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    My RAT is DEAD -

    +1 on checking into manufacturer and/or seller for warranty, especially after a couple months of purchase. As an amateur (i.e. "not in the pedal business at all") pedal tweaker/modder/builder I think it must be a fairly simple fix- probably the switch, as noted in the first reply (but always go...
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    Sounding out of tune because I apply too much pressure

    I seem to remember sage advice in the past from Maestro Fujita recommending to visualize "no more force than holding a sheet of notebook paper". It's been many years since I have read this, but it has served me well in not just the fretting hand but also the picking hand.
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    I love that Doyle Bramhall II isn't always compared to SRV...

    I think I recall that SRV patterned his vocal style after Doyle's daddy's. Is this correct? Anyhow, yes, scary, scary close...and I love em both.
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    Why do guitarists worry so much about their playing ?

    Great story! Need to pick up that issue... As for me, I try to realize nothing I play is going to stop earthquakes, cure cancer or bring world I just try to have a good time and ride the fence between entertaining the audience and entertaining myself. If it's all clicking with the...
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    some new Eric Gales videos with the jailhouse band!

    Yeah, that off the cuff thing is why I love to hear him do Jimi's stuff- Gales' spirit is right on par with Jimi's adventurousness and Jimi's digging deep (when Jimi was on a good night). Big Eric Gales fan- thanks so much for posting these! I dug the whole band in these clips, too. I love some...
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    Any similarities between a Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ and a Dumble ODS?

    I always do, too...fascinating musician, and just a fascinating mind in general. I'd love to pick his brain about all kinds of things. Sorry for the derailment- I have nothing to add to the OP's question.
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    Al Di Meola ... best right hand ever?

    Love it! That's the spirit. Fight fire with sarcasm...
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    Al Di Meola ... best right hand ever?

    Awesome, the standard TGP clip challenge strikes again! Excuse me, I'm gonna head over to the Miley Cyrus thread and challenge the haters to post pix of themselves and see if they look as good as her. If they don't, they can shut it. If they do, I'll ignore that fact and then challenge them...
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    Al Di Meola ... best right hand ever?

    Before I pop off like I have in other threads, I'm just gonna agree with this and leave it at that....very well put, BIGGERSTAFF.
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    Al Di Meola ... best right hand ever?

    +1,000, just never ends around here, does it?
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    Great sound comes from people with great ears

    David Barber comes to mind- and I don't know him and am not affiliated or endorsed by Barber Electronics in any way. But that guy can flat-out play and I believe he gigs a lot, too. I have to say that has been very appealing to me when I've considered his products. Another that comes to mind...
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    OK say you had $724 for a new amp...

    Yes. For my tastes I might also go with a BF or early SF Bassman head. If I needed to spend that $729 for one workhorse amp for gigging, and I had no cab to play an old Fender head through but I did have some dirt pedals already, I might get a used TRRI or even better (but maybe a little...
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    My little rant on Jazz

    Absolutely love it! That's my kind of humor.
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    TGP Collective Super Chops Thread (Course Started 02/01/2010)

    I know how you feel- I had been there more than once when I did the course years ago. All I could do is try to remind myself about what Howard wrote in the foreword to the book, you know the part about the peaks and valleys. IIRC he mentions how when you're on the peak it feels great but that's...
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    Al Di Meola ... best right hand ever?

    Good Lord, I've never seen anything like that in my life!!! Unbelievable...:eek: Sure there's technique displayed, but also an unreal amount of soul. EDIT: "Soul" is kind of a strange word to use when relate to a classical guitarist, I suppose. I don't know what else to call it but he made me...
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    Great Great Great band! Gadd/Bona/Luc!

    I'm busy charting stuff out for an upcoming gig so I can't listen now, but I can't wait. Those three musicians blow my freakin' mind. PM sent, Scott.
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    Ever heard of Sid Hudson?...SMOKING TELE CONTENT!!!!

    Never heard of him before this thread, but I love the clip! Some great lines in there, gonna have to steal some. Those that know him or know of him, what's the story on him? What's up to these days?
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    How did Shred develop?

    Funny you mention that, because I was just about to post that it's my understanding that Blackmore was really influenced by Jimmy Bryant. I wouldn't doubt it at all, and I also understand the Bryant/ Speedy West guitar and steel team served as inspiration for the guitar and organ stylings of...
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    Orianthi's tone on AI...

    I have to agree- she's a total package and I feel she SHOULD be out there. If I were a record label exec I would sign her myself. And it's great for a star to take the stage and play some really good guitar, not just strum (nothing wrong with that, either, though, of course)- ESPECIALLY in the...
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    Orianthi's tone on AI...

    LMFAO- just when I got myself bent out of shape, you cracked my ass up! Genius!
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    Orianthi's tone on AI...

    What if some us do play professionally and have done big shows, live tv, etc etc? I won't even touch the ******** 99% comment. Well, yes I will- the only conclusion I draw is that those of you she can outplay gush over her, and that's fine. But don't start preaching she can outplay almost every...
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    What is it about Eric?

    LMAO- good way to put it, and more true now than ever!
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    What is it about Eric?

    Almost entirely yes...but I do know of a few hardcore country pickers who do not play ANYTHING but old school country and western swing. They are aware a guy named Clapton exists but couldn't care less as they don't and will never even listen to any of that much less play it. Clapton, Hendrix...
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    What is it about Eric?

    Standing with Scott on this worthless 2c as well, but we got 4c in the same pocket.

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