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  1. Timmylikesthing

    Your best "rare car found in a barn"-type amp story

    I got a 1976 Marshall JMP 2203 off Harmony Central’s old classified ads section back in 2005. It was a little beat up (had been gigged) and was missing the back panel. Paid $600 shipped for it. Got a new head shell off eBay and a tube up from my amp tech for another $200. Tech said it may not be...
  2. Timmylikesthing

    Where to find a Kensrue Rook?

    I got hooked right before artist was released. Loved artist and illusion of safety. Dug vheissu enough, but it wasn't my favorite. Alchemy Index is awesome especially if listened to as a whole. Beggars is what inspired me to record my band's stuff at the time as that was done completely by...
  3. Timmylikesthing

    Where to find a Kensrue Rook?

    As a hardcore thrice fan, I need this.
  4. Timmylikesthing

    Any JCM800 type owners w/Effects all out front?

    Depends. I've had luck with it cranked with an analog delay in front. Sounds great like that. I've ran it just slightly broken up with a bogner red, a tc x4, and a tc trinity reverb in front. Sounded good that way too. The second way felt like I was cheating the amp in a way. It sounds so...
  5. Timmylikesthing

    Any JCM800 type owners w/Effects all out front?

    I have a JMP 2203. Everything in front sounds fine.
  6. Timmylikesthing

    How would you price this Flashback X4?

    Ummm. No. The foot switch contacts a micro switch on a separate switch board. I replace mine with good switches and wired them in. About a medium difficulty mod. It can be done. You got a good tech in your area?
  7. Timmylikesthing

    Programmable looper for channel switching amp?

    Loop master makes a dirt cheap "Clean/Dirty" switcher. Not programmable but good for setting up something really basic on the cheap.
  8. Timmylikesthing

    Bogner pedals... fail??

    I really dig the red. Great pedal. I want to test drive the other two. Look on the bright side, time to catch a good deal.
  9. Timmylikesthing

    A More Useful Flashback X4: Mod Content

    I replaced the switches on mine. I'd love to add the external tap mod.
  10. Timmylikesthing

    Line 6 M13...... Thoughts?

    Thrice fan? I own an m13 and I use it for reverbs, delays, and miscellaneous effects. No dirt. It's pretty good for that. It compares well enough to my other delays (TC Flashback X4 and Diamond Memory Lane 1) Not saying its a replacement for either, but it's a nice compliment to them.
  11. Timmylikesthing

    What're your must have pedals for rock music?

    Skip the pedals and start looking for a deal on a used Peavey Classic 30. 2 channels. Good cleans, reasonable drive and reverb. If you're looking for cool examples of the sound in rock music look up Envy on the Coast. Sugar Skulls is a solid representation of the amp. This is going...
  12. Timmylikesthing

    Advice on pedalboard wiring?

    Alright. First a little googling turned up some information that we need. Based off your above list, I was able to find the current draw of every pedal except the J&J. I assumed it was a standard OD and drew current somewhere between 5-20mA. Wah - 6.3mA TU-3 - 85mA J&J - 20 mA...
  13. Timmylikesthing

    TC Electronic Flashback x4 External Tap?

    Sorry to raise the dead here... Tore, If I'm syncing to Midi Clock and switch presets, does the preset sync to midi or the stored value of the delay time knob? In other words, can the midi clock in act as a global tap tempo? Thanks, Tim
  14. Timmylikesthing

    Pedal question for old school marshall

    OCD. Trust me. I have a 76 2203 and a Z90 in the bridge of my tele. Les Paul, OCD, Marshall. It's awesome. You don't use too much gain, just goose the input. The dirt in the OCD adds character that works well with the amp. I've also had good luck with a Keeley BD-2.
  15. Timmylikesthing

    Attn: Mr. Finnegan

    Missed! Lol!
  16. Timmylikesthing

    Directional Guitar Cables

    It's nonsense. In all reality, if you added a chair to the room you were playing in it would have a more perceptible effect on your sound. Not to mention how long you've been playing and other factors. In other words, as a fellow engineer, there is NO logical or physical explanation for what...
  17. Timmylikesthing

    What's your favorite mic for male vocals?

    SM7B The others can be a bit fiddly for someone not used to recording or in a not so hot tracking environment. SM7B fits most voices and is easy to use.
  18. Timmylikesthing

    AMAZING Mic Pre-Amp for Fattening Guitars? (Around £500)

    Also, you don't necessarily need 3 different topics for this. I'd use the 7602 for every application you're asking about. I'd also use a great river, API or Chandler germanium. It comes down to how you are going to record. If you are doing modern overdub style, then having 3-4 lesser preamps...
  19. Timmylikesthing

    AMAZING Mic Pre-Amp for Fattening Guitars? (Around £500)

    I dug the Chameleon Labs 7602 on guitars. The pre wasn't jaw dropping, but the EQ is PERFECT for guitars. Other suggestions: Great river, API and Chandler.
  20. Timmylikesthing

    What are the 4 pedals you want right now?

    Timefactor DMM with tap tempo M9 Hall of Fame
  21. Timmylikesthing

    New Deluxe Memory Man - Now with Tap Tempo!

    Really? $450 isn't hateful. If it sounds good. For the features it blows the memory lane out of the water. I own 2 memory lane's and the ability for multiple taps and external tap tempo is definitely intriguing. I'm still interested regardless of the ugly paint.
  22. Timmylikesthing

    How do Orange amps take pedals? Fuzz etc....

    Different subject altogether but I've found time based and modulations which roll off high end to work best in front. Analog vs Digital delays for example. My main amp for years was an old JMP with no loop. I just bought pedals that worked in that situation. When used with my orange, it's...
  23. Timmylikesthing

    How do Orange amps take pedals? Fuzz etc....

    Yeah. I have an AD30HTC and I've never noticed any weird issues with pedals. I run everything out front and it sounds fine to me. I'm mostly using boosts and delay with a little modulation, but I never thought it sounded bad. That said, I don't do pedal dirt other than big muff style fuzz...
  24. Timmylikesthing

    Amp overdrive VS pedals

    I have 2 great amps with great OD sounds and I can crank them up when I want to. I have 4 dirt boxes on my board. Why? Simple. Different degrees of boost and different flavors of dirt. Nothing wrong with having both. Just accept it for what it is.

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