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    Is anyone here still listening to the 80s Shrapnel releases?

    I'd like to see a cover band or project play these songs mentioned, and more, live. Maybe there'd be a theme like playing the entire Fretboard Frenzy album, or maybe just the players' faves, but either way, I'd be happy. Here's one of my faves that hasn't been mentioned yet:
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    TGP Amp 'Darlings' over the years?

    This gem was the topic of much discussion in the 2002-5 timeframe: Gjika
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    Another Floyd Poll: End The Set with Run Like Hell or Comfortably Numb?

    FenderJapan, where is your band going to play (once the lockdown is over, of course). I sure hope it's in northern or central California!
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    Electric Surf, Tiki, and Spaghetti Western music

    Since I'm not too familiar with the genre, are there any great Spaghetti western songs NOT written by Morriconi?
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    When people tell me that unique musical geniuses don’t exist...

    The most popular argument against musical geniuses that I hear is that one merely needs to spend 10,000 hours practicing. I wonder how little Mozart and Stevie Wonder got to where they were?
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    Chris Squire's Influences

    Recently I've been re-listening to a lot of early 70s prog and spending quality time with my favorite Yes albums (Yes Album, Fragile, Close to the Edge) and am impressed with Chris Squire's technique and musicality. Other contemporary prog bass players didn't have the same approach at all...
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    My FM3-based combo amp

    I see your use case; good point. I'm considering a related project but mine is a head box to accompany existing 1x12 cabs (I have two - Mesa Thiele and Bogner Cube). Right now I'm in the concept stage for an FM3 or Quad Cortex and am looking at amps. How do you like the PS 170 for this...
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    My FM3-based combo amp

    I wondered about that, too, and I figured some gasketing would take care of it, though.
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    My FM3-based combo amp

    Great idea and implementation! Did you consider using a hinged clamshell top with a couple of flush latches? I figure it would be quicker to open her up to get to the gear inside.
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    Japanese Anime _ What's this all about ?

    I'm not familiar with Strandberg and Spector guitars. How are they in terms of quality of materials/components, construction and tone?
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    Neural DSP Quad Cortex

    I've been working at Silicon Valley startups for 30+ years and the pandemic has amplified the difficulties, and the obstacles Doug has in getting products designed, tested and delivered are right in line with my experiences. Keep up the great work, Doug!
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    Amps – Let’s see your WALL of AMPS!

    What's that little box on the far right on top of the cab? Amp? Attenuator? Something else?
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    Not looking to start anything but Kemper vs Fm3?

    How does the upcoming Quad Cortex compare? Does it use the modeling or snapshot approach? From reading the website a while back it seemed to be the snapshot approach but it wasn't clear. Any ideas?
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    Share your ideas for new modelers/new technology you'd like to see

    - A UI device that is physical combined with computer graphics: actual physical knobs and switches with a display behind them. When the amp model is changed, the function of the knobs/switches changes as well as the legend describing each. Say there are 10 knobs and 10 switches in two rows...
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    Roberts Roto Neck 12 Dual 12 string Electric Guitar

    I came across a CL listing for an interesting guitar, having a single neck with two fret boards. It allows for each to be tuned differently, making it fast and easy to change from one to the other. Have any of you ever played one of these...
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    Your entrance/walkup theme?

    For me it would be for a band rather than a sporting event and it would depend upon the mood we're trying to set. There's this: Or, I might get creative and do some editing, using the first part of this: Or part of this:
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    Classic Rock Driving Songs

    Little GTO - Ronny & The Daytonas Rocket 88 - Ike Turner Panama - Van Halen Low Rider - War Autobahn - Kraftwerk
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    Classic but uncommon Fender colors

    I'd go with holoflake or shell pink. Both legendary yet rarely seen.
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    Story telling songs

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    Speaker upgrades for micro amps? Marshall MS-2

    OP, you're on the right track. I've had a similar experience and it was Very Good! Back when Bill Chapin had his shop in San Jose I dropped by to talk about a strat build so he showed me some of the ones he had in the shop. He wanted me to hear them but he had loaned out his shop amp and all...
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    Truth! Ever heard original "Mustang Sally"? It's killer.

    I hear ya! F'rinstance....The Twist by Chubby Checker
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    What Overwrought and Definition-of-Guitar-Excess Songs do You Love to Play?

    I don't play in bands anymore so sometimes it's fun to let it rip at home on songs whose guitar parts are overwrought and are the definition of guitar excess. I'm looking for recommendations of songs to add to my list, and here's the kind of thing I'm looking for. Your suggestions are welcome!

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