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  1. zhivago

    What are your thoughts on the Gretsch Penguin?

    I had a Vintage Select one for a while, but eventually moved it on. I loved the sound of the TV Jones pickups. The construction of the guitar was perfect in every way, and it played itself literally. It was resonant and fairly loud acoustic. Why did I move it on? The neck. Mine was just huge...
  2. zhivago

    The way the solo kicks in at exactly 3:09 in Cherub Rock

    Cherub Rock is the only solo ever, that I bothered to learn note-for-note. :cool:
  3. zhivago

    NGD: 2008 SG Classic

    They are out there, my brother's is a lefty. :cool:
  4. zhivago

    NGD: 2008 SG Classic

    My brother has one of these, he loves it! :cool:
  5. zhivago

    With so many good sounding pedals, have you made a 2nd pedal board?

    In my defence, one is for particular sounds I need for a music project/band I am in, and the other is just to play along to my favourite records.
  6. zhivago

    How many 1952 Les Paul Goldtops were made?

    Not that I know of.
  7. zhivago

    Tele into RAT guys, share your setups!

    I was at that show, it was AMAZING! :cool:
  8. zhivago

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    I snapped a quick photo of my two pedalboards together... :cool:
  9. zhivago

    What's in the mail?

    It sounds so great! I've wanted one for ages. It is not as high gain as my Model H, but it still gets pretty hairy! :cool:
  10. zhivago

    What do YOU do to a Vintage guitar when you first get it to make it playable?

    A refret + setup is something I factor in every time I buy one.
  11. zhivago

    What pedal do you own 2 of?

    I also have two Mini HOFs :cool:
  12. zhivago

    Strictly Octave Fuzz

    I completely understand! They were very rare indeed...I lucked out with mine. :)
  13. zhivago

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    The arrival of my second DMM meant that I managed to complete my "Home Board" today...all my favourite pedals ever, on one fun board. :cool:
  14. zhivago

    Strictly Octave Fuzz

    Wow! yellow sparkle Octane!!! Super-rare!! it matches my Nano amp!
  15. zhivago

    Talk me out of selling my 2000s EHX DMM.

    Put it this way, if you do sell it and regret it a year on, you will definitely pay more to get another. This happened to me years and years ago, but with a silver Klon Centaur. Thought I was done using it as I was more about plugging in straight to a Tweed Deluxe which gave me all the OD in...
  16. zhivago

    NGD: 1960 Gretsch 6131 Jet Firebird

    If I could add a fifth vintage guitar to my small collection, it would be a guitar like this. Very, very cool! :cool:
  17. zhivago

    Which Big Box DMM to get?...

    I have a great one from the 2000s with the detachable power supply, sounds fact I bought a second one as it's so, so good. It will live on my other board. :cool:
  18. zhivago

    How many dirt pedals is "normal" on a board?

    I have two boards at the moment. One is for playing along to my favourite records, and the other is designed solely for use in the band that I am in, writing original music. The "Original Board" has two dirt pedals: a Timmy and a BJFE EGDM. The Timmy is my low gain sound, the EGDM stacks into...
  19. zhivago

    EBS patch cable reliability?

    I have a few of the standard ones...about maybe 15 of them, and one went bad just being on my board, with no stress or moving around...a bit disappointing, but the rest of them have been a-ok. I bought all of them at the same time, and the breakdown occurred about a month and a bit in.
  20. zhivago

    P90s: Staple vs Pole?

    Staples are very powerful pickups, mine is waaaay louder than the P90 on my bridge. I have the staple's magnets way down to balance it with the P90.
  21. zhivago

    Desert Island..u got 1 fuzz pedal to take...??

    This little guy would keep me good company...
  22. zhivago

    I’ve rediscovered the SG

    I love three pickup SG Customs...if you want to lower the middle pickup a bit further, you could swap the neck pickup ring with the middle one, this will give you a bit more room. :cool:
  23. zhivago

    What pedals have you bought in 2020?

    I went a bit FX crazy this year... Analogman Bicomp BJFE Emerald Green Distortion Boss DC-2 Dimension C Boss GE-7 Equalizer Electro-Harmonix Freeze Monster Effects Swamp Thang MXR 6 Band EQ Timmy v1 HOF Mini Walrus Audio Fathom... ...and I just bought a second Deluxe Memory Man. :oops: :cool:
  24. zhivago

    $10,000 guitar gifted to Michael Lemmo from a fan at Norman's Rare Guitars.

    It couldn't have gone to a better guy. :cool:

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