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  1. Johnnythunders

    2 channel amp, no fx loop, can you get a fx loop in a fo

    Reverb, ad for an orange Rocker 30 which does not have fx loop, says that the footswitch which has a fx loop for each channel. Put pedals thru each channel independently. Ever heard of this?
  2. Johnnythunders

    Plexi tones at lower volume - Which amp?

    I have an Aiken Intruder that has a really good master. Plexi or metal panel at flick of switch. It's currently is 50 watts with EL34's but can switch to 6V6 at 20 watts. Never had a need too as it works well at low volume. Just not playing anymore so I will be listing it in the emporium soon...
  3. Johnnythunders

    Harry Joyce Amps! What's up with this?

    I remember the name and designs came up on ebay of all places a while back, I looked into it but I'm retiring so did not pursue it. Wonder who bought it?
  4. Johnnythunders

    Need amp suggestions for 80's metal.

    JCM800 is the king of 80's rock!
  5. Johnnythunders

    5 Watt Amps That Sound Great, Full/Fat, & Not Boxy

    Yes, I've been around the block a few times and I completely understand that but you are talking RECORDING, the op asked: I thought we could put together a list of great 5 watt amps that sound Full/Fat and not boxy. Not what are great RECORDING amps or BAND amps or BASEMENT amps. Not what...
  6. Johnnythunders

    5 Watt Amps That Sound Great, Full/Fat, & Not Boxy

    None, small amps sound small, always have and always will.
  7. Johnnythunders

    Aiken Intruder what speakers are you using?

    Thanks Randall, looking for to your reviews. The scholz was my go to speaker but sold the 2x12 i had and then cant find another scholz, not sure charles is selling them anymore, i heard he was retiring. I have it on a auralex pad, so im going to try it without that. I was looking at a Forte...
  8. Johnnythunders

    Aiken Intruder what speakers are you using?

    Looking for a speaker sugesstion for a 50 watter in a 1x12. Play 70's proto-punk, punk, hard-rock some thrash and stoner.
  9. Johnnythunders

    Who loves The Ramones?

    Love the Ramones, especially Johnny. Saw then spring/summer 1975 or 76 when we went up to NY from Clevo to check out the scene. Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers was who were going to see after he had split from the Dolls. We saw them I think at Max’s, were found out about CBCBs and saw the...
  10. Johnnythunders

    Need a recommendation on complete Pedal board for drone, ambient, space, etc.

    Not a pedal guy, straight in punk, harcore, 70's metal guys for years, went stoner and got a dam red rooster and dam meathead. Sold the meathead, still have the red rooster. Need another fuzz. Good hooked on the slower, cleaner, stuff recently and need some new gear. 1) What types of...
  11. Johnnythunders


    There is an Aiken tomcat with one of the best attenuators every made in the for sale section, it will each these others alive for tone.
  12. Johnnythunders

    Matamp - Wow!!

    I had a custom one bult when Dave Green was bulding the amps and had the same experience, I wanted more gain than my GT0 at lower volume so Dave and I chatted for an hour or so I got a Matamp LX, with some tweaks had it shipped to US and it got lost and packing wasn't too good but I was built...
  13. Johnnythunders

    Three amps you would buy today, if someone handed you $5000

    Aiken Corsair Matamp GT1 Peters
  14. Johnnythunders

    Orange OPc finally available in USA

    Orange OPC and it is finaly shipping in the US Additional i5 and i7 processors and additional ram upgrades available in a month or so...
  15. Johnnythunders

    Recommendation Needed for playing along to drums and recording

    yes I read that. I'm not a Mac nerd so I use windows at work, used windows up till about 10 years ago. No big deal.
  16. Johnnythunders

    Recommendation Needed for playing along to drums and recording

    Nevermind, I found the answer: Orange OPC and it is finaly shipping in the US
  17. Johnnythunders

    Recommendation Needed for playing along to drums and recording

    I like to sit down and jam agaist various drumtracks or sometimes songs. I have been using the Jamvox older version but it is very limited. I was using it into the Imac but it died so I'm buying a new Apple machine. I can either mic my Aiken Tomcat into the program or use an amp sim. I will...
  18. Johnnythunders

    Orange OPC anyone

    any update on when?
  19. Johnnythunders

    Matamp GT150 Stoner Amp

    Wow now this would rattle your fillings!
  20. Johnnythunders

    Best bedroom volume amp you ever had/heard?

    First of all what do you consider bedroom level? I searched for years and found the Peters 50w Dual Channel was awesome and the amp I have now which is a Matamp GT4 which is 4watt Mini-Matt with an extrain gain stage. But these were low volume not quite bedroom whisper quiet Best for any...
  21. Johnnythunders

    The Embarrassing Tone Search List: What have you owned?

    TraynorYBA-11967Randall RGES80 Boa 1x122002SovtekTube Midget2002Laney2003Bogner2004Fargen MiniPlexi2004Harry Joyce 1002005Aiken Invader2005Aiken Intruder 30 2005Aiken Tomcat2005Maven Peal2005Orange RockerVerb2005Peters Dual Channel2005Aiken Intruder2005Hiwatt Lead 302006Cornford...
  22. Johnnythunders

    Anyone tried a Scumback Speaker with a Matamp?

    Nope nothing sounds better than a Scholz.
  23. Johnnythunders

    Your top 5 albums of all time....

    Let's See 1. Iggy Pop and the Stooges - FunHouse 2. Damned - Damned Damned Damned 3. MC5 - Kick out the Jams 4. End of the Game - Peter Green 5. Rubicon - Tangerine Dream
  24. Johnnythunders

    VHT Special 6 combo or ?

    Matamp Minimatt.

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