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    MF Fender Fridays -- Thread for the latest deals

    This is killing me! I literally said to myself about an hour ago while browsing one of the guitar sites that I wouldn't be buying another Strat because I really need to sell some guitars, not buy more. I just ordered an SRV for $999. I can't for the life of my understand that discount, but...
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    Can I get a decent jazz guitar for $500 or less?

    If you can afford one of the ArtCore Customs (perhaps on ebay), they are absolutely amazing. I love them so much I've collected about seven of them. Seriously, I can't believe how good they are for twice the price.
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    NGD - USA Production Charvel

    Congrats - these are great guitars. I had the San Dimas Style 2 (Tele) and sold it. I now have a SoCal in Candy Plum (Purple) and a San Dimas Style 1 in slime green. I almost went for the yellow, but there was only one slime green left and there is just something about that color!
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    Who here has more than one of the same model guitar (e.g. strats, LP, etc..)?

    At one point I had around thirty Teles. I've sold about half of them and now have four or five Strats as well. What can I say? I'm a massive GAS sufferer!
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    So, Stratocasters, I want one! Idea's?

    +1 on the AVRI. I've owned a bunch of Strats over the years and I recently picked up an AVRI62. It is easily the best Strat I've played.
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    Bill Nash Guitars Anybody??

    I had a Nash and several CS Teles. I sold the Nash. There is no comparison in quality and playability. The Nash wasn't a bad guitar, it just can't compare to the Custom Shop.
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    Gibson man wanting to buy his first Tele...PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    The American Standard is a great place to start. I love the neck, pups and bridge. If you want more of a vintage vibe, consider either a Baja or a Classic 60's.
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    Best new Fender Tele with vintage flavor in the $500 - $1200 range?

    Blonde Baja. The neck is on the large side, which I love. Unless you have really small hands, these guitars are awesome! Great pickups as well.
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    Do any of you play only for yourself?

    I totally there. I only play around the house and am a massive GAS sufferer. I've bought two guitars... today! But I'm changing over my collection, so I guess that's okay. :messedup
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    Tried the Vintage Vibe Strat; frets are enormous; is that vintage?

    Wow - you guys are harsh! I picked up one of the 60's CV's and it is an amazingly great guitar, especially for the money. It isn't as good as my AV62, but it holds its own. I think that, if you really expect everything to be totally vintage correct for $350, you're being pretty unrealistic.
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    Eric Clapton Strat Question

    I don't have the measurements from a Clapton Strat, but Warmoth has a "Clapton" neck profile that I've used on several builds and it feels just like the signature Strat. It measures: 1st Fret - .835" 12th Fret - .910"
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    What's the most versatile electric guitar?

    The "Twisted Tele" is a neck pickup made by the Custom Shop. It comes standard in the Baja Tele and a few Custom Shop models. It is probably the best sounding Tele neck pickup I've heard yet. The Nocaster is a particular model made by the Custom Shop. It has a huge neck and they tend to be...
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    Jackson Randy Rhoads Limited Pinstripe V?

    I bought number nine of the twenty-five anniversary editions a few years ago from Ed Roman. I later sold it for a nice little profit. It was an awesome guitar, but it cost me $7000 so I was scared to play it... or touch it!
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    Guitars you've bought without ever playing: Successes and Failures

    I've bought probably forty or fifty guitars over the years from catalogs and web sites. I've only had a couple of minor problems and only sent two back (one to AMS and one to MF). Yesterday I received two new guitars from ebay and will be getting another tomorrow. I guess it boils down to...
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    A question about Ed Roman's in Las Vegas

    It was one of the Limited Edition Randy Rhoads shark fins. Jackson only made twenty-five of them and Ed had about six. When I was there, he was down to three. The first one made, the one I bought, and one that was hanging at the Hard Rock Casino. I have since sold it for a nice little...
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    A question about Ed Roman's in Las Vegas

    I doubt that you would deal with Ed directly if you went there. People make it sound like some small mom and pop store where Ed assualts you at the door. The legend is far beyond the truth. I've been twice and both were great experiences. I bought big $$ guitars both times with no issues at...
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    Tele Wood Choice?

    Premium swamp ash (NOT NORTHERN ASH) if you want a semi-opaque finish. If it is going to be a solid color you could consider alder because it is generally lighter and also a good tone wood.
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    New guitar on the way.

    Why is it a risk?
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    Peavey guitars Made in USA?

    I have two of the Jerry Donahue Omniacs - great guitars with the most amazing necks I've ever played.
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    Fender Telecaster-good quality?

    As a certified Tele fanatic, I would point you toward the Squire Classic 50's Vibe. Don't be fooled by the Squire name or the price. These guitars are as good as any of my non-Custom Shop Teles. Seriously...
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    Need some Tele Help PLease

    Pics would help. The American Standard has always been a poly finish, which is difficult to "relic" and impossible to "relic" well!
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    Finest Tele for under $500

    I have around thirty Teles ranging from the Classic Vibe to various Custom Shop models. The Classic Vibe is as good or better than most of them. For $350 there is no better deal on the planet!
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    Post One Great Guitar Photo

    From left to right, those are: Closet Classic, NOS, Relic, NOS. Yes, the NOS' have very white necks while the others are tinted.
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    Post One Great Guitar Photo

    Nocaster heaven:
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    So I want buy my first tele.....

    I have a couple ASAT's, a couple Omniacs, a Nash relic and more Teles than I can count. I personally would never choose anything over a Tele. If I had to pick just one to be my everyday player, I'd probably go with an American Standard. If you really want to go non-Fender, I would say the...

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