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    Deep Cuts Off Of Huge Albums

    The Doors were a studio project, NOT a band because they lacked a bassist. Not even relevant to the discussion. Just sayin. You can't be serious! Look up some Doors history ....
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    What is this thing on the neck of this epi?

    'That's a goiter"
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    Slow move too fast....

    Wanna have some fun? Take a 45 record and take out the centering thing from the hole. Then place it on your turntable and place the 45 slightly off center so when the record spins it's slightly elliptical. Place tonearm on 45. Amuse your family and friends for hours!
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    Deep Cuts Off Of Huge Albums

    I nominate Maggie M'Gill from the Doors Morrison Hotel and Changeling from the Doors LA Woman.
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    Les Paul playing with Billy Gibbons. What a fun little video.

    Serious question .... Do you think that Les actually knew who Billy was?
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    Should I be cleaning amp's filter caps?

    Correct. If you see a goo or kind of 'pimple' looking thing on the cap. casing or end you've probably got a leaking cap. It needs to be replaced.
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    Famous Guitarists who played LP w/P90s?

    Pete Townshend .... or was it mini humbuckers?
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    Here come the warm jets

    Me? I’m a lawnmower, you can tell me by the way I walk.
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    Bands named after sports teams.

    The Orioles. They were a 50's R&B band
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    What Amp Did Clapton Play at The Last Waltz?

    The Music Man is essentially a Twin Reverb, right? Emmmm.. sort of -ish. It was designed to be cleaner sounding than a twin at high volume. It used a transistor preamp instead of tubes like a twin IIRC.
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    What Amp Did Clapton Play at The Last Waltz?

    I believe it is the MusicMan. Might be a different mic or placement.
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    Here’s some pictures of Jimmy Page’s guitars and gear

    Ahhhhh ... I thought his pre-stolen BB had 3 toggle switches...... Anyone know what a 'Joe Jammer' is?
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    Neil Young "Cinnamon Girl" guitar tone

    Neil's rig is not simple! He's using multiple amps as well as a large pedal board in addition to his tweed Deluxe.
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    Greatest Things to Say from the Stage...

    I remember a Neil Young story ..... Crazy Horse was touring to promote The soon to be released Tonight's the Night album to an indifferent audience. After playing the entire album from start to finish, Neil walks up to the mike and asks the not-impressed audience if they want to hear a song they...
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    Finish fix

    There's a new product out called Gluboost that sounds like a perfect solution to your problem. You can check it out at or videos on YouTube.
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    Champ and Swamp Probe

    I need to confirm tube current on my Vibro Champ. I also have a Swamp Probe which is like a BiasRite etc for measuring current from the output tube socket. Can I use the SP to measure the current on the single ended VC or do I need to go inside and measure the bias resistor, voltage drop etc...
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    Black stain, dye, colorant for the ages

    I'm considering black India ink to touch up an acoustic bridge
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    "Old Wood" honest question

    Old growth wood is not the age of the processed wood, it's how long the tree was growing before it was cut. Nowadays trees are grown on a farm and routinely harvested after a certain period of time. Years ago the trees were harvested from forests where the trees could be hundreds of years old...
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    Musician lookalikes ?

    Willie Nelson looks similar to Duck Dunn. Martin Barre and James Finlayson are look alike to me.
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    Anyone Chambered a Finished Telecaster from the Back and Covered?

    FWIW ….. I routed a large amount of wood from under the pickguard on a Tele. You'd never know it was lightened without weighing it. In other words, you won't lose a much weight as you think you should.
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    How to fix chip in poly paint?

    Before tracking down dye, I'd try using a Sharper marker of the appropriate color. If its good enough for Steinway pianos.....
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    Vibroverb cabs, it begins.

    Just wondering ..... any possibility of a knot working itself loose?

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