a chick?
  12. soulohio

    best auto wah

    i dig wahs but just don't like messing with the treadle any great auto wahs? something that you can play with the interaction?
  13. soulohio

    New KISS Album?

    rawknroll turnover kiss breakfast
  14. soulohio

    The Cult - Nuff Said! Love This Band!

    imo cult should have never went on the road with metallica probably no band could have withstood that onslaught of teenagers that wanted nuthin but metallica
  15. soulohio

    New David Gilmour: Live at Pompeii

    i missed the theatre performance one day only i jus happened to be in a theatre saw the notice
  16. soulohio

    Saw Sammy Hagar & The Circle last night

    while i much prefer Dave and his solo stuff blowes sammys output away.. you cannot deny sammy has an awesome voice the cat can really beller in the holler and sammy has a pretty good pedigree with montrose hes great his schtick with the drinking was a real sore point with van halen while he...
  17. soulohio

    essential echo and the bunnymen?

    what discs are essential echo and the bunnymen?
  18. soulohio

    BOSS KATANA 刀 amplifiers

    I play all pedals with the street cube ex into the clean amp setting
  19. soulohio

    Custom pickups vs Gibson Burstbucker Pros

    i bought a BB Pro bridge at a dealer it is upotted sounds like John Hooker I love it a bit hairy for Jimmy Page but nice grunt
  20. soulohio

    Anyone do business with 'the Axe Palace'???

    sop for Reverb will never use them
  21. soulohio

    Aerosmith - Rio 2017

    pissy new aero setlist
  22. soulohio

    Aerosmith - Rio 2017

    steven tyler rawk gawd
  23. soulohio

    BOSS KATANA 刀 amplifiers

    can the katana do stoner rock ala electric, matamp, ampeg
  24. soulohio

    Space Rock Trippy Video! - "Baggage Claim" by Stone Driver

    yea man!!! the stoner psy scene is so great you could be 100 years olde and as long as you can cut it you can get a gig i wanna be in your band

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