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    Ownhammer (r)Evolution

    They provide both mono and stereo files for all the cabinet types.
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    Acoustic that plays like an electric

    I own an older Carvin era AC375 and it has a 1.75" nut which is much wider than what the OP is hoping for.
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    Whats your favourite inexpensive pedal... Under $100

    The one pedal I will never ever sell is the Ibanez DE-7. I think I picked it up here for $30 or something crazy like that. It sounds so good I might have to get it re-housed into an enclosure that will last a long time.
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    Overdrive for Tele and Princeton clone??

    I've owned a PRRI for quite a while and with all the drives I've tried my favorite is the Addrock NSOY.
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    Fractal users: What's your favourite IRs?

    Short version: The Ownhammer Bogner 2x12OS pack is KILLER! Long version: I have never bought an IR pack because there's an Ownhammer Bogner 2x12 IR that comes with the axe that I use for everything. My church just got an amplifire because the iso-box tones the other guitarists were using were...
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    Amplire + Acoustic IR = Please do IRs 3 Sigma Audio!

    I am extremely interested in IRs that I can use to plug in my thin-body DI acoustic and sound like a miced up full size guitar. I have created one of my own guitar and it works well for me. What I would be most interested in purchasing would be a pack that includes a variety of body shapes (as...
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    Headphones that pair well with modeler

    I also really enjoy my ATH-M50x for headphones jamming on my axe-fx.
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    Fractal FX8 Firmware 3.0 "coming soon!"

    The FAS boost is so good. I prefer it to any drive I've ever used both modeled and stompbox. You FX8 guys are in for a treat!
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    For a first effects purchase under $200...

    I think I would rather suggest a unit that would allow for an effects chain as opposed to just a single effect. I had an m13 for a while and loved it!
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    For a first effects purchase under $200...

    There's a high school student who is asking me about a multi-effects purchase. Based on his email I'm thinking his budget is around $200 or less. I'm thinking about steering him towards a zoom g3/g3x based on reviews. I also see the digitech RP360/RP360xp for around the same price. I have...
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    Headphones for use with Axe Fx II

    I have been using Audio Technica ATH-m50x headphones with good results. (Good results for me is that I like the sound of them when I'm playing through headphones and I have not had to tweak my patches when I go play at church direct to the sound system with in-ear monitoring.) They're pricier...
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    Two guitars through Axe FX II simultaneously?

    Yes, the axe allows for completely independent signal paths for two instruments. I have not used it for two guitars, but I do have a patch set up for my guitar through one path and a synth through another.
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    Best modeler for acoustic?

    A modeler can be a great tool for sculpting an acoustic tone for live use. Acoustic instruments beg for great mics in a great room with some studio tools to sound their best. In a live situation, especially in the context of a band, acoustic players usually have to compromise with a piezo...
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    Great cleans....not finding it on my Axe II

    When I'm dialing in clean tones, the most important control for me is the Input Trim. I usually end up between .6 and .75 for the clean tones that I like the best. This will greatly depend on the pickups in your own guitar, so experiment!
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    Are tube amps dead yet?

    I think that the photography comparison is a good one, but we should also look at the synthesizer market. There seems to be a huge push back toward analogue synths right now with a lot of producers trying to ditch their computers altogether for live setups. Only a few years ago there were a...
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    OCD + Princeton a good combo..?

    I like ODs with a little bit of "help" in the mids to pair with my PRRI. The Addrock Not So Old Yeller is my personal favorite out of the many that I tried over the years. I personally never cared for the OCD in general but I know I'm probably in the minority.
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    cab/ speaker simulation vs iso cab

    I play in the same type of situation at my church. We have tube heads going into iso-cabs and honestly, the sound is not very good from that setup. I have much preferred going direct with cab sims (in my case it's the axe-fx 2).
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    Using In-Ear amp or modeler?

    Nothing fancy...Shure 215's.
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    Using In-Ear amp or modeler?

    The biggest reason I finally went with a direct setup was because I started playing at a church with in-ears and silent stage. I started out playing effects through a tube head into a cab that was isolated and miced off stage. I didn't love the tone I was getting through my ears and the...
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    Best guitars for modern praise worship?

    My two main criteria: 1. I have to like the sound and feel of the guitar. 2. It has to stay in tune over multiple songs even if using a capo. I have 4 electric guitars. I like the tone and feel of them all but the one I play in church is the one that stays in tune the best. (Hamer T-51...
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    Real transparent clean booster pedal?

    There are loads of clean boost options, so I'm not saying my recommendation is the BEST option, just one that I think you should look at based on your requirements. Menatone Das Boost
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    Why pay $3000 for an Axe when Bias, Torpedo ect exist?

    I know you aren't dissing the AFX, I was trying to remind everyone that cost vs function is not a stationary target. Your rig might not be cost effective for my multi-instrument/multi-rig situation because you chose the parts for your needs. My rig might not be cost efficient for some. I...
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    Why pay $3000 for an Axe when Bias, Torpedo ect exist?

    The phrase "similar functionality" is what makes this subjective. With the axe you get almost unlimited routing and effects and with your modular picked out setup you get exactly what you need but not more. I have used my axe as a bass rig, electric rig, acoustic rig, and synth rig. I have...
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    iPad Chord Player

    SoundPrism pro might also be a good option in this category.
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    Roland GA-112 -- $499 !!!

    54 lbs!!! Where's all the weight coming from?

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