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  1. J

    Compressor Pedal for Bass

    +1 for the BBE Opto Stomp. Doesn't color your sound or suck low end as mention earlier.
  2. J

    how many basses do you have/want?

    For about 12-14 years I rotated between an American Standard Jazz, E.B. Musicman and an Ibanez ATK300 that I used for practices. I sold the Musicman a couple of years ago when temporarily quit playing. I started playing again and decided to try an American Standard P-Bass after watching...
  3. J

    Look at what I won tonight!

    Woow, that's awesome.... congratulations
  4. J

    P-Bass..... swweeeet

    Got to play my first major (for me) gig with my P-Basses last week. Man, I'm loving them..... I think the sound man did to. I recorded from the mixer and there was a ton of bass in the mix :-) My only mistake may have been going to heavy on the compression. The sound was a little flattened...
  5. J

    P-Bass..... swweeeet

    Well my lovely Jazz bass is gone but now I have two beautiful black American Standard P-Bass. One with a Rosewood fretboard and flats the other with a Maple board and round wound srting.
  6. J

    P-Bass..... swweeeet

    Well looks like I've found a trade for my Jazz bass. I'll miss it because it's the first good bass that I bought new. I selected it and paid extra to get a solid Ash body and clear finish (it's a beauty). But I think I'll be better served with two P-Basses. The trade will get me another...
  7. J

    P-Bass..... swweeeet

    During my last 13 year stretch of playing bass I used a Fender American Jazz with solid ash body, EB Stingray and an Ibanez ATK300 (very good bass). They are all very good basses I stopped playing bass for a couple of years and I'm just getting back into it now. I sold the Stingray (ATK300...
  8. J

    This is as old school as I can get on bass

    Congratulations Brian. Thanks for the examples of transportation methods. Maybe there is hope for me yet. I tried a fretless Musicman Sterling a while back and was actually surprised at how well things were going...... until I started to concentrate on my pitch too much. :-)
  9. J

    This is as old school as I can get on bass

    I've thought about trying one. I have a friend who's a pretty good singer and acoustic guitar player. We've played in a classic rock band but I've often thought I'd like to try some mellow stuff with him on acoustic guitar using a double bass. Just one question; how do you transport those...
  10. J

    Nuther,Nuther,Nuther, Pawnshop Score !!!

    Wooooow......... what a great deal. I'd love to try one of those.... very cool.
  11. J

    tube vs. solid state bass heads

    I think a compressor is a must with a SS amp. It smooths out the sound and also helps make sure you avoid clipping which is a sick sound with most SS amps. The dynamic response (compression) is what makes tubes so great to play through. The tube amp responds to your playing were SS just...
  12. J

    You're The One I Want--bass line

    That is a classic bass tone for sure and great bass line. For 15 years I alternated between a Jazz bass and Musicman. I had a Precision back in the mid 70's but really never cared for the sound too much. I just bought a used 2005 American Precision and immediately put flats on it. Now I'm in...
  13. J

    Let's See Your Bass Amps!!

    My current amps; 1964.... meet 2010, I gigged with this for 12 years.... too heavy now!!!
  14. J

    Jazz or P-Bass?

    I currently own both an American Standard P-bass and J-bass. For the last 12 years I played the US J-Bass, an EB Stingray and an Ibanez ATK300. The Stingray was a nice bass but I decided to sell it because the Ibanez ATK-300 was a pretty good copy of the Stingray. Actually the only time I got...
  15. J

    Show/Post Your Bass Pedalboard

    IMHO, That soundblox stuff looks pretty amazing. This is the first time I've seen this brand and it looks like good stuff for a reasonable price...... based on YouTube clips.
  16. J

    Show/Post Your Bass Pedalboard

    Sweet and simple. I'm so old, if I had more pedals I'd forget what they're for anyway :-) ----> BBE Opto Stomp compressor ----> Ibanez Phat Hed ----> Boss Volume Pedal ----> Radial Eng. proDI ----> Amp and PA The tuner is connected to the volume pedals tuner output so it is not in the signal...
  17. J

    Advice for guitarist playing bass

    IMO, Keep your notes clean..... and I'm not referring to tone. I'm always muting unused strings with my left hand when ever possible. For me at least, bass is about being precise, tight and clean. Clean simple lines make for better groove glue than pretend guitar licks :-) You can't over...
  18. J

    Finally found exactly what I was looking for.

    Finally found exactly what I was looking for: For twelve years I hauled around an Eden 410XLT cab (98lbs) and a Peavey Firebass 700 head (50+ lbs) I quit playing about 2 1/2 years ago and part of the reason was getting tired of moving equipment. Well I'm all fired up about playing bass again...
  19. J

    Looking to go rack. Tube preamp recommendations?

    I had a Mesa Boogie Studio preamp and the clean sound was really incredible.
  20. J

    What are you using as a bedroom/practice amp and why?

    I use my Cube 60. It easy to grab and the built in effects are tolerable enough for experimenting. I also have a Zoom H4 recorder which I can use with headphones and throw on record if I've got something interesting happening :)
  21. J

    SX Tele- My make over

    Great looking guitar.... I'd like to have a Tele with a HB at the neck. That might be a great guitar to mod.
  22. J

    Help! Need a Cheap Guitar

    You could find one of the Ibanez solid body guitars (strat like - I have an EX series) for $200 or less and they are great guitars. The one I have is about 15 years old now and still has a nice straight neck that plays beautifully. It was actually my sons guitar and he always claimed he like...
  23. J

    Best Vintage Telecaster Year?

    I love the 52 reissue. I don't own one (I have a Hamer U.S.A. T51) but I had a chance to borrow one for a while about 10 years ago and it was the lightest and warmest sounding Ash bodied guitar I have tried. I'm playing solo chord/melody Jazz standards mostly on a Gibson ES-165 these days but...
  24. J

    Help! Need a Cheap Guitar

    Those prices at rondomusic are rather incredible for what you get (or what's advertised :) ). Very nice looking Strat (SST57) with Alder body for $100??. How do they find a piece of wood that size for $100 :huh Then they have to add a neck and electronics geeez.
  25. J

    Best modeling combo for warm and non-digital tones

    The Roland Cube 60 has a pretty strong following. I have one and love it. Either the Roland or a Tech-21 Trademark 60. If one of those don't work for you then you really want a Tube Amp :huh

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