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    Marchione Varve Top Question

    just happened to notice that there seem to be only cr, gryphon strings and 2 Japanese stores listed as dealers
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    Remembering chord changes

    if you cant remember the changes then it's telling you that you gotta work on the song more and for a longer period of time eventually it'll come
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    Rick Kelly/Carmine Street guitars

    It's a little difficult to get a guitar from rick but i got mine in about 8 month's time. I did call him from time to time. To be honest, his workmanship is not flawless but that can be fixed and I only paid 1500 for the guitar including case. the most important thing is that my bowery pine...
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    Mike Gutsch

    nice, glad that you're enjoying it. Did you get a soft case or was a hardcase included?
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    Mike Gutsch

    yes Im thinking if he could make me something but Im not entirely sure how he runs his private practice as he has to work at RGC. What wood combo is on your electric halfling? Anything good/bad to say about it?
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    Mike Gutsch

    Has anyone had a guitar made by Mike Gutsch?
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    Modern Jazz: It's all in the way you Resolve it?

    F#/Gmaj7 .. what ken said.. I first heard pat metheny using it, mike moreno uses it as well and it gives you the M7, b3 and b5/#11 over the Gmaj7 right?
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    Price and Quality Difference in Boutique Hand-Made Guitars

    You'll be surprised that cheaper guitars can be better than much more expensive guitars.. be especially careful when buying a boutique guitar, especially brands that are raved mainly by fan boys
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    Rick Kelly Guitars: PART II

    Does anyone know if rick sells his bowery or chumley guitar body by itself?
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    Autumn Leaves = Still Got the Blues

    You can find these progressions in tunes like manha de carnival, the shadow of your smile,
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    Why perfect tuning on your guitar doesn't matter (that much)

    Steve, what's your recommended way for tuning up the guitar? And How do you set up your intonation?
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    The first thing you play when you sit down to practice...

    I always just work on my tunes.. put the metronome on beat 2 and play the head, then improvise and work on inversions
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    Hoffee cases

    Are the hoffee cases the best cases money can buy at the moment? "Best" is terms of crash protection, being able to check in the case while travelling
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    PRS private stock wood matching

    I know that wood figure and aesthetics is a big thing for private stock but do they actually match the body, top and neck to get a certain pre-determined tone? Just have a feeling that it's all random
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    Calling all intonation experts

    This is what I got from the Joe Barden website, any thoughts if this is really the method to use rather than the usual method? "Third, DO NOT use the usually recommended intonation method of the12th fret octave with the 12th fret fretted. This will never work, as the nut, being parallel to...
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    Ribbecke Electric Halfling - Pix and Chatter

    what made you go with cherry and spruce top?
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    Finish - Oil or Nitro?

    If one is living in a high humidity area and practises 12-14 hours a day, it is most likely that the wood will start to increase in moisture content regardless of the finish on the body and neck right? Nitro might slow things down but how slow? And if not too slow, then this might be...
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    Forshage Headless compared to Canton "Klein" style

    Hello Chris, I noticed that the back access plate on a couple of photos do not look flushed with the back of the body. Is this intended or is it just the photo taking angle?
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    Cardinal Instruments (pt. II)

    Nice clip! Sam, how do you like the EVO frets? How easy are they to work with compared to nickel frets?
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    How long before contacting?

    great post! :aok
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    Intonation with open string or fretted 12th?

    Should intonation be done with open string compared to 12th harmonics or using 12th harmonics compared to the fretted 12th fret? I was told to use the fretted 12th fret by a famous guitarist but I dont get it because the fretted finger can affect tuning by quite a bit .. open string and 12th...
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    Is it possible to float a "built-in" pickup?

    thanks for the replies so far Is the problem just the casing and mounting? Im sure that that could be solved pretty easily? personally I would be curious as to how these would sound on an archtop if they can be mounted in a floating manner - wouldnt that be great if they sounded like built-ins...
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    Is it possible to float a "built-in" pickup?

    Is it possible to use a regular humbucking pickup like a seymour duncan and float it on an archtop?
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    Premier Builders Guild "confusion" issue....

    Can pbg be sued for misrepresentation?
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    Drop 2 and Drop 3 voicings

    another hard part would be to have good voice leading

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