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    Hardtail vs Trem Strat Values

    Make the body out of marshmallow. Except use wood where the screws are screwed in. Try some balsa wood for the neck. Shave it real thin. And then tell me it's all about the the sheer strength of the screws.
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    Murphy Lab Finish Issues

    Original 1958 and 1959 bursts had a flaw, in so far as...their finish faded. Hence, Gibson fixed it in 1960. Be happy you have one of the flawed guitars before they resolve the issue. It'll be a collectors item.
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    Hardtail vs Trem Strat Values

    Let's not forget that that BIG hole is also directly under the area of the guitar which holds the tension of the strings. (In essence, think about taking a neck joint and then cutting away a bunch of the wood. Or shaving a neck down. That thinner area now has to support all the tension. Not...
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    Quit my band, here’s my final contribution

    Love the first half. Great phrasing. Also loves stared at all the things behind you.
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    Van Halen - Summer Nights - Guitar Cover - Audio

    Is that double tracked? Sounds great. I used to try and plat that without a capo or Steinberger back in the day.
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    Seasons Cornell

    I honestly can't think of a Cameron Crowe movie that I don't love. They have a pacing / style that is just so damn enjoyable.
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    Maybe I should learn piano.

    On a positive note, even the simplest of hack chords on a piano (if you hit the right keys) sounds GREAT. C-E-G on a piano is ALWAYS perfect. When I was learning guitar...not so much.
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    Maybe I should learn piano.

    That's my point. I did Hannon as a kid. And reviewed them as an adult, but I'd rather focus on playing songs. Hannon would take years to master, and I still wouldn't be playing "enjoyably". I DID spent time practicing every chord, in every inversion, going around the circle of fifth, with 2...
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    Cleaning/Maintaing vintage strings

    I think you like old strings because of the sound. That seems different in this case.
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    Maybe I should learn piano.

    I re-picked up keyboard after not playing since I was a kid. And now I play 4 or 5 songs in my band. Granted, they are not the hardest things, but it was an accomplishment....especially since on some, I'm playing guitar on the same song. My conclusions: - Doing finger exercises or drills is a...
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    Is it because of Ozzy or just his guitar players?

    The fair thing would have been to call the bands: Ozzy and Randy band Ozzy and Jake band Ozzy and Zach band. I'd be willing to be that far more than 1/2 the audience was "there for the killer playing and great looking guitar player". But that's not how the industry works. Sharon knew what she...
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    Which Artist(s)/ Band(s ) Really Surprised and Impressed in a Live Setting

    B52s - Far more of a jam band than the records would suggest. Killer grooves Blondie - Still badass Brandi Carlile - Heard her name, but was blown out of the water when I first saw her perform. Now her biggest fan.
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    An interesting tidbit about Oteil’s humbleness and approach…

    Never seen this. In fact, didn't even know it existed. And this...from a big Mule / ABB fan. I was even at the One For Woody tribute show in NYC.
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    Vintage Guitars with Lacquer Checking - Post Yours!

    I wouldn't say they are rare. Perhaps not the majority, but it's not hard to walk around a guitar show and see vintage guitars that aren't checked. Including ones that are played hard. There's this impression that every 'burst' is checked and that every replica has to be freezer checked to be...
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    Playing in the dark

    We had a big gig on Saturday. During one of the songs where I play keys (which is not my first instrument...and needs alot of focus to pull off well), the lighting guy accidentally killed the lights. I knew a chord change was coming up in a few seconds, and there was simply no way I'd get my...
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    Sammy Hagar: Share Your Thoughts

    You mean that liquor salesman who also knows how to sing?
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    Studio magic vs skill

    To reference my comments in the other thread... If they were really "guitar gods", that wouldn't be the case.
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    Slash and Phil Collen - Fire

    Something's missing when Phil is wearing a shirt. ;)
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    Santa Cruz police recover $225,000 in stolen vintage guitars

    Clearly using "2021 Reverb asking prices" to come up with the value of the heist. Pretty much the data I would use if I were looking to commit insurance fraud. ;)
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    Wondering what the future holds for guitar ? Here's a hint....

    See this photo to the left??? That's a guitar hero (to me). Might as well be from another planet compared to the average YT 'star' with respect to how they demonstrate their powers. Show your skills in front of a large crowd of adoring/payings fans (not just people who clicked on a free...
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    Would you rather listen to adult contemporary, or pop,

    I listen to both, looking for the good stuff.
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    Wondering what the future holds for guitar ? Here's a hint....

    Call me old school. My guitar heroes don't just make YT videos of them playing on their couch.
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    Use backup amp for crowd or mic up?

    That's why mics were created. Get skilled at doing it. In fact, even if technically, your amp is loud enough, putting even a little guitar in the main speakers will make for better sound out front...since the sound is spread out.
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    Rebel Yell - Billy Idol cover - Origin RevivalDrive Compact

    Loved playing that song. Always happen when I made it through without dropping something. As stated above, it's alot to remember. No idea why, but the chorus required so much more focus not to mess something up. Strange.
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    Recording Drums with 2 Mics? possible?