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  7. Mullard XF2 Double O Getter

    Mullard XF2 Double O Getter

  8. Bobster

    Sold Thorn Deluxe 90 #31103

    Top seller! Good luck Matt! Couldn't be happier with my Thorn.
  9. Bobster

    Help replace vintage strat parts

    Thanks for the input guys! i'll probably take it to my tech this Saturday and will look to fix the pots and tuners first before deciding on touching the original electronics which have not been touched to my knowledge. Also will take the inputs on the nut slot and to check with vintage dealers...
  10. Bobster

    Help replace vintage strat parts

    Thanks both. Will look to clean out the pot and stick with the 3 way in the meantime! On tuners - are there highly recommended aftermarket tuners that would fare better than the repros? Might be sacrilegious but would be interesting!
  11. Bobster

    Help replace vintage strat parts

    Sounds like no-go on rejigging / resoldering for the 5-way. Any brand recommendations for the repro tuners?
  12. Bobster

    Help replace vintage strat parts

    Hi guys, recently grabbed hold of a childhood dream of mine: a vintage pre-CBS strat. Having got to know it better for a couple of weeks now, there are few things that i'd like to address and i was hoping to receive some suggestions / recommendations from you guys. All parts, including...
  13. Bobster

    Matchless Chieftain help!

    Thanks everyone - with Phil's help from Matchless i managed to isolate the problem to a certain V2 tube. Surprisingly - after going through the various tube permutations (did about 10 tests with each tube in turn) - the sputtering lessened with each turn. And ultimately, i swapped the V2 with...
  14. Bobster

    Matchless Chieftain help!

    Thanks! I unfortunately have neither of those things hence I'm afraid troubleshooting the internal chassis might be a stretch for me. I do have a multimeter though - not sure how useful it is here... Separately, I reached out to Phil from matchless and he believes it's likely a tube problem...
  15. Bobster

    Matchless Chieftain help!

    Thanks Stephan. Could the 'pop' sound I heard indicate damage to a tube or the amp? (which is more likely?) Will try to get it to the amp tech this weekend then. Would you recommend placing in the original set of tubes (before I retubed even the preamp and rectifier) or go with the existing?
  16. Bobster

    Matchless Chieftain help!

    Thanks Stephan. Would you recommend I switch the amp on / continue to troubleshoot on my own anymore? Is there a way to figure out if something is now truly wrong with the amp's internals rather than the tubes? Would like to use the visit to the amp tech as a last resort given the lack of one in...
  17. Bobster

    Matchless Chieftain help!

    Thanks Orlando - i actually forgot to mention above that i replaced the 5AR4 with an NOS Mullard rectifier too (fat base - 1950s i think). The other tubes that i've used to replace are all vintage tubes too. Are there key steps i should take to troubleshoot? I have not touched or troubleshoot...
  18. Bobster

    Matchless Chieftain help!

    Hi everyone, in my quest for tonal nirvana, i recently decided to retube my matchless chieftain amp with vintage tubes. There are 5 12ax7 slots, 2 EL34s and 1 5AR4. I retubed the pre-amp section first with 4 NOS tubes (V1 and V2 were replaced by Philips Amperex D Getters; V3 the PI slots were...
  19. Bobster

    NessTone and Shuguang 6V6 tubes

    Same here - am looking to purchase a quad set of winged Cs
  20. Bobster

    TGPers on Instagram?

    bobdrix - guitars guitars and more guitars!
  21. Bobster

    Help build by PRS HB II

    Hi everyone - the day has finally arrived! I'm looking to finally get a build order started for a PRS Hollowbody II directly from PRS. Would be going for the artist option (likely in autumn sky / gold hardware / rosewood neck with brazilian rw fretboard and veneer) and i'm at the crossroads...
  22. Bobster

    Diatonic triads, diminish, Maj7 arp licks

    Hey Tomo, Crazy playing! Top class phrasing and note choice! I really like how you've turned a blues classic into such a jazzy and fusion-like piece! Certainly refreshing!
  23. Bobster

    Lester VOS/ Silver Jubilee 2555 Blues Shuffle

    Very nicely done! Great tone and playing!
  24. Bobster

    Your Pedalboard Photo - Part VI

    Probably gonna settle on this for awhile, i just love how easy it is to find vintage and modern tones on this board.

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