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  2. Sunburst71

    Blocking a G&L tremolo

    I attached a thin & flat piece of wood, about 2" long, to the back of the spring cavity using two tacks. The block now stops on those tacks, and the tremolo is down only. You can get these at craft stores or on Amazon. G&L Tremolo Block by Sunburst71 posted May 9, 2020 at 8:32 PM
  3. G&L Tremolo Block

    G&L Tremolo Block

  4. Sunburst71

    Scorpions documentary on Amazon Watched this last night and really enjoyed it. I think that hearing Klaus, Rudolph and Matthias speak in their native German (vs. English) brings out more of their personality. They seem like really cool guys.
  5. Sunburst71

    Singing drummers.... post your favourites!!!

    I'm gonna go with MY drummer (and singer)... Brian Plaine of The Plaine Truth :dude
  6. Sunburst71

    USB Interface ...

    Another vote for the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. I mainly run my Amplifre through it, but have also mic'd my acoustic with a condenser. Very happy with the results.
  7. Sunburst71

    Totally enjoying Richie Castellano

    I caught the last half hour or so of his show yesterday, enjoyed it very much.
  8. Sunburst71

    PSA Manlius 'Pickup Set of the Month' Deal

    Another thumbs up for his strat pickups. I have them in my PRS DC-3 and they sound fantastic.
  9. Sunburst71

    Show and Tell your No. 1

    Mine is a PRS DC3 that I put new pickups in. Very easy to play and sounds great (to me :cool:).
  10. Sunburst71

    How do you get good quality audio on iPhone?

    I use a Zoom iQ7 that has a level knob, and only use that to set the level (meaning I don't touch any audio settings on the app). Works fine with the regular iOS camera app.
  11. Sunburst71

    Whose in love with their Friedmans?

    Runt 50 head into a Celestion Neo Creamback - love it! I used to have a Dirty Shirley mini but like the Runt better.
  12. Sunburst71

    CDBaby closing their online retail store

    Another option is Bandzoogle's store functionality, if you have a website with them. No commission.
  13. Sunburst71

    Greg Koch and Josh Smith Folsom

    That was fantastic
  14. Sunburst71

    Post ONE photo from your last gig - Part 2

    Here's a video of us from last night. I'm the guitar player.
  15. Barber DD v3 pic 2

    Barber DD v3 pic 2

  16. Barber DD v3 pic 1

    Barber DD v3 pic 1

  17. Sunburst71

    Pro guitar-focused recording studio tour - pretty amazing setup

    This came through my FB feed yesterday. The tones are spectacular and the setup is very impressive.
  18. Sunburst71

    Who do we sound like to you?

    Hey, thanks for asking! We have a music player on our website, and you can also check us out on Soundcloud and Spotify . Hope you enjoy.
  19. Sunburst71

    Who do we sound like to you?

    You guys are awesome. Thanks so much for all the kind words, they really mean a lot! And, it's so interesting to see what other people hear in our music. Some of these bands I'm not too familiar with but I'll definitely check them out.
  20. Sunburst71

    Who do we sound like to you?

    Thanks everyone for your feedback, much appreciated!
  21. Sunburst71

    Who do we sound like to you?

    Hi guys, We're trying to see which other artists our music reminds people of. This is to get a baseline for the band's social media activity in the coming year. I'd really appreciate it if you could take a minute and let me know what you think. Thanks!
  22. Sunburst71

    Boss DD-200 question - does tap tempo change the tempo of the saved presets?

    Thanks guys. I looked at the manual before but the explanation there was a little cryptic.
  23. Sunburst71

    Boss DD-200 question - does tap tempo change the tempo of the saved presets?

    Hi all, I'm looking at the DD-200, and am trying to figure our whether using the tap tempo changes the tempo of the saved presets. In other words: if I save Preset 1 at 100 BPM, and then recall Preset 2 and tap 120 BPM - when I recall Preset 1 again, will it still be at 100 BPM? Thanks

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