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    Guild F-47RE Info Please

    I was wondering if anyone on the gear page has a Guild F-47RE or has experience with one. I am considering getting one but the nearest dealer is a long way away. I want to know if I should make the drive to give one a test drive. Let me know what you think. Thanks
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    G&L Legacy Question

    Thanks RickD. Sorry about the vague description guys. I really just wanted a ballpark. Not so much the perfect price. So your estimate will do just fine.
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    G&L Legacy Question

    Im looking at selling a 1997 G&L legacy in True Blue but need help with pricing. What can I sell one at to guarantee a quick sale? I know the market is bad but how bad. Thanks for the help.
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    Mexican Strat Question

    Thanks for all the input. I dont have the case so im sure that will hurt the value a bit. From what I can tell 1990 was about the first year that the mexican start was made. Is that true? Is $225-250 to much to expect with out a case? Matt
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    Mexican Strat Question

    Thanks for the post RichieD. I just didnt know if the year changed the price that much. Matt
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    Mexican Strat Question

    I have a 1990 mexican strat that I am thinking of selling. The problem is I have no idea what it is worth. Could someone give me your thoughts of what I cant expect to get for it? Thanks Matt
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    The gear honeymoon

    I know the feeling. Your story makes me want to have a fling.

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