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  1. Brett Valentine

    Mooer Yellow Comp crapped out.

    I've got a Yellow Comp on my board. Love the tone, but I'm definitely looking to replace it with a Diamond Comp jr in the near future (just for "reliability/durability peace of mind").
  2. Brett Valentine

    Best picture of you when you were young, playing guitar

    Also a shot just out of High School(1976). Buddy of mine took the shot (we were both yearbook photographers, and he had a darkroom set up in his bathroom). She's a good friend (also played guitar) sitting on top of my Earth G-2000 (2x12 cab, blue sparkle "banana seat" upholstery), Univox...
  3. Brett Valentine

    The Zvex Mastotron Thread

    I've had the Mastotron for a while now, and have loved its deep bottom and ratty, spitty fuzz tone (posted earlier about using it as part of a Metheneyesque GR-1 synth sound). Haven't used it for a while, but it has found it's way to the front of my gain pedals and pushes them ALL into nice...
  4. Brett Valentine

    Fender MTG Tube Distortion Pedal

    Yup! Bought one during the Christmas holiday. Tried oue out in the store with a Tele into a Fender amp. It took only about 30 seconds to dial in a tone I liked, and proceeded to play for about 5 minutes before buying it. It definitely feels voiced for Fender amps. The bottom remains tight...
  5. Brett Valentine

    How come bass players never get charged with overplaying?

    I remember one band situation (casual jam band) where I was introducing a song idea, and no more than a few measures in, the bass player insisted that the bass part needed to be a lick of his that he liked to play. . . A nice lick, but harmonically, it brought the line to a firm end, and he...
  6. Brett Valentine

    Your thoughts on Carvin

    This one got played SERIOUSLY hard in the late 90's
  7. Brett Valentine

    Can Somebody Tell Me About This Pedalworx Pedal?

    Not the same as the TTS, but I still own 2 Tour Pro Toggles (one pretty early one that's something special) and they're not going anywhere!
  8. Brett Valentine

    Your thoughts on Carvin

    in the 90's I bought a DC-135T and a DC04-400T. The 135 was all Koa, and very responsive, effortless, and sounded pretty great (higher gain sounds). The 400 was heavy, a thicker neck, and sounded and felt a bit lifeless, but it was pretty, and the action was just as great. I replaced the...
  9. Brett Valentine

    Suggestion on Fralin Humbuckers

    I don't want to go "full single coil" feel, just not woofy (mahogany body).
  10. Brett Valentine

    Talk to me about fitting Baritone in the mix

    B to B bartone? When I use it to thicken chords, I tend to put a lot of space between the bottom string and the rest of the chord. Eg. playing an open G chord shape ( 6th string root, 5th string third, 1st string tonic) The 6th and 5th strings sound a bit muddy together, especially when...
  11. Brett Valentine

    Suggestion on Fralin Humbuckers

    I've got a Cort M520 with a Lollar Low wind Imperial in the neck position that sounds absolutely woofy in that guitar (the regular Imperial in the bridge is absolutely "magic" and complements my Tele nicely), so I might have to look at Fralins again.
  12. Brett Valentine

    Overdrive that can be used to boost a dirty amp, but also as a stand-alone medium OD into a clean amp?

    Tumnus Deluxe! You get the Klon low gain thing, turn up the gain (past 3:00), flip the "more gain" switch, dial back the mids a bit (the more gain you add, the more they are emphasized), and you just might be "there."
  13. Brett Valentine

    Wampler Euphoria?

    While it didn't work with my current rig, the Tumnus (Deluxe) pushing the Euphoria is a winning combination. The bottom end can be a little thick even with the bass control all the way off. Right now, I have it with the toggle in "smooth" and the tone at around 10:00 - 11:00, gain maxed...
  14. Brett Valentine

    Is there a Capo that actually works?

    Used to use the Shubb exclusively on all my guitars, but now, I prefer the Dunlop Victor capo (usually the curved one, but they also make a flat one. It bypasses the adjustable clamp mechanism for just an adjustable screw. I was floored by how much I prefer it to the (I thought) unbeatable...
  15. Brett Valentine

    Have you ever had 2+ compressor pedals on at the same time?

    I tend to run 2. The one at the the end of the gain pedals is an optical compressor (Going to put the White Horse on one pedalboard, and have the Yellow Comp on the other) set for moderate compression to even out the extremes ()think more like a studio compressor), and that sounds good for most...
  16. Brett Valentine

    Finally got rid of my Fuzz Factory

    Tried one out a while ago! I loved the idea of it and the wildness, but for a live rig, I really needed stability and predictability more (especially if a knob got bumped). I refrained until I happened to see the Mastotron which feels more like a "saddle broken" FF with just enough funkiness to...
  17. Brett Valentine

    Best picture of you when you were young, playing guitar

    Summer of '76, just out of high school (graduation present in hand) 2nd real serious band (camp counselor during the week, all day rehearsals all weekend). Closest I came to "making it." Our band was set to be signed (in fact, we were literally shopping around deals). I had to choose...
  18. Brett Valentine

    Have you ever found a picture of an old pedalboard of yours...

    Februry 2002, first "pedal board" after moving away from rack mount based effects. Still have all of those pedals. . .
  19. Brett Valentine

    How about, "the audience doesn't care what guitar, amp, pick, tubes, etc. you're using(!)"

    I worked with a keyboardist who told me he didn't hear any difference between my choice of overdrives (one was a Barber LTD, the other was an MI Audio Tube Zone . . . yeah, this was a while ago). There was a pretty big difference in gain, and the Tube Zone was set up to sound more "Dual Recto."...
  20. Brett Valentine

    Mooer Radar Speaker Cab Simulator

    My OEM power supply is 12v 1A. Figured the 200 extra mA was a good cushion. Main reason for choosing the 202
  21. Brett Valentine

    Mooer Radar Speaker Cab Simulator

    I'm powering mine with a Caline CP-202 power supply at 12v 500mA and it's just negligibly warm. Nothing that would have drawn my attention if I weren't looking for it specifically.
  22. Brett Valentine

    What pedal can make a guitar sound like an oboe?

    I think a good place to start is with getting the pickups out of phase. That will get you a lot closer (depending upon your pickup combination). From there, some smooth compression, a little fuzz, a little od, and a little eq if necessary.
  23. Brett Valentine

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    It's nice and smooth with pretty good touch dynamics, and has that emphasized midrange it's supposed to. I pulled it from that board in favor of the Ecstasy which has a more neutyral midrange. Right now, it sits in the pocket of my Tele's gig bag with a One Spot as one "just in case jam...
  24. Brett Valentine

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    Compared to my main gigging board, it IS small. You see the quotes? When it started out, it looked like this: As time went on, I found I was using it more, and was using my POD HD500 for the amp modeling and volume pedal. Got tired of carrying a bunch of stuff and the set up times, so I worked...
  25. Brett Valentine

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    My “small grab-n-go” main board has changed a little bit. The TC Electronic PolyTune3 mini remains my first pedal (buffer on). The first change was moving the ZVEX Mastotron fuzz from my “FX” board to the main board. I found I was pulling the other board all the time just to get to the fuzz...

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