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    help: my strat doesn't quack!!

    Have you measured the pots?
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    Has Gorgomyte Gone Off The Market?

    Thanks guys. It's sad that Jimmy Johnson has passed away. I hope he passed with the knowledge of how many people loved his invention!!! I can't wait to polish my frets with his cloth every time I change strings. I have used the GHS brand stuff and found it to be the same. That Miracle Cloth is...
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    Has Gorgomyte Gone Off The Market?

    Hey guys, Does anyone know if Gorgomyte is no more? I have tried to find it online: Stewmac says not available, other string vendors don’t even list it. I really hope not, it’s the best fret/fretboard cleaner I’ve used... Any info is appreciated.
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    New Charvel Pro Mod DK24 2pt guitars coming in Oct

    Do these come with a case?
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    Weird string issue...

    Maybe a loose screw anywhere on the guitar from tuners to backplate?
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    The nicest Gibson semi hollow I have ever seen.

    I have one in faded cherry red with a bigsby. It’s my No. 1. A fantastic instrument. That one above is stunning!
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    Johnny A's new fly rig

    There is no modelling in a g-system.
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    Helix FX with Mesa Lonestar

    I have a Lonestar Classic Head. I have never experienced tone suck and have used a G System with the amp for years. This is a piece of gear that ‘so many people had tone suck problems with’. A couple of questions: Can you play a guitar? Can you set up a rig? If you answer yes to these...
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    10-37 gauge string for Strat.....

    I always use 10-52 on both Fender and Gibson. I find that it reduces buzz on the bass strings. Interested by the comments about lightening up a dark neck pickup. I have a Strat that might benefit from trying this. Do you have the bass side action a bit higher to reduce buzz?
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    are 1.5 steps on high E bound to throw the tuning off a bit?

    Could be nut slots but just as likely how you put the strings on and how you tune up the guitar. And fwiw a binding nut often plinks while tuning. You really have to tune strings up to pitch. If the note is sharp when tuning and you unwind the string down to pitch you will slacken the winds on...
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    Helix update today????

    So happy to hear that. It’s my real world amp so I can’t wait to try it :-)
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    Thread for the new Helix firmware discussion - we got the dirt!

    Do we know if the Lonestar is the Classic or the Special? I play through the Classic... I have been waiting about 10 years for this!!! Thank you Helix Team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Line6 releasing HX Effects at NAMM & more stuff in 2018!!!

    Aren’t Cabinet sims (simulations?) and cabinet IR’s different by their very nature? I thought cab sims were a digital recreation of what a particular cab sounds like when captured by a particular mic, both of which are coded. An IR is a frequency sweep of a reverb tail that comes through an...
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    Line6 releasing HX Effects at NAMM & more stuff in 2018!!!

    I’d love to see/hear that
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    Hanging Wall Mounts/Brackets for Guitars

    I have a string swing mounted into a stud but would be perfectly comfortable with most guitars into gyprock/drywall with two plugs. I have used them for pictures and whatnot and they are fantastic.
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    Wes working with a session band

    That’s really awesome, thanks for posting!
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    Who makes the absolute best custom hard shell guitar case.

    I have one of these for my classical guitar. You can have them custom made for your guitar. Amazing case, light weight, well padded and extremely strong.
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    Helix FW 2.21 "cf" Axe 9.00 Beta .... AC15 & Plexi .... super quick and short audio comparison ..

    From Ben's recording, I think the Helix is markedly better on each setting.I'm listening on Beyer Dynamic DT 900 Pro cans...
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    Helix FW 2.21 "cf" Axe 9.00 Beta .... AC15 & Plexi .... super quick and short audio comparison ..

    Hey djd100, Thanks for that clip. Is that you playing and recording? Do you know if that is a pure signal path: mic > interface > DAW > hi res output (although it is through youtube)? If yes, a couple of questions: What mic/s did you use? What interface? What DAW? I think that modelling...
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    Helix vs G-System for effects only?

    I have a Gsys and was running it 7 cable method into boogie Lonestar and Express 5:25. Sounds amazing, no tone suck issues, solid as a rock. I have a Helix and it is far superior. Even with preliminary testing I immediately was more turned on. Being able to switch in preamp models sounded...
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    Helix LT - should I or shouldn't I?

    Man, I thought Helix LT was an April Fool's joke. Turns out to be legit and awesome. Apart from reduced ins/outs and no scribble strips there seems to be little difference...
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    Anyone Using "Finale" Software for Transcribing/Writing?

    I am a Sibelius user but I imagine that you can input notes on the staff then select them all and copy/paste directly onto the tab staff. Finale should do all the heavy lifting for you :-)
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    Frequency cancellation when you really hit the 'Pocket'?

    I think pocket as being rhythm specific but can agree that one would assume the notes to be correct as well. Kinda like tight but super tight and seated well so that the musical output of multiple players is completely synchronised. Regarding frequency cancellation I thought that there had to...

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