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    Princeton Reverb vs. Deluxe Reverb Tone Difference?

    I've built a few high powered Princeton reverbs with 6L6s and larger transformers. Also built a few without tube rectifiers and up to 500v on the plates. They really sing! And believe it or not sound fabulous cranked to 10. Lovely overdrive! I used a 12"and an 8" speaker in those.
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    Who has swapped pickups in their G&L Legacy?

    I played live last night with my rewired Legacy and it was absolutely gorgeous! Articulate and chime and then I hit my drive pedal. Sweet beyond words! Never will the PTB system ever go back I this guitar!
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    Who has swapped pickups in their G&L Legacy?

    The PTB system definitely affected the tone of all three pickups and never let the pickups show their true tone. I find them to be very good now but still different enough from Fender to make them unique. Never heard any sound exactly like the ones I've tried in strats. The concept of the...
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    Who has swapped pickups in their G&L Legacy?

    I'm not sure what year mine is. It has an SD humbucker and two singles labeled G&L . Flat pole pieces. Not the best single coil tone I've heard but now the PTB is out they came to life. The original wiring was sll intact and I checked the old caps I removed with my capacitance meter and the...
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    Who has swapped pickups in their G&L Legacy?

    OK I wired it up like a normal fender strat HSS and it sounds great now. No more muffled single coils sounds and it freed up the humbucker to sound normal. I didn't change the tone pots so the bridge is still the reverse audio 1meg but it's easy to use and sounds world's better. Totally not a...
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    Who has swapped pickups in their G&L Legacy?

    Well even the humbucker is dull sounding with no chime to it. Really a dull sounds overall. Funny how the second position from the neck is chimey and lovely but none of the others. I'm pulling it apart tonight and wiring it up traditional strat style to see what the heck is going on. I love the...
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    Who has swapped pickups in their G&L Legacy?

    I have just acquired a USA legacy. HSS. The neck pickup is too dark and lacks that strat sweetness. I tried all the tone settings. Don't like it at all and that's primarily what I use in strats. Disappointed. The second position is nice and sparkly and spanky. Nice. Middle position dull and...
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    Clara Dumble ODS clone with 4 6L6wxt.. Can I run 5881's safetly?

    Well the trim pot on the back controls the gain of the second channel. Feel free to turn it and see what happens. It is based loosely on the 184 circuit but has a different phase inverter and no local negative feedback. I rather like that one in particular! I would not use 6v6's in that amp...
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    Clara Dumble ODS clone with 4 6L6wxt.. Can I run 5881's safetly?

    As the builder of that amp I can say that using 5881's is a bit risky considering NOS 5881's were rated at 400v max. The amp has about 450v on the plates. Getting silky highs from the power tunes is not where it's going to happen really. I would suggest using a better quality 6L6 tube like...
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    Let's Talk Noiseless Strat Pickups Shall We

    I have two strats: an 2010 standard with fat 50,s and a New Jeff Beck with noiseless. I find the fat 50's to be sweet as hell medium output. The noiseless in the Beck are less output and much brighter and very'very articulate.I like both very much. I tried Dimarzios in my standard and...
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    Is there any ways to run two 8 omhs speakers with my Deluxe Reverb ?

    It's all about the output transformer primary resistance. The Deluxe Reverb uses a 6.6k load on the primary which allows you to use 4,8 or 16 ohm speaker loads with no issues at all. The optimum load for a pair of 6v6's is 8k,so you will not have any issues at all. Leo Fender likely knew this...
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    Bias help, please.

    Well to start with,put your bias rite aside for now and concentrate on your negative bias voltage.Remove the tubes and rebuild the bias supply until it delivers about -35v DC.When it is,then you can pop the tubes back in and test the current. Go to and locate the...
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    After 2 pots in 1 year, done with Goodrich volume pedals

    I just got a Goodrich volume pedal on the bench to change a scratchy pot. Funky string setup! Incidentally they use a sealed pot from PEC Canada.The pot itself is top quality but there have been stories about them still getting dust inside. After seeing how well made those pots are...
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    Reverb Tank cardboard... no, not kidding

    OMG! You guys are so closed minded! Rattling springs = unwanted noise.Put the tank in a padded bag= less noise.Good dog. Earlier Fender's had wood under the tanks that was spaced a 1/4 away with small wood spacer strips and the tank was screwed onto that and the put in a padded bag...
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    Fender cabinet construction

    Funny,I have yet to see an MDF baffle on any Blackface Fender amp.All the way into 1968.Believe me I have worked on hundreds of them,replacing grille cloth and speakers.I'm not trying to doubt the info given here,just noting my experience.All the amps that had removable baffles were made of...
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    DC on volume pot fix?

    A) clean the controls with control cleaner B) replace the treble capacitors.Usually 250pf/400v-630v AND WHICH ONES WOULD THOSE BE EXACTLY?
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    Vibrolux Reverb build - problems

    Did you try another set of power tubes?
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    Tung-Sol 6V6 quality issues

    Hmm. They run pretty hard in a Deluxe Reverb with over 400v.Most Tweed Deluxe amps are well under 400v.They obviously have factory quality control issues.They can't take the current or the voltage it seems.Some not all. I have had nothing but trouble with new Tung Sol tubes over the years...
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    dropping resistors?

    Install a mosfet circuit to drop the voltage that way.Easy,cheap,reliable.Done.
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    Mesa Subway Static Riddle?

    Change the tubes one at a time with new ones.You do have spares on hand,right? If not,you should have.
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    Circuit Issue with a Fender Hot Deluxe III

    Fender doesn't care.Simple. To the OP: you've got pretty sensitive ears my friend!! Hearing resistors rattle? Wow! Silicone will work just fine.
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    Fender Deluxe cap values

    I doubt that. More likely the tech assumes that the 33uf caps are closer to the old 25uf caps just by one random measurement. I have never used larger that 25uf caps and never noticed any tone change from the stock amps. I say another old wives tale.And after checking umpteen dozen Fender...
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    Hiwatt fixed bias

    No it's not an easy addition at all.The stock bias supply can only provide about -37v of bias voltage.The only way is to build a new bias supply with a doubler so you can get the needed negative voltage so you can use modern tubes. Not hard to do,but not easy either.You need to add a full wave...
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    Changes between an original '65 Princeton Reverb and the reissue. Go!

    I find the biggest difference is indeed the transformers.They are made in China these days for Fender and I am not a big fan of them at all. I swap out tubes,speaker and output transformers on the PRRI and they come to life.Other than maybe a couple of better quality tone caps in the signal...

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