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    Fender Vintage Modified Amps

    My experience with SS stuff and modeling and the like has been less than stellar. I really like a Deluxe Reverb cranked up. Your DVM will never do that..... sorry. If you don't know what I mean thats OK. Sooner or later you will come around. Take the long road I don't mind.
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    What kind of music do you play the most??

    Love Blues and rootsy rock. Strat and Deluxe Reverb with TS-9 does it all. Maybe some wah.
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    I Really Don't Think the DRRI is "Pedal-Friendly" - RE: Distortions/ODs

    The DRRI had a few different speakers used by Fender. The current model uses a Jensen C12K, a ceramic speaker. I think it sounds great! I've played a real clean vintage DR from 1965 the DRRI comes way close.
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    I Really Don't Think the DRRI is "Pedal-Friendly" - RE: Distortions/ODs

    This is odd because any pedal I have thrown at my DRRI has worked beautifully. TS-9, SD-1, BD-1, way old MXR Distortion +, Cry Baby Wah, Loads of other stuff too. I find it very pedal friendly. Maybe there is something wrong with your amp. What kind of pre tubes are you using?
  5. B brother-in-law works at the dump

    Those original caps look fine. No leaking or anything. I would of had them tested before I replaced them. The tubes look like NOS. Don't change them either. If you replaced anything in this amp you did not deserve it!
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    my amp is crackling!

    Both of those posts were good suggestions. You might want to check for a bad preamp tube. A bad screen resistor also sounds like that.
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    Electro-Harmonix HOG Pedal does "Wont Get Fooled Again"

    Hey Bill, All those clips on that site are great! Can you do them on the fly in a performance setting or is it mainly a studio thing?
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    MXR Carbon Copy - Where does it Rate?

    I am thinkiing about getting a Carbon Copy. Is there an easy way to tell the difference between the version 1 and the version 2?
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    Do you have a guitar store near you that's never open?

    Damn Musicians!!! I have a bagel store near me that is not open on Sundays. WTF!!
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    Wish my 57 deluxe was louder

    It's not a Tweed tone but a DRRI at 22 watts may be just what the doctor ordered. You can mike up the Deluxe or use a pedal with the Twin but I imagine that is not the tone you are looking for.
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    What kind of gear did you have when you were 23?

    Are you still living at your parents house at 23? If so you need to get your own life and buy whatever you want or can afford. At 23 I had my own apartment a Gibson LP and a Marshall. Loads of other crap as well. Dude you need to grow up already.
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    Tell me about the Jensen P12N...

    Here are some user reviews of the Ceraminc C12K 100 watt Jensen. And here is a short sound bite that well represents the tone of this cool speaker. Click on the link...
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    Tell me about the Jensen P12N...

    The Jensen C12K 12" 100 watt speaker that comes with the recent DRRI is a great speaker. About 100 bucks. A ceramic speaker but nice and warm.
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    Is a 25 watt amp loud enough for gigging?

    25 watts is plenty enough for all but the biggest venues. Playing a bar or local club then this way enough. I have used a DRRI at 22 watts at a rehearsal studio and was asked to turn down. How crazy is that?
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    want that classic fender sound

    IMO a DRRI is more versatile than the Princeton. 12" speaker and 22 watts you can gig with. Certainly classic Fender tone.
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    Looking for a cheap and funky guitar

    Looks like an SG that has melted a bit.
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    Attenuator speaker connection question

    Get a female to female connector and a good speaker cable.
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    6L6 v. 5881 - what difference to expect?

    You will still need to rebias your amp if you want it to sound it's best.
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    Which guitar best for tweed Twin?

    The one you like to play the most.
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    Why Fender insist on these crappy standard strats?

    Guess you don't like a real Strat. That's OK loads of cheap and expensive copies of the real thing out there. One thing they all have in common is that they are copies.
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    My new LP replica - best guitar I've ever played.

    That guitar sucks! Gibson is the only maker who earns the right to make a Les Paul. Your's is just a poor copy of the real thing. Sorry What a troll!!!
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    Why Fender insist on these crappy standard strats?

    I took my '57 American Vintage Reissue and had Jumbo frets installed. Plays like a dream and bending is a breeze. I can play cowboy chords with the best of them and any other style as well.
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    Why Fender insist on these crappy standard strats?

    How many times are you going to post this idiotic thread?

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