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    Big GC Buying Event?

    How is this used gear buying event any different than the other used gear buying events they hold every few months? Where in their advertisement does it say they're targeting pandemic stricken musicians who have been gigless for the past few months? Seems like it's just the author trying to...
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    Did you have difficulty picking which style to get good at?

    I didn't really choose a style of music to try and get good at. I listened to hard rock, metal, alternative, that's the stuff that I play.
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    Who says you can't wear shorts on stage...

    With the exception of Angus, every picture shown is reference as to why you shouldn't.
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    Pretty sure it's bad AC giving me Tube Amp tone issues

    There is no real "power conditioning" happening in that thing, most of them have the very same MOV that's in a standard power strip and perhaps a tiny amount of filtering. Pretty much the same thing is inside of their $200 models, with lights and a meter! It's marketing... An actual power...
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    Is a Variax a must-have guitar?

    Cool idea but I wouldn't buy one.
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    If you could only have one type of guitar?

    Strat style, HSS, flatter or compound radius fretboard...
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    How long does (did) it take you and your band to setup for a gig?

    Are these items not included in the setup time? I'd say most of us are starting the clock from when you park your car and ending it when you are tuned up and ready to go. That includes trips from the car to the venue, unpacking, running cables, etc.
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    How long does (did) it take you and your band to setup for a gig?

    We get that all the time. They're not going to throw out patrons they're making money off of so they can move tables to fit us. Intentionally taking a long time to tear down sounds like punishing yourself. I have zero desire to get home at 4am.
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    Retailers that don't post on Reverb

    My local Sam Ash does as well. Makes no difference to me, I'm not really a fan of Reverb.
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    How long does (did) it take you and your band to setup for a gig?

    We show up 45 minutes before down beat. Set up is roughly 30 minutes. That's the PA, lights, amps, the works. Tear down is roughly 20 minutes. I've never understood why it take bands 2 hours for either setup or tear down. Just in case anybody needs to hear it, the bar/restaurant/venue staff...
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    Do the Sterling MM Axis Guitars have the same Neck Profile as the US MM models?

    How about a used Axis? They used to go for around $1K, not sure if that's still the case.
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    Forearm contour a big deal to you?

    Given the choice I prefer contours but it's not a deal breaker either. I've been rocking out on my Axis for the past month or so. With that said, I wouldn't buy a Les Paul with contours if it were offered.
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    CS Strat - What is Too Heavy?

    8lbs is heavy?
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    Nut Solutions for 80’s Charvel/Jackson Model pointy headstock

    A Floyd nut is the best way IMO. Do it and be done with it...
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    Low Power Combo for Cleans

    Princeton Reverb
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    Tungsten vs Brass Sustain Blocks (Floyd Rose)

    I have brass blocks, I’ve never thought the use tungsten. Now I’ll probably order one just to give it a shot.
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    Which are your guitar manufacturers in your collection? List them here.

    Guitar and bass here... Alvarez (1) Charvel (3) Dingwall (4) Ernie Ball MM (3) Fender (5) Gibson (2) Ibanez (3) Martin (1) Mike Lull (3) Modulus (1) MusicMan (1) Sadowsky (1)
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    Transporting your guitar

    If I’m the only one handling it, gig bag all day every day. I’ve been using Mono stuff for years now and I’ve never had an issue. If someone else was doing the handling I could see a hard case being a better option.
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    Is the Dual Rectifier really that much better?

    I love the Dual Rec, but I definitely prefer the original 5150 and the Mark IV to it. I got a block letter 5150 that was my first “real” amp. It’s been the benchmark tone for what I think of with metal guitar tone. It’s just crushing. I stupidly sold it, although I do have the original 5150...
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    Fender cleans poll

    I start at 6 and tweak from there if needed.
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    How much did Wayne pay for his pre-CBS Strat?

    Great movie! I got the reference right away.
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    Tried dying the fretboard... underwhelmed w results.

    Nope, I have not. I've never looked into dyeing a fretboard though, so maybe that's why.
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    Tried dying the fretboard... underwhelmed w results.

    You used a leather dye on wood?

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