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  1. guitarfish

    Fender, uh, mistake?

    I'll check and revert back.
  2. guitarfish

    Let's see those ES-335's

    But you should definitely change that chair upholstery.:D
  3. guitarfish

    Let's see those ES-335's

    What finish is that?
  4. guitarfish

    Show me your Les Paul

    2008 LP Standard in Honeyburst. I love this thing.
  5. guitarfish

    Anti-GAS Tri-fecta Poll: The longest you've gone NOT buying, selling or trading gear?

    6-1/2 years without buying anything, until last week. :)
  6. guitarfish

    Did You Buy Any Guitars Amps & Kit During Lockdown

    Today, I bought a Fender Mustang 1 v2 amp for $139. :) I'm a big spender! I wanted a small SS practice amp.
  7. guitarfish

    Hercules Guitar stands Beware!!!!

    Not a new issue, some of their stands have this problem. One of mine did, Hercules sent a free replacement. Newer stands should be good.
  8. guitarfish

    Strat noiseless pickups

    I have these as well, for years now, and I really like them.
  9. guitarfish

    Let's see those ES-335's

    I had this 2010 Lightburst for 8 years. I knew I was going to miss it once I let it go, but my playing time has been almost nil for a few years, and with only so much coin in the till, I had to make a hard choice. 335's are just amazing. If I ever get back to playing like I used to, maybe...
  10. guitarfish

    Stones are better than the Beatles because...

    I was 10yo, 1977, and my brother's friend was staying with us for the weekend. He brought his stereo and (wait for it) 8-track tapes. I was very much into music already, but only exposed to the Top 40 stuff on the radio. I was sitting there listening to his music, and I said, "Who IS...
  11. guitarfish

    Crate V30/V32 Palomino - MODS? Not V33, V18, V50 content.

    I still have mine after all these years and it's a FREAKING GREAT sounding amp right out of the box, I don't know what the previous poster is talking about. In any case, the cable for the footswitch is not a typical instrument cable. It's been a long time so I don't remember the exact details...
  12. guitarfish

    Hang Tags & Case Candy, Important?

    I know you guys have all seen this but...the best guitars "still got the old tagger on it."
  13. guitarfish

    NGD: Wife 1, Me 0

    I'd a waited 23 hours, 'cause I'm a rebel. Well, it's been 24 hours... Pics or it didn't happen!
  14. guitarfish

    Hang Tags & Case Candy, Important?

    wookiefoot for the win. I've sold lots of stuff besides guitars over the years, where I had all original items & box/packaging. People really value that & will pay extra for it.
  15. guitarfish

    The Stones live in the 60s

    And yet I love the way he sings. :) Lots of rockers can't sing though. I still can't figure out how Bob Dylan made it.
  16. guitarfish

    The Stones live in the 60s

    That's why all those girls were screaming, they were so pissed it wasn't live. :bitch
  17. guitarfish

    The Stones live in the 60s

    Love that 60s stuff. So simple, yet so great. Tiny little drum kit. lol.
  18. guitarfish

    Dawn Of The RED!

    I love this guitar. It's an Am Series Hot-Rodded Texas Special.
  19. guitarfish

    Reverb transaction -- issue with seller

    It's good to know they don't do this anymore. Glad to be corrected on this point.
  20. guitarfish

    Guitar Centre Not Doing Well According To This

    Yeah I remember the case scam. One of the few things I bought at GC was an amp, it was a special edition Vox in one of the limited colors. There it was on the floor, no box, no paperwork. When I bought it they were scrounging around for a power cord. Meh, not how I like to buy new stuff...
  21. guitarfish

    Reverb transaction -- issue with seller

    Yeah, blame the OP, it's his fault. LOL. The seller is dishonest, tried to make a fast buck selling a demo as new, got caught, and won't act responsibly. Other than that, I'm sure he's a nice guy. Just a little shady. OP will probably be OK this time, but sometimes the sleezebucket wins...
  22. guitarfish

    Reverb transaction -- issue with seller

    This thread has been so entertaining! I love the twists and turns, ha ha!! I've never had any Reverb transactions, but I've had a few bad ones on eBay. Mostly people who's idea of "excellent" and "like new" is not the same as mine.
  23. guitarfish

    Possible causes of an overly bright Les Paul???

    I put an RS kit in my 2007 LP when I got it. The kit was called a "Treble Tamer" and was said to help overly bright guitars. It has 300K tone pots.
  24. guitarfish

    Guitar Centre Not Doing Well According To This

    What a depressing thread! First, in 20 years as a player, I've spent less than $1K at GC. I'm fortunate to have a large privately owned music store (Alto Music) an hour from me, and they have everything imaginable, including high end Gibson/Fender, competitively priced. But it's not just GC...

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