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    My newest album - feedback appreciated

    Thanks! We actually have two lead singers (we are a power trio and both the guitarist & bassist sing lead) and we trade off on backups -- and we alternate within the same song a lot, so it might be hard to tell who is singing at any specific time. Thanks for listening. I really appreciate the...
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    My newest album - feedback appreciated

    Thanks for that, nebulosa. Very helpful. I appreciate you.
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    My newest album - feedback appreciated

    Check out my latest release CD Baby Bandcamp Reverbnation Any comments are welcome, I can handle constructive criticism so you don't have to sugar coat it. Guitar is a...
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    Need advice on packing Plexi head for shipping

    If you fail to mark it fragile, it might be harder for you to claim it was mishandled in the event of damage. Just a thought.
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    Tube Heater / Standby Question

    Just put the amp on standby when you're not playing it, and don't worry about it.
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    Van Halen announces tour with David Lee Roth

    Eddie has been such a tool over the last few years - finally kicking MA out of the band just for playing bass with Sammy was the last straw for me. I will not pay a dime for anything with VH on it again, unless/until MA is invited back.
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    Negative Youtube comments

    no. "troll" is a word with an actual meaning - and it doesn't mean "anything I don't like" - as people around TGP seem to believe.
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    GASin' for a used DRRI...

    why the reissue? there are still a few silverface originals to be had on the cheap, if you're quick.
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    Hello, and advice please.

    You could run both instruments into a line selector like a Boss LS-2 or something along those lines. That would allow you to continue using the PA and it would solve the volume/input problems.
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    Attention audience: If you are not drinking at the gig...

    What? All you want is a soda? Get out of my bar!!
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    Now for my next Marshall treat: JCM800 which model#

    It's '84 or earlier. In 1985 they switched to the vertical inputs mounted on a board.
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    I need an amp that takes pedals well

    Not if you want the clean channel. But, seriously, every amp takes pedals well, it just depends on what pedals & what sound you're looking for.
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    "Amp's too loud for me"

    Speaker efficiency is a HUGE component of this discussion. If your speaker is only 96 db, you will effectively more than double the power of your amp by changing to a 101 db. 5 db is about the same difference between a 22w & 60w amp. Also, not all amps are rated the same way. I have a 22 watt...
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    Marshall JCM 800, 1987 MK2 - teach me

    Yeah man you'll be ok with two 25 watt greenbacks. They only label them 25 watts for tradition, so the cork sniffers will believe they're closer to the vintage ones... truthfully, I've been *cranking* my 100 watt Marshalls into a 4x12" greenback loaded cab for *years* and I've never blown one...
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    Marshall JCM 800, 1987 MK2 - teach me

    These amps are NOT meant to be played at low volume. Crank that bitch! It should really warm up between 6-9 on the volume.
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    Nickelback geeting more hate...

    What's not to hate? That's part of the game... they get the love & money, and the hate is the other side of the coin. You gotta expect it. I'm quite sure <insert guitar hero here> would get just as much hate but nobody knows who he is.
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    There really isn't a better frontman than Freddie Mercury

    If he was alive, nobody would be saying this. Bottom line Steven Tyler runs circles around most frontmen, FM included.
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    TGP Musical Style Census (Poll)

    Hard Rock or Soft Metal for me.
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    Downstairs neighbor pissing me off.

    Didn't see that one coming... did ya? :rotflmao
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    Standby on Amps

    I agree. But in this case I'm right and you're just freaking out there.
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    Standby on Amps

    Wow!!! now that's some ignorance there. :spit
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    Pa set up/advice

    You might consider 15's over 12's. I run a couple Yorkville 2x15" cabs with horns - Eminence loaded I believe. Just blows away all the 12's I used to run. Add an 18" sub or 2, and you're cookin'. I'd suggest a separate amp for the subs, but you might not need subs right away if you go with the...
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    Small mixer

    I like the Mackie VLZ series... super clean, something like 0.0003% THD on the preamps. It was a huge upgrade for my system.
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    Do I have a reason to be frustrated?

    so, quit.
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    Michael Anthony

    For me it starts & ends with "Soap on a Rope"

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