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  1. Scuttlebutt

    Anyone have any thoughts on a Gretsch G6228 Duo Jet Players Edition?

    I gigged a Jet into a Marshall for many years as my #1. Player's Edition seems to fix at least a couple of things that caused me problems: my bridge moved around too much (had to end up getting it taped down), and the Bigsby also moved around too much. If you are a gigging musician who is...
  2. Scuttlebutt

    Tweed or Marshall?

    Right now it's a Park 45, so both I guess?
  3. Scuttlebutt

    Worst voiced tube amp you've played (longer than in a store)

    I didn't play it, but I had to share a stage with a Mesa Nomad a couple of times a week for a year. Worst voiced tube amp I've heard - it was all mids all the time.
  4. Scuttlebutt

    If you're selling local (Covid Question)

    I sold an amp locally last week. He came to my house to try it out. I set the amp up in the entryway and we were both masked. He paid in cash and I washed my hands after handling it. No problems. P.S. We had a fairly long phone conversation before making the arrangements, so were both...
  5. Scuttlebutt

    Fender 7.25 vs 9.5" radius. Whats the big deal?

    I've thought about this a lot lately. There must be a reason Leo picked 7.25, despite most of the other guitars of the era have 12ish. Anyone know what went into that decision?
  6. Scuttlebutt

    What does contribute the most to a good sound on a strat?

    Interesting question. Unfortunately, I think it's the sum of the parts. Saying that one part contributes the most doesn't have a whole lot of utility.
  7. Scuttlebutt

    Speakers - "Woody" tone?

    This is an apt description, imo. It's pretty easy to get there with the neck or middle pickup on a strat and a low gain tubescreamer.
  8. Scuttlebutt

    Will Relic guitars go out of style?

    Interesting, I've had trouble finding 7.25" radius in the past, but more luck recently (7.25 to 9.5 compound at least)
  9. Scuttlebutt

    Went with intent to buy Fender CS, left wanting a production model

    I'm convinced Jimi would be playing Ernie Ball Music Man today. @vernplum have you tried them?
  10. Scuttlebutt

    Will Relic guitars go out of style?

    Seems to me that some vendors are just now getting started with the relic thing; amps included. So, no, I don't think it's going away anytime soon. But I'm happy to see Fender Custom Shop doing more "new" looking instrument lines with vintage specs.
  11. Scuttlebutt

    Newbie trying to get that 'glassy' tone from a Strat

    Lots of good advice so far. Glassy does not necessarily mean a lot of treble, it's about the relationship between the frequencies. So, yes rolling the volume knob of the guitar down a bit can help, along with raising the treble of the amp and scooping the mids a bit. Another way to achieve your...
  12. Scuttlebutt

    My Strat neck pickup tone is weak!

    Yep, definitely. But because there are several variables involved - different players preferring different string gauge, action and relief - one could potentially run out of room for moving saddles.
  13. Scuttlebutt

    My Strat neck pickup tone is weak!

    If the pull was not taken into account when initially setting up the guitar then it may be a non-issue. But if the initial build took the pull into account then lowering the pickups too much could make intonation difficult.
  14. Scuttlebutt

    My Strat neck pickup tone is weak!

    Great post! I think the most important points are 1.) explore how technique effects tone (eg different pick materials and gauges as well as finger pads, strength of attack, angle of pick, etc.) and 2.) get a tweakable tubescreamer like the Green Rhino. The only point I disagree with is the...
  15. Scuttlebutt

    Anyone else ask a question thru Reverb message and get a phone call?

    This. Some Reverb sellers might be too paranoid to message you about cutting out the middle-man. Also, no, never happened to me. I remember, long ago, when people weren't scared of phone calls.
  16. Scuttlebutt

    STRAT PLAYERS...What pick-up switch position do you use the most...

    Let's have some new voters/comments on this. I use all 3 standard positions nearly equally (but voted middle). I rarely use 2 and 4. To me the quack is novelty (something that provides often fleeting amusement and is often based on a theme).
  17. Scuttlebutt

    Sold Shaw Full Tilt 30 Head

    Fantastic amp with a Telecaster! Good luck with the sale.
  18. Scuttlebutt

    I'm done with the incivility on the Amps and Cabs forum

    I knew who that was immediately. :banana:banana:banana:banana:banana
  19. Scuttlebutt

    My letter to Reverb has been delivered...

    I suspect that once sales tax was implemented Reverb lost a lot of revenue; as buyers realized they could go directly to the seller's website and avoid taxes. Their strategy for making up the loss is to stick it to the private sellers who don't have their own online store.
  20. Scuttlebutt

    What's your favorite light combo for rock?

    No, it is not. It's a heavy amp.
  21. Scuttlebutt

    My attempt at an AC/DC track

    From Angus: "I just plug in and hit the thing really hard. That's my style ... or lack of one! That's why I use extra-heavy Fender picks—there's a lot of plastic in 'em so it takes longer to wear 'em out! Actually, because I'm so small, when I strike an open A chord I get physically thrown to...
  22. Scuttlebutt

    Princeton Reverb Reissue vs Milkman build quality

    Milkman Sound is a company with at least a dozen models, from a single watt to seven hundred watts. It's not a single amplifier to be compared to the PRRI.
  23. Scuttlebutt

    Has your approach to guitars changed?

    In my years as a performing musician (vocalist and rhythm guitar in a rock band) I mostly played a Gretsch Duo Jet slung low. This trained me to do a lot of playing from the elbow. As a result I could never get along with Strats because I was always hitting the volume knob. In recent years I've...
  24. Scuttlebutt

    NAD: Matchless Laurel Canyon 20w

    48 lbs. Dang, why couldn't Matchless' first 20w 6V6 amp also be their first "lighter than 40lbs" amp?
  25. Scuttlebutt

    Eric Clapton: A Tale of Two Tones

    That's the kind of stuff that had me discounting EC for most of my life. Recently I've gained a big appreciation. Tonally, I do like the cleaner, snappy stuff more...ala Riding with The King. But for all-out-riffs, it's hard to beat Cradle.

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