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    La Cabronita Especial Clone

    Very nice. Bob is great to work with. My Logans are solid players ! JJ
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    Shopping for a new T-Style. What would you suggest?

    I've had great luck with Logans. I have 4 of them. JJ
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    Anyone have any experience with Logan Customs?

    I have had great luck with my Logan's. Very Sweet ! JJ
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    Reccomend me a Tele brand

    They sound better than the "shiny" guitars. The finish breathes. They are player guitars. I love 'em ! JJ
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    My Logan Custom tele and I

    Isn't it strange how nobody seems to hear you when you mention logan ? Great axe. JJ
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    Difference between super reverb and twin reverb?

    The amps are not even close to being the same. Scooped mids & piercing treble are shared attributes. There are lots of 10's that will give more bottom & less harsh treble. I'd rather have a Tweed Bassman than either amp. JJ:hide
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    What travel guitars am I missing?

    I built one with a USACG neck (25 1/2" scale) and their "little" bodies. JJ
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    Compensated Tele saddles?

    I've got Vintique,Barden,& Callaham. I like the Callaham. JJ
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    Wiring 2 P-90s

    I have a 4 way on my 2xP90 Tele. 500k pots. .01 tone cap 200pf treble retention cap. JJ
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    Please explain the pluses of handwired amps

    All my amps are PTP MUST be the best ! :bong JJ
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    Teles: Thinline vs solid?

    I think the neck has more influence on the tone & snap than the body. JJ
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    Questions about the Clark Beaufort.....

    I like the 12ay7 (6072a) and I run american "pulls" from old gear and a 5v4 with a very efficient speaker. JJ
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    Solid State VS. Tube rectifier?

    Compared to a tube the SS rectumfrier is tighter & louder & more percussive. Great for country music & metal shred. JJ
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    The I scored a great tube amp under $500 thread

    I bought a '61 Brown Deluxe for $150 ! :eek: JJ
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    Questions about the Clark Beaufort.....

    "Wondering if I could run two 16ohm loads to get back to 8ohms safely?" Yes. "Is that position supposed to be standby?" Yes,he didn't want to change the vintage look. I run a Weber Blue Dog,15w,with a HUGE ceramic magnet (80 oz.w/neo helper) in mine and a 5v4 rectumfrier. Nice...
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    Can you run 6L6s in place of 6V6s or will it stress out the transformer?

    Much better to just use a more efficient speaker(s) ! JJ
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    Will a master volume amp give me saturated gain at reasonable volumes?

    That's why we buy small amps. That's a good reason to have several amps. You are playing through the LOUDEST of the tweeds and wishing it was not so loud. A 1x12,or a 2x10 would work a lot better. You can unhook one of your speakers. You can install less efficient speakers...
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    12DW7 Brown Deluxe

    So can I just use a low gain tube in the first 2 slots & then a 12at7 or 5751 or 12ax7 for the PI ? JJ
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    12DW7 Brown Deluxe

    What about v1,12ay7 v2,12ay7 v3,12ay7 12ay7 12ay7 5751 12ay7 12ay7 12ax7 So I have a long tailed pair ? JJ
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    12DW7 Brown Deluxe

    I understand what you're sayin' but why does it SOUND good ? I have 12ay7,5751,12at7,12au7,12av7,& other computer tubes to sub. It sounded good with the 12av7 and the 12ay7 in v3 as well. Maybe my Deluxe has a different kind of preamp topology ...
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    12DW7 Brown Deluxe

    If that is a bad thing then I wonder WHY it sounds so good ! JJ
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    12DW7 Brown Deluxe

    I got a humbucker guitar and am looking for some clean headroom in the 'ole Brown Deluxe. I put 12AY7's in v1 & v2 and a 12DW7 in v3. The DW has a gain factor of 100 on one side and 20 on the other. Will this hurt anything ? It sounds good and is a lot cleaner...
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    Tube Amp Backup at Gigs?

    I have extra tubes & fuses with me. If I had to I could run the pedalboard into the PA (yuck). JJ
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    Would I benefit from using a Mullard?

    Not worth it in a high gain amp. Stupid money for Tele's & Mullards. Let the Hi Fi Dweebs have 'em. Not worth it in a guitar amp. Old american ones are worth looking for. They are in organs & pa's from years gone by. JJ

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