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    Music Video Attire Question (Late ‘80s / Early ‘90s)

    OK, this probably seems like a silly question, but I’m calling on all you late ‘80s / early ‘90s hard rock veterans to help me figure this out...Anyways, I’ve formed a new group with some buddies, primarily playing just fun, balls-to-the-wall rock (VH, Crue, etc.). However, I’m not a fan of...
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    Walked away from another King's X show shaking my head

    I respect your opinion. But with that said, you might be the only person to have ever described Dug's vocals as bland. What genre are you referring to? The one thing I've always liked about King's X is that it's damn near impossible to categorize them as one genre.
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    Ty Tabor DVD

    Cool song. Carries that majestic feel that made me like King's X in the first place (especially some of the songs off the self-titled album, like "Dream in My Life," etc.).
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    Favorite 80's rock/metal album?

    Yep. Pretty close to my top 3.
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    Boston-area hard rock venues

    Hey guys, currently a student in the Boston-area. One of the things that I was looking forward to the most was the number of shows that came to the area that my hometown (Memphis) never got. Bands like UFO, Schenker, Mountain, Extreme, etc...Now it seems as if no one in that vein of music visits...
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    When did all the great players start practicing 8+ hours a day?

    I remember the summer in high school when I quit the baseball team and spent three months doing nothing but practicing my technique. I went from barely being able to play simple chord songs to playing Racer X tunes. I think this was when I was 14 or 15 (22 now). Unfortunately, the demands of...
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    How great is Garth Brooks?

    Absolutely. He needs to quit the lame attempts at comedy and just sing and play.
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    Any AVICII love over there?

    Yep. I'm a college student, and EDM is the definite music of choice for our bigger parties. Granted, the EDM/electronic scene has grown increasingly commercialized, but there's still a lot of cool work being done (Audien and Flume are two current favorites). Always fun to watch the evolution of...
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    Any love for Keith Urban??

    Love Keith Urban. Great pop songs, as well as killer chops and tone.
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    Thoughts on Dream Theater's new album.

    My favorite DT albums are Images and Words and Awake. Those albums, in my opinion, have a much less sterile vibe than their newer works. Honestly, I think this has a lot to do with Kevin Moore. I liked his more melodic, atmospheric style way better than Rudess's contributions. I used to listen...
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    Any fans of Survivor or Jimi Jamison here?

    My dad always talks about going to see Target back in the day. I have the Cobra album too and enjoy Jamison's voice on it. He still does some occasional stuff (charity shows, etc.) around here.
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    Controlling volume of powered speakers externally?

    Hey guys, My organization just purchased two JBL PRX615M powered monitors and a JBL PRX618S-XLF powered subwoofer to be used for music playback at functions (parties, etc.). These have replaced an old set of passive JBLs (suspended from the ceiling) that are powered by a Crown XTi 1000...
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    Where are Les Pauls made?

    Gibson makes their semi-hollows and hollows in Memphis. Les Pauls are made in Nashville.
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    George Lynch or Warren DeMartini

    Love 'em both, but I gotta go with Warren on this one. More soul, better grooves to my ear. Always seems to play in the pocket so well.
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    Best concert you've ever been to

    Toss-up between Alice in Chains in 2007, UFO in 2008, or King's X in 2009.
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    What are 21-30 year olds wanting to hear when they go out?

    Eh, I don't know. I'm 20, and I don't see much true appreciation for live music and/or musical variety among most of my peers. True, some will venture out to an occasional [insert hip indie/jam band] show, but it's more of an image thing at that point.
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    Just discovered Walter Trout- what a blues catch (SRV-Bonamossa fans)

    Love Eric Gales. Much love for my hometown guitar hero. Too bad he doesn't hang out here much anymore.
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    Deep Purple: Come Taste the Band

    Great album. Bolin is a very tasteful player, and his work with DP is often under-appreciated. Also, I wouldn't be so quick to write off "80s Whitesnake." The Ready an' Willing lineup might as well have been a Deep Purple side project, considering that Jon Lord and Ian Paice were also in the...
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    New project with Eric Gales, Dug Pinnick, and Thomas Pridgen

    Found out via Eric Gales' Facebook page. This should be killer. My hopes are high. Always had hoped to see my hometown hero play with the frontman of my favorite band ever. From the picture's caption: Magna Carta records has put together a truly special project this year. Arranging three of top...
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    Best '80's ROCK Bands

    King's X or Badlands
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    Pink, yes Pink, doing Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

    Justin Derrico. Awesome player. rybH_-mvQJw
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    Berklee guitarist auditions for Lady Gaga's touring band..interesting read

    Derrico sounds like a shredder to me. And a damn good one at that too.
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    Chill Music: Anyone here like it?

    Beat me to it. Not only do I think of BoC when I think of "chill," I think of this particular track. Funny that, among all the guitar-oriented "Top Played Artists" on my account, BoC sticks out like a sore thumb. They are certainly in my top five musical artists.
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    Schenker/Roth/West- UPDATED AGAIN- Several shows "Postponed"

    Sucks. I was looking forward to going to this show (I just moved to Cambridge for school). We never get these kinds of bills in Tennessee.
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    saddest guitar solo ever?

    The saddest, most lamenting solo that comes to mind is Ty Tabor's solo in "Life Going By" by King's X. It completely captures the essence of wistfulness.

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