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    Ted Dunbars Tonal Convergance

    I would love to hear more about this. Does anyone know if this is the whole text?
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    Order of pedals on a board

    I was going wah > dirt > comp > volume > delay. Now the wah is at the end because it goes through Ableton because my wah fell off a table - BYOC Wah - and I don't know how to fix it. That'll probably be a summer project for a rainy day.
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    What key is this?

    I also find it interesting that there are some responses here that are thought out, and sound very educated and intelligent, yet they don't agree on one of the most basic of music terms.
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    What key is this?

    I definitely agree, I simply find it interesting. I actually enjoy reading about music theory in my spare time.
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    What key is this?

    And yet another post while I was writing, what kind of occupation could most likely shed light on this? Musicologist, jass professor, composer?
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    What key is this?

    Ah, new light has been shed, maybe I don't stand corrected and had it right the first time. I see two different viewpoints of the technical definition of "key". 1. Key = tonal center 2. Key = what basic scale the notes come from, basic meaning major, harmonic minor, melodic minor, or harmonic...
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    What key is this?

    So, say the chords were D7 and E7, you can use E Mixolydian b6 over it, what key would it be in then?
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    What key is this?

    Why did Jamie delete his posts?
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    What key is this?

    Yeah, one of the things I read said something along the lines of "confusing, convoluted, sure, but it is what it is."
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    What key is this?

    Based on what I read, anything that's "in the key of" F# minor is actually just the key of A, and it's just one of those things people say and understand with one another that's technically incorrect.
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    What key is this?

    Ok, I just read a bunch about it. If you're playing blues, and someone asks the key, the real question they're asking is "what's the tonal center?" even though someone says it's "in the key of", they're not correctly using the terminology when they tell you that the blues they're about to play...
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    What key is this?

    How in the world is the key A when that's not the tonal center? i understand it's the key signature of A, but if you were asking a buddy to play with you, would you really say that the progression D > E is in A? That makes no sense, there's no A chord. If the chords had their typical...
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    What key is this?

    So you're saying that this progression: A7 A7 A7 A7 D7 D7 A7 A7 E7 E7 A7 A7 isn't in the key of A? I'm not trying to figure out easier ways to think of things, this just goes back to what key progressions are in.
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    What key is this?

    Awesome, thanks Gennation! So, it's just depends on how you approach it then? Which would be dictated by the D > E progression's context. So even if it was Dmaj7 > E7, and the last chord is a D, you could say it's in the KEY of D, then right? Bascially, it doesn't matter that you would use...
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    What key is this?

    right, D and E are the 4 and 5 of A, I didn't hear him say that that is what key it's in though.
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    What key is this?

    But there's no C or C# in either chord, so it doesn't denote A major or minor as a triad. There's no A chord either. I could see the key signature of A used to cut down on accidentals, but you could just as easily say it's in F# minor then, right?
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    What key is this?

    I further think that you can easily use E Mixolydian b6 over this, and if you harmonize that scale, you get an A minor triad, which kills his argument.
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    What key is this?

    Don't worry, not SHA Progression is D > E Note choices can easily be seen as D Lydian or E Mixolydian if you want to keep the C# in your pool of notes. Got a friend saying it's still in the key of A because you use the same notes as the A major scale. I say it's in either D or E...
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    Midi controller recommendations

    For drums, lately I've been using an Alesis Control Pad, and a FS-5U for the kick pedal. Super fun, and gets the human feel.
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    need a Bass VSTinstrument! Cakewalk Studio Instruments?

    Trilian is definitely worth it. Maybe find an old copy of Trilogy?
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    Mac or PC (bad question i know)

    I recently switched to mac, love it, glad I switched. Th OS and ease of use is great. I'm really good with a PC too, just way less headaches.
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    Recording with Pedals into Fast Track Pro

    I can get some great sounds with my guitar > pedals > fast track pro. Everytime I mic the amp instead it sounds better. I go into Guitar Rig for when I'm not using a mic.
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    guitar into Mac laptop for live-studio

    I use the fast track pro, either mic my amp or go straight in after the pedals. You can get some sick sounds with NI Guitar Rig, I use it with Ableton.
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    Electronic Band Live Setup

    Midi interface, do you mean midi controller or audio interface?
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    You personal Lead Guitar "Theory" secrets

    Less notes with more confidence sounds better than the other way around. Also, playing arpeggios for chords of the relative key.

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