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  1. dlc1953

    Sold Fulltone Catalyst-$70

    PP sent
  2. dlc1953

    How do the Dimarzio PAF 59 humbuckers compare to other offerings?

    59 still have and like.Paf Pro was to bassy in neck for me. Went with PG in neck.
  3. dlc1953

    Adorama experiences

    Went ahead an took the plunge with them. Never heard of them before.Always used Sweetwater/MF/ZZsound etc.So positive recommendations really helped .So see how it goes from here.Is a Ibanez AW54LCEOPN Left-Handed Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural Write a Revie reasonably priced...
  4. dlc1953

    Adorama experiences

    All sounds very encouraging!
  5. dlc1953

    Adorama experiences

    Looking at purchasing a guitar from them. There the only place that has it in stock. Anyone have any experience purchasing from them???
  6. dlc1953

    Ibanez AEG70

    Ya ,read they don’t have a true acoustic sound because of thinness of body. Would probably use it Amped most of time. Not much in that 400 range!
  7. dlc1953

    Ibanez AEG70

    Looking to purchase inexpensive acoustic . Couple I like from this series.But can't find a non dealer review one! Any input on them??
  8. dlc1953

    Are Harley Benton any good?

    Ya thats quick shipping! According to folks on HB forum thats pretty unusual. People waitin well over month right now. The Juniors what Im waiting on.But has to be a lefty! Thats where HB is great for me!They got way more offerings than anybody else.
  9. dlc1953

    Are Harley Benton any good?

    2 things about HB. Tremolo way to stiff! Pickups are so so.While PRS stock were real good! Tremolo very good .Still switched them out anyway.But that's just my preference
  10. dlc1953

    Are Harley Benton any good?

    I bought a CST24T /PRS copy.It's good but not as good as my PRS SE 24!
  11. dlc1953

    Are Harley Benton any good?

    Ya there not doing the ship 2 for price of one right now.Shipping is way up now.Got one in my cart ,ready to purchase but shipping is a third of value of the guitar .So I'll wait till shipping come back down.
  12. dlc1953

    Anyone used dimarzio's exchange policy?

    I've used it before.They were easy to get in touch with.Course that was before Covid madness! Did take a little longer than ones I've exchanged thru Duncan.2-3 weeks?? They came thru.
  13. dlc1953

    Ceramic pickup revelation

    Favorite neck humbucker is Dimarzio Super2 ceramic.Clear not muddy at all!
  14. dlc1953

    The Eagles 1973 vs. The Eagles 1977 vs. The Eagles 1994

    Voted 73 after watching clip. Lot about that time period I like! But after watching the 77 clip ,hard to not go with it. Felder/Walsh really had the"it factor"goin on in spades at that time!
  15. dlc1953

    Reverb raises fees from 3.5% to 5%

    Hard to believe a company can turn so bad,so quick! Got 3 items up now Aug 4 I'm done.
  16. dlc1953

    Thomann Shipping Delay to US?

    Went to order a guitar today. Shipping was up to $65.00! Was $30 couple months ago.Then 50 few weeks ago Yikes!!!!
  17. dlc1953

    FS Rumpelstiltskin Black Rope

    Rumpelstiltskin Black Rope /neck/meters out at 7.4//full lead//$60.00 PP +shipping included///PICs on request
  18. dlc1953

    Curt Mangan gtr strings

    Great strings! Pure nickel and round core. Lookin for 4th July sale coming up myself. Get on mailing list.
  19. dlc1953

    Line 6 POD Go

    I'm using the 4 cable method into my Twin's effects loop. How do I connect an overdrive or 2 ???
  20. dlc1953

    Bootstrap pickups

    Received my Tele set yesterday. About week an half wait. Not bad. Won’t have time to install till later this week. But communication was reasonable .
  21. dlc1953

    Anything similar to the Zoom MS70-CDR?

    Bought a Pod go to upgrade the Zoom 70 CDR. Still early with POD. But right now I prefer the tone of the Zoom effects! And ease of use!
  22. dlc1953

    Line 6 POD Go

    Got one of these a few day's ago.Got some real good patch's. Still kinda on the fence about it though.But could not get Updater to load.So called Line 6 service.Guy spent a good 20 minutes with me finding the issue.Finally figured it out. Good experience with them!
  23. dlc1953

    How do the Dimarzio PAF 59 humbuckers compare to other offerings?

    I bought one here last week to pair with a Paf pro in neck. Really like the demos of the Bridge that I've heard. Going in LP copy. Hopin it's good!
  24. dlc1953

    Duncan's new website, uhhhh

    Ya don't like it at all!
  25. dlc1953

    Muscle Shoals Documentary

    Ya watched it awhile back,was real good!

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