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    Gallien Krueger 250 ML

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    PushPull install advice/diagram for Duncan SSL5 -T Needed

    HELLO>>I'm installing a Duncan SSL5-T (tapped version), in my Strat, Have new Bourns PushPull. I cant find the wiring diagram for the install. Which lug do I connect to RED lead from Pickup to the PushPull? I assume there is more than one connection as well to other pushpull lugs?... for...
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    Show your Telecasters!

    If yours is the Killer Purple/Blue over Burst/Burnt Esquire. That's 'da wan!
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    Show your Telecasters!

    Please tell what knobs these are?:huh
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    Show your Telecasters!

    This is Outstanding! What Knobs are those? WANT!:dunno
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    GOLDFOIL Thread

    Updates anyone?
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    GFS = Gold Foil Sales?

    Well,.... how were they with the gain dimed? :waiting
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    Super Champ XD - No Sound

    Today, my nearly unused Super Champ died(sound just dwindled down to 0}, Put new 6v6's in, no go,,THEN A NEW 12AX7> BINGO!!!!!Happy dayz are here again.. I love this amp. That is all!
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    Marshall 100watt Plexi dimensions

    Thanks! I have a box 29"x14"x9". After pulling the tubes, hope this will be good .If not, on to the next best thing.
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    Marshall 100watt Plexi dimensions

    I need the dimensions of a 100 watt 1959 Plexi, Chassis ONLY. Need to locate a suitable box for shipping... >>>Thanks
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    Alnico vs Ceramic for a Swart AST

    Consider an Eminence RED FANG. 50watts, break it in, all's well.:beer
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    Is Fender making a '68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb? :banana
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    SG - 57 Classic in neck too bassy

    what caps are in there?
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    New hard rock overdrive from Subdecay, The Variac

    Woowwweeeeee> Who's got one? Luvin' it? :love:
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    Eastman T486 vs. D'Angelico EX-DC

    How much do these^^^ run?
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    Fender Custom 68 Vibrolux

    Re Read my post. Nuff said, It's coming. Sept. Enjoy the show.
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    Fender Custom 68 Vibrolux

    :bananaI have received an email back from FENDER in regards to the Release of this ELUSIVE amp.. It will be Released in September, will be 40 watts.. according to Fender.:beer
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    Fender Custom 68 Vibrolux

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    2013 LP Intonation problem

    Could you explain this in depth?:dunno
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    New Les Paul Custom Day! (Not what you're going to expect)

    This is Correct! Leave 'EM!!!!
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    Grolsch-ing it Up! Best strap locks ever!

    Awesome tip. Thanks
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    Modding my Squier VM Jazzmaster

    Subscribed as well....I'd put some Kerry Pups in it.

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