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  1. Deadduck

    Just Ordered Weber Blue Dog and Silver Bell for Chinese Voxac30

    Did you get the ceramic or alnico? I had a cabinet with 2 ceramic Blue Dogs. It sounded great. I'm sure it will really sound good with the Blue/Silver combo.
  2. Deadduck

    Non Vox el84 amps

    The Fender BassBreaker 15 has a nice sound. But it sounds more Marshall than Fender. Orange has some EL 84 amps that are voiced darker than your typical Vox/Marshall.
  3. Deadduck

    Talk to me about DRRIs, Bassmans, and AC30s

    I've never played through one but just a heads up, it's still a 2 EL84 amp so I don't know that it will really be much louder. Might be, not sure. I know he calls it 20 watts vs Vox calling theirs 15, but I don't think that's really much different. A buddy of mine has an 18 Watt Marshall 2xEL84...
  4. Deadduck

    Talk to me about DRRIs, Bassmans, and AC30s

    Yes, an AC-30 is HEAVY. Used to play with a guy that had an older AC-30 (Korg era I believe) and he called it "The Pig." He kept in a road case with caster wheels and just rolled it wherever it needed to go. Which was fine unless we had to go up or down stairs. Then one of us would help him...
  5. Deadduck

    Talk to me about DRRIs, Bassmans, and AC30s

    If you like the Blue sound get those. Yeah they're expensive but it's only money, right? Or heck, try an AC30 with greenbacks and see if you like them. I had a friend who had one of the newer AC30's with the Wharfdale speakers and he wound up putting in one Greenback and one Blue. It sounded...
  6. Deadduck

    Talk to me about DRRIs, Bassmans, and AC30s

    To me if you like the tones in your AC15, the AC30 would be the natural choice. Are you just running out of headroom with the AC15? I can barely get mine past 3 in my church band, but we do run a quieter stage volume that a typical bar band.
  7. Deadduck

    tech question(amp speaker load)

    I don't know anything about the particular rig in question, but don't you have to change the ohms if you pull 2 tubes out of a 100W Marshall? Could this be the reason for the apparent mismatched load?
  8. Deadduck

    20 Watt Amp with a 15 Watt Speaker Equals...

    Eh, run it till it blows. It probably won't if it hasn't already. If it does go with a Gold or a Weber Blue Dog. I think most agree that a Blue will handle more that 15 watts.
  9. Deadduck

    Tom Petty's Autopsy: Singer Died From Massive Accidental Drug Overdose

    Correct. Acetyl Fentanyl is a black market drug, NOT a prescription drug. It is a schedule I narcotic just like heroin or LSD, high potential for abuse and no medical value. Regular Fentanyl is a schedule II, in the same category as Oxycodone, which means high potential for abuse, but has a...
  10. Deadduck

    Tom Petty's Autopsy: Singer Died From Massive Accidental Drug Overdose

    Such a tragedy. I had a chance to go see him last spring in either Memphis or Little Rock, but as I've been facing health issues myself, decided not to go. Really regret that now. On the opioid issue, I can see both sides. Due to some serious medical issues and surgeries, I have had to take...
  11. Deadduck

    Gibson Acoustics are the Bomb

    This J-45 sure sounds good in the hands of the master!
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  15. Deadduck

    Gibson Acoustics are the Bomb

    Love my 2005 J-45. J45%20full_zpskqh2hzca by Deadduck posted Apr 7, 2017 at 5:28 PM
  16. Deadduck

    Questions about decoupling my amp from the stage

    Isn't that what old hymnals are for? I've actually done this. Sorry purists! :D You can use a chair. I've done it many times but that might not look too great in your church? I usually grabbed an empty chair out of the choir loft so it matched! :) OnStage, Gator, and others make amp stands...
  17. Deadduck

    80's hair metal sound - was it all JCM800 or other amps / pedals

    Wow brings back head banging memories! No idea what amps or pedals they used but this was my favorite song of theirs. About the same tone.
  18. Deadduck

    Change in tone after capo

    I love my J-45 but the tone isn't quite the same capoed up as it is open. Not as full. But some of it is probably that I'm playing in a higher key that doesn't resonate as well. I mainly use Shubb capos.
  19. Deadduck

    What strings sound like EJ-16s after 2 months?

    Strings sound different on different guitars. I use EJ-16's on my J-45 and they don't sound overly bright on that guitar when new.
  20. Deadduck

    Peerless-made MIK Epi Casino

    I have a Peerless built Casino and its a great guitar. I haven't replaced anything on it. The pickups are a little muffled sounding compared to Gibson P-90's in my 60's Tribute LP, but have plenty of snarl.
  21. Deadduck

    NGD - American Deluxe Tele

    Thanks! I have always been a believer in buying decent quality instruments for kids to learn on. I first learned on my grandpa's early 50's Gibson Southern Jumbo! I bought my daughter a Baby Taylor when she said she wanted to learn to play acoustic guitar, and I think the CV Tele will be good...
  22. Deadduck

    NGD - American Deluxe Tele

    A friend of mine has an American Special. Really good Tele! I have a Classic Vibe 50's Tele that is very traditional, and a nice guitar for the money. But I think I'm going to give it to my 12 year old son who's starting to learn guitar.
  23. Deadduck

    NGD - American Deluxe Tele

    Thanks Tom, I'm really loving this guitar. The pickups do have a little less bite than traditional Tele pickups but I don't have any problem getting good Tele tones with them. Have a good one!
  24. Deadduck

    NGD - American Deluxe Tele

    Yep! The rounded neck heel does make a difference up there. Not that I'm a guitar virtuoso by any means! And I love the compound radius neck. The back of the neck actually has a different shape, a little deeper maybe a D shape near the nut for Cowboy chords to a flatter C shape up the neck.

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