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    tube vs solid state power amp w/ modeler

    I'm glad you guys agree with me. ;) Post #21
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    Play for the song = proof that the guitar is on its way out

    The idea of "playing for the song" has been around for as long as I can remember. And I'm not exactly young. :dunno
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    Tips wanted: Helping Bandmates to write songs

    This reminds me of an anecdote from years ago. I started writing tunes from a young age. One day a friend brought a keyboard to my house that had midi recording capabilities because he wanted me to help him learn how it worked. So I recorded a small improvised melody on it. He asked me what that...
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    tube vs solid state power amp w/ modeler

    I'm no expert but if I'm not mistaken, the impedance curve of a speaker (driver+cab) affects a tube amp's frequency response more than it does a SS amp because tube amps usually have a higher output impedance. I'll now yield to our amp gurus. :)
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    How to do a basic (satin) guitar finish - DIY -without sprayers, buffing, etc.???

    It isn't the hardest finish and shows wear where a pick guard would be, but I don't know if you can expect a very hard finish from any wipe-on finish, though I've never tried tru oil. Tommy Rosamond at USACG used to recommend it as a DIY solution to finish their unfinished necks, to protect from...
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    How to do a basic (satin) guitar finish - DIY -without sprayers, buffing, etc.???

    I used Minwax Wipe-on poly satin finish on this S520 body.
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    Internal speaker cable. Yep.

    I'd recommend a Mallard if you want a bit of quack.
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    Neck twisting on a quarter sawn maple neck with quarter sawn cap?

    The first neck I ever bought from USACG was flat sawn maple with ebony fretboard and it developed a bad twist. Later I ordered a couple quatersawn necks with pau ferro fretboards and they're still perfect years later. Go figure.
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    This pedal actually frightens me... seriously, I'm not kidding.

    This pedal is the Greatest Of ____ All____Time!
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    Can i make vocals sound better using another instrument in background?

    Maybe add a vocal or instrument harmony to the main vocal that's in tune with the off-pitch main vocal to deceive the listener? Or add a second vocal that's in unison but on pitch and end up with a chorus effect? Or get one of those vocal removal softwares and remove the vocal so you can record...
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    I Lightened My Les Paul by TWO POUNDS!!

    Kermit approves.
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    how to choke cymbal - mt power drum kit

    When I need a cymbal choke, I put this wav file on its own track. You have to register to download it but it's free and I think it's well worth it. And you have a choice of other samples. I used it at the 3:00 mark in this song:
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    What chair are you using in your mixing room?

    Are you using an ad blocker?
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    Which of these guitar bodies would you expect to sound better based on their wood grain patterns?

    The answer is so obvious. It's always the one with white knobs.
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    What chair are you using in your mixing room?

    I've had one of these :[*searchterm*]:[*KeywordID*]&gclid=Cj0KCQjw1qL6BRCmARIsADV9JtZPxr6Hwd8Xh5tCoThGeLRT-p4tRdCUb6s-bGEnND1agRNZsNMg9GUaAtyKEALw_wcB']Tempur-Pedic TP8000 for several years and find it very comfortable. I remember going to a Staples store to try every single brand and model of...
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    A question about neck relief

    Once you get the relief right, that might even allow you to lower the bridge/action a bit if you like.
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    How about, "the audience doesn't care what guitar, amp, pick, tubes, etc. you're using(!)"

    The audience cares. They just don't know it. :eeks I think they know what sounds good but they don't know why.
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    Audio interface needs a program running?

    From their website on the MOTU 2: Direct monitoring Press the MON (monitor) button to hear live input on your speakers or headphones, without routing the signal through host software on your computer.
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    Shim Materials

    When the prices are in US dollars, at least you know what to expect as far as Paypal and credit card rate conversion fees being around 2.5 to 3% added to the going rate. But when I've ordered from overseas on websites that had the option of displaying in Canadian dollars, my credit card or...
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    Shim Materials

    The last time I ordered from StewMac, the site was set to display in Canadian dollars. Only after completing the transaction did I find out that those prices were just an approximation. The actual transaction ended up being in US dollars and a PayPal or credit card conversion fee was added on...
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    Shim Materials

    I don't make shims often since it's just for my own guitars. This might be a little tricky to explain without pictures. I use a bench belt sander and a piece of melamine board. On one end of the board I stick a strip of metal slightly thicker than the thicker end of the shim that I want to make...
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    Why do my Les Paul’s saddles not stagger or stair step like other guitars?

    Out of curiosity, can you please post close-up pictures of the nut?

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