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    FS Taylor T5 Standard Guitar -2016

    Selling a great condition 2016 Taylor T5 guitar aside from a cosmetic crack on the bottom that’s been professionally repaired. There is no growth or expansion, purely cosmetic. A perfect player grade. Theres some gig scars on the headstock, back and side. Comes with original Taylor case...
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    FS Boss OC-3 Octave pedal - like new

    Selling A like new Boss OC-3 Octave pedal with polyphonic tracking. comes with original box and manual. $95 shipped/PP
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    WTB Tomaszeweic TZZ-17 Amp head

    Hey looking for a tomaszeweic TZZ-17 amp head. Thanks
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    FS XTS Vintage Mostortion - owned by Lee Roy Parnell

    Agreed! It’s been a staple on my studio board for the last few years!
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    WTB Volante, Victoria reverberammo

    Looking to buy a Volante and Victoria Reverberammo - thanks!
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    FS XTS Vintage Mostortion - owned by Lee Roy Parnell

    This is the real deal. Formerly owned by Lee Roy Parnell, this is his Vintage original 1980’s Mostortion professionally rehoused by XTS. an amazing pedal that has a organic warmth that Karma and others are missing. Comes with Lee Roy Parnells original mostortion housing with his personal...
  23. 0A90A3FA-FDB9-4C89-BB99-DA56C5752EC8.jpeg


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    FS Divided by 13 JRT 9/15 Head $1875 - 6V6 & EL84

    Selling a great condition Divided by 13 JRT 9/15 A favorite Amp of Mark Lettieri, Tim Pierce, Lyle Workman, and Paul McCartney’s Rusty Anderson. It’s an amazing 2 in 1 amp with a 6V6 and EL84 power section. Absolutely no issues, all original. Amp is cosmetically 9.5/10, the Tolex seams show...
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    FS Endless summer Deluxe - Handwired spring reverb NEW PHOTOs

    Selling a excellent condition Endless Summer Deluxe Spring reverb by Recovery effects No issues, comes with PSU. $400 shipped/PP “- 2 separate hand wired reverb tanks in one - Stereo out - Hand-wired with 22AWG - NOS components - use as instrument effect pedal, line level insert on mix bus...

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