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    Marshall Studio SC20H Cabinet Recommendations

    Have to say, I’ve tried several speakers with my 2204. I didn’t really like the V30’s with mine. Much prefer the g12t75 to them. It’s a mid 80’s cab and some say the 75’s were voiced s little differently at that time. Couldn’t verify that though. 12-65’s a close second. The 65’s are a little...
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    I think it’s been pointed out that even they did cover it would likely be just as expensive to pay for shipping to Mesa for the repair. Plus, taking the chance it getting damaged in route. It doesn't even make sense financially. I understand him being disappointed because his amp isn’t...
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    Thing is by the time the new owner pays for shipping the amp, he could get a local tech to do the repair. Or close to it. I would say even if Mesa agreed to repair, the customer would be responsible for shipping the amp there and return. But even if they only did one way it’s going to be at...
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    Man, I LOVE my Marshall!!!

    I hear people say this all the time but I can cover a wide variety of stuff on my 2204. I did install a metro loop in mine. But, I can cover a lot of ground but using different OD’s, clean boost, different guitars/pickups, and the volume knob on the guitar. I do have a modeler in 4CM that I can...
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    Vito Bratta

    I took a couple of lessons from Rex. And, I almost bought a 62 strat from him when I was 15. Man. That was one of my big regrets. It needed a fret replaced and me not really knowing much, passed because of that. Bonehead move! Rex is a monster player though.
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    Eric Johnson VS Classic Player 50s Stratocaster

    That’s true. I don’t know why I was thinking 50’s Classic instead of classic player the whole thread.
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    Eric Johnson VS Classic Player 50s Stratocaster

    The 50’s classic player has the six screw Trem. Not sure about the string spacing though.
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    I want to downsize from a JCM800 ....but to what?? Help please!!

    Seriously, if your 2204 sounded thin at 2 on the master, there was either something wrong with the amp, or it was operator error. Or maybe you were running the preamp way down? Which would explain having to turn the master up that loud. I had a metro loop installed in mine. Best 100 bucks I...
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    I want to downsize from a JCM800 ....but to what?? Help please!!

    Dude, my 2204 will rip your face off at 5 or 6. As a matter of fact, mine really doesn't get much louder after about 4. Just sounds more full. But at that point it is way, way, way to loud to play in any band situation. It would over power everything including drums. If you are using the high...
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    Have a look at Gibson's improved 2019 QC

    Well, I couldn’t tell you the last time I picked up a guitar in a store that had new strings.
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    The dreaded “Turn your amp down as low as it can go” request by the soundman.

    You realize that if you have your amp set with so much treble when it’s pointed at your head is the same sound that the mic is going to pick up. If it’s too trebly for you then it’s probably too trebly coming out of the PA wIthout some major EQ. I’ve seen so many times where people complain...
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    What does a Les Paul thru a JCM-800 sound like?

    If you ran the pre on 10 and the master on 5 on my 2204, it would be way too loud for rehearsal. I mean wall and window shaking loud. It would drown out a loud drummer. As a matter of fact, mine doesn’t get much louder after about 4. It just gets fuller.
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    Apple music and the death of iTunes

    Actually, I personally haven’t been replacing my phone near as much as I did in the past. There just hasn’t been enough technological breakthroughs to justify it. And part of the reason I have been able to keep my current phone is those annoying updates. I Agree, I don’t like it sometimes but I...
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    Best all-solid-wood dreadnought with pickup under $1k?

    I played the seagulls when I was looking. Although, I think they build a decent guitar for the money, I haven’t found them to blow away Taylors or Martin in some instances. I mean I guess if you’re taking 375 to 400 them probably so. The 200 series Taylor’s are great guitars for the money and...
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    Apple music and the death of iTunes

    Yeah, streaming is a pretty good deal. It would be nice if audio quality was better. I pay 15 a month for 3 people for unlimited downloads. Just about anything is available now. I use to spend way more than 15 a month to have a very limited library. If you love music, it’s a pretty good deal. If...
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    Apple music and the death of iTunes

    They gave everyone an adapter for wired headphones. Only downside is you can’t charge and listen at the same time. If companies only listened to their users, they would never innovate for the most part. People don’t want change and lots of posts support that. You can’t lose a guy like Jobs...
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    How Do You Like Your Les Paul Custom?

    Man, I love the 498/490 combo in a custom. I had a white 2003. Or I guess I was more creme. Best sounding guitar I’ve owned and it had those pickups in it. It had some balls. I was very conflicted when I sold it. It the neck was just a hair too big. I never could get comfortable on it. But damn...
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    How Do You Like Your Les Paul Custom?

    Customs sound different than standards.
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    Reverb is getting like Craigslist

    Also known as “Hope it don’t rain case”.
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    Mesa Mark amps - Eats tubes?

    I had a Mark III that went through tubes pretty fast. About once a year but I was playing 5 to 6 nights a week.
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    Marshal Studio Vintage 20. How are they?

    20 watts is going to be loud for sure. Put the SC through a 2x12 or 4x12 and I bet it would freakin Rock. A lot of debate whether you need “big iron” and so forth. I have a 2204. I’m certain the SC20 though a 4x12 would be plenty loud for most situations. From the demos I’ve heard, they sound...
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    Boosting a 20 watt combo with an FRFR

    Outside is a completely different story. 250 feet is a pretty good clip and I wouldn’t find it unusual for the sound to dissipate at that distance. Because there aren’t walls for the sound to bounce off of, it just goes as far as it can and then drops. You need an assload of power for outdoors...
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    I don't know what to do, scratchy Pickguard.

    Or use some HVAC foil tape.
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    Each noiseless pickup’s drawbacks (Mojotone, Dimarzio, Zexcoil, N4)

    It really the same thing but it put a rwrp middle pickup in a SSL5,SSL1,SSL1 one combo in my classic 50’s strat and they sound great to my ears. Although some say the 2 and 4 position don’t have enough quack with this configuration. To my ears they sound pretty damn good in all positions. And a...

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